How To Fix iPad Unavailable Press Home To Unlock – 5 Best Ways

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Is your iPad displaying the frustrating message “iPad Unavailable Press Home to Unlock”? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many iPad users have encountered this issue and found themselves locked out of their devices. But fear not! In this blog post, we will explore various methods to help you regain access to your beloved iPad. Whether it’s using iCloud, erasing your device, or utilizing third-party apps like EaseUS MobiUnlock, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in and discover how to fix the “iPad Unavailable Press Home to Unlock” error once and for all!

iPad Unavailable Press Home to Unlock Mean

Have you ever encountered the frustrating message on your iPad screen that says “iPad Unavailable Press Home to Unlock”? If so, you may be wondering what exactly this means and why it’s preventing you from accessing your device. Essentially, when your iPad displays this message, it indicates that there is a problem with the authentication process. It could be due to various reasons such as a software glitch, an issue with your passcode or Touch ID settings, or even a hardware malfunction.

Stay tuned for our expert tips on how to fix this pesky error so that you can once again enjoy seamless access to your beloved iPad!

How do I unlock my iPad if the screen indicates it’s unavailable and I’m locked out?

Are you facing the frustrating situation where your iPad screen says “iPad unavailable” and you’re locked out? Don’t panic, as there are several methods to help you regain access to your device. Let’s go over several of the options down below. One way to resolve this issue is by using iCloud. If you have enabled the Find My iPhone/iPad feature on your device, you can remotely erase it and then set it up again from scratch.

Another option is to erase your iPad using iTunes or Finder on a computer. Simply connect your device to the computer, open iTunes/Finder, and follow the instructions to restore it. If you have the Find My app installed on another Apple device, such as an iPhone or Mac, you can also use this app to remotely erase and unlock your iPad. A third-party tool like EaseUS MobiUnlock can be useful in unlocking an unavailable iPad. This software allows you to bypass lock screens without any data loss.

Remember that resolving this issue may require a factory reset of your iPad, which means that all data on the device will be erased. Therefore, it’s crucial to regularly back up important files and documents for situations like these. By following one of these methods mentioned above, hopefully, you’ll be able to overcome the “iPad unavailable press home button” challenge and gain access back to your beloved tablet!

1. Use iCloud

One effective way to fix the “iPad Unavailable Press Home to Unlock” issue is by using iCloud. This cloud-based service provided by Apple allows you to remotely manage your iPad even if you are locked out. To begin, go to on another device and sign in with your Apple ID credentials. Once logged in, click on the “Find iPhone” icon. From there, select your iPad from the list of devices associated with your account.

Now comes the crucial step – click on “Erase iPad.” This will wipe all data and settings from your device, including the passcode that is preventing you from unlocking it. Keep in mind that this action will erase everything on your iPad, so make sure you have a recent backup available. After erasing the device through iCloud, set up your iPad again as new or restore it from a backup if one exists. You should now be able to access and use your iPad without encountering any issues.

Using iCloud can be a convenient solution for those who don’t have immediate physical access to their locked iPads. It provides a remote option for erasing and unlocking devices securely and efficiently.

2. Erase iPad

One of the options to fix the iPad unavailable press home to unlock issue is to erase your iPad. This might sound drastic, but it can be an effective solution in certain cases. Before proceeding with erasing your iPad, make sure you have a recent backup of all your important data. Once that’s done, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings on your iPad.

2. Tap on General and then select Reset.

3. Choose Erase All Content and Settings.

4. Enter your passcode if prompted.

5. Confirm the action by tapping Erase Now.

Once the erase process is complete, your iPad will restart and you’ll be greeted with the initial setup screen as if you just bought a new device. You can then restore from iCloud or iTunes/Finder backup during the setup process.

Keep in mind that erasing your iPad will remove all data from it, so make sure you have everything backed up before proceeding with this option.

Remember, this is just one of several methods available to resolve the “iPad unavailable press home to unlock” problem. If erasing doesn’t work for you or if you’re hesitant about losing data, there are other alternatives mentioned in this article that may help fix the issue without resorting to such extreme measures

3. iTunes/Finder

iTunes/Finder is another option you can try to fix the “iPad Unavailable Press Home to Unlock” issue. This method involves connecting your iPad to a computer and using iTunes or Finder (for macOS Catalina and later) to restore your device.

