Maximize Your Productivity: The Best Accessories for the iPad Air 6

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Enhance your efficiency with these crucial accessories for the iPad Air 6. Begin with a dependable Bluetooth keyboard for convenient typing while traveling. Pair it with a flexible stand or case with various viewing angles for maximum comfort. Consider purchasing a premium stylus pen for accurate note-taking and sketching activities. For better organization, consider using a protective sleeve or carrying bag with additional compartments for storing cables, adapters, and other minor accessories.

A USB-C hub may enhance your iPad’s connection by expanding its ports, enabling you to link to external screens, storage devices, and other peripherals effortlessly. Remember to bring a set of comfy headphones or earbuds for an immersive audio experience while you work. With these attachments, your iPad Air 6 will transform into a potent productivity instrument suitable for any assignment.

Best Overall Zugu Case

best iPad Air 6 accessories

It just took a few minutes for me to recognize that I was looking at the most exceptional iPad cover I had ever tested. Zugu has a lengthy history of producing iPad cases, with a model available for almost every iPad version. The item is sturdy, including a firm bumper at the edges, and the buttons are simple to use. In the event of a flat fall, the screen is well-protected by a sizable lip protruding from the edges.

The cover is magnetic, allowing it to remain closed and control the screen’s sleep function. Rotate it and extend the flap on the rear to magnetically change the screen to one of eight different orientations. The strong and big cover makes it one of the most stable iPad covers I have ever used on my lap. 

The magnetic housing allows you to easily attach it to a fridge, where it remains securely in place. The product is well-designed, available in many colors, competitively priced, and has a safe area for storing the Apple Pencil while not in use. Zugu distributes 10 percent of its income to charity groups such as Children International, making it difficult to identify complaints with the company. 

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro

The Spigen folio case is more substantial than Apple’s official case, providing full tablet protection with a bumper that covers the corners. The case has a durable rear cover constructed from thermoplastic polyurethane and polyurethane leather, along with a magnetic clasp for secure closure. You may transform the display cover into a stand with two angle choices to support the device.

When in theater mode, a little wobbling or sliding will be seen when touching the screen. An area is available to secure the Apple Pencil, and the second-generation stylus will still connect and recharge. Regrettably, the display will not automatically turn off when covered.

★ Additionally, the Incipio SureView ($50) is only compatible with the ninth and two preceding generations of base iPads. The cover flap of this folio case does not fold to the back, unlike most others. You may roll out the polycarbonate casing and connect it to magnetic notches to get four different viewing angles. It performs more well when placed on laps compared to Spigen’s case, but it also occupies more space on a desk.

Twelve South HoverBar Duo 2.0

Whenever feasible, I install all my displays on arm mounts. Ultrawide monitor? Installed. Interested in an iPad? Certainly. By adjusting the screen’s height and angle, you can save valuable space that a cumbersome stand would have taken up. The HoverBar Duo by Twelve South provides this pleasure. I attached it to the side of my bed frame for a few months to watch Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. The thin clamp requires little space, allowing for attachment to shelves, kitchen countertops, or workstations.

Twelve South provides a stand that can be used with the device. The arm may be detached from the clamp and attached to the stand without having to remove the iPad. You may use the clamp on your bed or stand at your desk and easily insert the arm holding the iPad wherever you like. The arm easily held both the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the basic iPad. If the hinges go loose, you may tighten them with the included hex key.

Paperlike Screen Cover

Drawing on iPads lacks the physical and organic sensation of using a pencil on paper. The document undergoes alterations. This screen cover is designed to replicate the feel and friction of drawing on paper when placed over your iPad’s screen. According to WIRED writer Jaina Grey, the film is more challenging to apply than a standard screen protector (ensure you carefully clean your iPad’s screen first!). Once you finish using it, the added resistance makes it difficult to return to painting on glass.

★We also recommend the Charcoal Folio Case for $70 because of its paperlike qualities. The design aims to mimic a sketchbook, with a polyester fabric cover that is both high-quality and lightweight. It may also be used to support your iPad at two distinct heights. The cover does not have an Apple Pencil slot; however, the wide flap closing prevents it from slipping out. The Folio Case was tested on the iPad Air but is also compatible with both variants of the iPad Pro.

Zagg Messenger Folio 2 for the iPad

You wouldn’t want to spend over $100 on a keyboard cover after purchasing the most affordable iPad. Zagg’s Messenger Folio 2 is the solution for it. You get a fantastic little keyboard cover with excellent key movement for a satisfying typing experience. I like the dedicated buttons for navigating home, accessing the recent applications menu, and locking the iPad. However, it is disappointing that the keys are not lit and there is no trackpad.

The item has a stylish appearance with a fabric-like outer covering that includes a stylus holder. Additionally, the iPad screen will automatically switch off when the cover is closed. There is a fixed viewing angle, yet it remains stable on my lap as I write. The keyboard has to be recharged via USB-C, although mine did not need charging for two months despite daily usage for a few hours. The device connects via Bluetooth, allowing you to monitor the battery level using a widget on the iPad. The current iPad range is only available for the ninth- and 10th-generation iPads.

Harber London Magnetic Envelope Sleeve

If the price is not a deterrent, this is a sophisticated method to safeguard your iPad. The item has full-grain leather on one side and 100 percent wool felt on both the other side and the interior. It feels amazing. The bag is spacious enough to accommodate an iPad with a protective cover. It is compatible with many versions of the basic model tablet, such as the latest 10th-gen iPad, the iPad Air, and the iPad Pro. There is a little leather loop provided to securely hold your Apple Pencil.

The sleeve has a slot on one side for accessing the USB-C charging connector and may also function as a stand. The stand is not very adaptable since it only offers one angle, but it was effective when placed on my lap, which is remarkable considering its flexibility.

★ Additional leather cases: Nomad’s Modern Leather Case is priced at $100 and can be purchased for the iPad Air and iPad Pro models. It provides basic protection and adds a touch of sophistication to your device. The bumper is constructed from thermoplastic elastomer and has a slightly elevated design, which does not provide sufficient protection for the screen. I like the appearance and texture of the full-grain leather, which has been acquiring a pleasing patina as time passes. Both versions have a Folio variant available for propping up the iPad.


Maximize productivity with essential accessories for the iPad Air 6. Start with a reliable Bluetooth keyboard for comfortable typing, a versatile stand or case with multiple viewing angles, a high-quality stylus pen for precise note-taking and drawing, a protective sleeve or carrying case with extra pockets for cables, adapters, and small accessories, and a USB-C hub for seamless connectivity. Consider the Zugu Case, Spigen Rugged Armor Pro, Incipio SureView, and Twelve South HoverBar Duo 2.0 for optimal comfort and flexibility. These accessories will make your iPad Air 6 a powerful productivity tool for any task. Don’t forget to invest in a high-quality stylus pen for precise note-taking and drawing tasks.


Which accessories are compatible with the new iPad Air?

Featured iPad Accessories
The price of the Magic Keyboard Folio for iPad (10th generation) is $249.00.
A brand new Apple Pencil with USB-C compatibility is priced at $79.00.
Smart Folio is designed for the 10th generation iPad in the color Sky. The price is $79.00.
Black Magic Keyboard is designed for 11-inch 4th generation iPad Pro and 5th generation iPad Air. The price is $299.00.
Complimentary engraving is available. Apple Pencil (2nd generation)

Does the Apple Pencil work with the iPad Air 6?

The Apple Pencil (2nd version) is compatible with the following iPad models: 6th generation iPad mini iPad Air (4th generation and newer) iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd generation onwards)

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