Make sure iTunes is installed on your computer in its most recent iteration before you do anything else. Utilize a Lightning cable to connect your iPad to your computer. If prompted, enter the passcode on your locked iPad. If iTunes opens automatically, you will see an icon representing your connected device. Click on it to access the Summary tab. From here, select “Restore iPad” and follow the prompts to complete the process.

For macOS Catalina and later users, open Finder instead of iTunes when connecting your locked iPad. You will find your device listed in the sidebar under Locations. Select it by clicking it and then selecting “Restore Backup” or “Restore iPhone.” It’s important to note that restoring via iTunes or Finder will erase all data on your iPad if you don’t have a backup available. Therefore, it’s recommended to use this method only if other options haven’t worked for you.

Remember, always back up important data regularly so that if any issues arise in the future, you can easily recover without losing valuable information!

4. Find My app

The Find My app is a powerful tool that can help you unlock your iPad if it says “iPad unavailable, press home to unlock.” This app is designed by Apple and offers a range of features that go beyond just locating your device. Here’s how you can use the Find My app to regain access to your locked iPad.

First, make sure you have the Find My app installed on another iOS device or visit on a computer. Open the app or website and sign in with your Apple ID credentials. Once you’re logged in, select the option for “Find iPhone” (even though we’re using an iPad). You’ll see a map displaying all of your devices associated with your Apple ID.

Locate your locked iPad on the map and click on it. From here, you’ll have several options available. One of them is “Play Sound,” which will play a loud sound on your iPad even if it’s in silent mode. This can be helpful if you’ve misplaced it somewhere nearby. If playing sounds doesn’t work or isn’t practical for finding your locked iPad, try using the “Lost Mode” feature instead. It allows you to remotely lock your device with a passcode so no one else can access its contents.

In addition to locking the device, Lost Mode also lets you display a custom message with contact information on the screen. If someone finds it, they’ll know how to reach out and return it safely. If all else fails and none of these methods work for unlocking your inaccessible iPad, don’t worry! There are still more solutions we’ve got lined up for you in this article!

Keep reading to discover alternative methods that could help resolve this frustrating issue without losing any data from your beloved tablet!

5. EaseUS MobiUnlock

If you’re looking for a reliable and effective solution to fix the “iPad Unavailable Press Home to Unlock” issue, then EaseUS MobiUnlock is worth considering. This handy tool is designed specifically to unlock iOS devices, including iPads, without any hassle. EaseUS MobiUnlock offers a simple process that allows you to bypass the lock screen on your iPad in just a few steps. All you need to do is download and install the software on your computer, connect your locked iPad using a USB cable, and follow the on-screen instructions.

The great thing about EaseUS MobiUnlock is its compatibility with various iOS versions and models of iPads. Whether you have an older model or the latest one, this tool can handle it all. Moreover, using EaseUS MobiUnlock doesn’t require any technical expertise. It provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to navigate through the unlocking process effortlessly.

With its fast and efficient performance, EaseUS MobiUnlock ensures that your iPad will be unlocked within minutes so that you can regain access to all your important data and apps without losing anything in the process. In addition to unlocking iPads with passcodes or Touch ID issues, this versatile tool also helps remove Apple ID locks if needed.

If you’re facing difficulty accessing your locked iPad due to an “iPad Unavailable Press Home To Unlock” message, give EaseUS MobiUnlock a try. It’s a reliable option that guarantees quick results without compromising your device’s security or data integrity.


The iPad Unavailable Press Home to Unlock issue can be frustrating, but several solutions can help you regain access to your device. Whether you choose to use iCloud, erase your iPad, or utilize iTunes/Finder, there are options available for different scenarios. If you have previously enabled the Find My app on your iPad and linked it to your iCloud account, using iCloud is a viable option. This allows you to remotely unlock your device and gain access again. In some cases, erasing your iPad may be necessary. This will remove all data from the device but will also remove any passcode or lock screen issues.


Q: What does it mean when my iPad says “iPad unavailable press home to unlock”?

A: When your iPad displays the message “iPad unavailable press home to unlock,” it typically means that your device has been disabled for security reasons. This can occur if you enter an incorrect passcode multiple times or if someone else tries to access your device without authorization.

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