Powerhouse Performance: A Look at the iPad Air 6 Processor

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The M2 processor, manufactured by Apple and used in the new iPad Air 6, shows a significant boost in performance. The 8-core CPU offers a 60% increase in speed, while the 8-core GPU gives graphics performance that is twice as fast as the previous iPad Air. This high-performance CPU allows users to do challenging activities like editing 4K films, playing graphics-heavy games, and developing immersive augmented reality experiences.

The 12MP front camera with Center Stage on the Ultra Wide camera guarantees captivating video conferencing by automatically adapting to keep people in view as they move. The iPad Air 6 is a flexible and highly portable mobile studio with a rapid 5G connection, a USB-C connector, and compatibility with the newest accessories. Offered in a wide range of colors, it is ideal for content producers, gamers, and students.

iPad Air (2024) Design and Colors

iPad Air (2024) Design and Colors

It is quite unlikely that Apple will make any significant changes to the design of the iPad Air in the next iteration. The most recent major update may have occurred two generations ago, with the introduction of the 4th generation, which is rather recent in the context of iPads or tablets in general. We are eager to see the selfie camera positioned on one of the longer edges of the tablet, similar to the current iPad Pro models. An enjoyable activity on an iPad is to position it in your house with the screen facing you and engage in a FaceTime conversation with a friend or family member while multitasking. Positioning the camera vertically on the screen is not ideal.

The freshly released CAD images of the next 12.9-inch iPad Air indicate that the camera will remain in its usual position. The renderings show a somewhat altered design of the rear camera on the iPad Air, with a camera bump that accommodates both the lens and the flash. Previous versions featured a single bump just for the lens.

The dimensions of the next iPad devices have been recently revealed. As to information from 9to5Mac, the 12.9-inch iPad Air will have dimensions of 280.6 mm x 214.9 mm x 6.0 mm, very similar to the 2022 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which measures 280.6 mm x 214.9 mm x 6.4 mm. We anticipate the iPad Air (2024) will retain the design of the 2022 model, with a little alteration to the camera bump. Given the resemblance of the past generations to the iPhone 12 to 14, Apple may consider making the sharp edges somewhat less pronounced.

The design modification would be consistent with the iPhone 15 series, which may seem like a minor feature but is apparent in daily usage, particularly in terms of comfort. Regarding colors, it is likely that Apple will maintain a similar color palette and maybe introduce new alternatives like green or gold, potentially replacing current eye-catching choices like blue or purple.

iPad Air 6 Specs and Hardware

iPad Air 6 processor

We can estimate the specifications of the iPad Air 6 based on what Apple has been doing with its other devices.

For example, newer iPads and the iPhone 15 support Wi-Fi 6 (or even 6E) and Bluetooth 5.3, so we’d expect to see the same in the Air 6.

The same goes for the processor. Apple has started putting its proprietary Apple Silicon in everything, including iPads. While we don’t think the iPad Air 6 will get the new M3 chip that powers current Macs, the M2 in the latest iPad Pro seems like a lock.

iPad Air (2024) Display

Regrettably, the iPad Air is often regarded similarly to a non-Pro iPhone. Simply put, do not anticipate a high screen refresh rate on this device; it is likely to stay around 60 Hz. We hope Apple will use an OLED display for its mid-range tablet instead of the IPS LCD panel used in the 2022 edition.

Considering the current trend of increasing brightness in tech displays, it would not be unexpected for the next iPad Air to include a much brighter screen.

iPad Air (2024) Performance

Rumors suggest that the next iPad Air will likely include upgraded performance, transitioning from the M1 chipset to the M2. What does it imply in practical terms? Apple claims that the M2 has a GPU that is 35% more powerful and a CPU that is 18% quicker. The M2 chip has a neural engine that operates 40% quicker and is responsible for artificial intelligence tasks like Siri.

Regarding RAM and storage, there are presently no anticipated modifications. However, maintaining the status quo, particularly regarding storage choices, would be almost as disappointing as the absence of a faster display refresh rate, since it would entail the same 64GB and 256GB possibilities.

256GB is suitable since it strikes a balance and aligns well with the iPad Air’s position in Apple’s tablet lineup, but 64GB? In 2024? That joke seems to lack humor in the realm of mobile technology. The iPad Air’s target demographic likely does not need 512GB or greater storage capacity, nor does it need only 64GB.

Upgrading the basic model to 128GB of storage seems like the best option, but we will need to wait for more information. The 14-inch models of the current MacBook Pro received criticism for having just 8GB of RAM in the basic configuration, which was considered inadequate given the price. Apple may reconsider its decision if it plans to launch the iPad Air with 64GB of storage. 

iPad Air (2024) Software

Apple launched iPadOS 17 in September with the announcement of the new iPhone 15 series. If the iPad Air is scheduled to be delivered this spring, it will arrive with iPadOS 17 pre-installed.

iPadOS 17 introduces features including lock screen personalization, interactive widgets on the home screen, and access to health and fitness statistics via the Health app.

iPads often get software upgrades for a duration of 5 to 7 years, similar to iPhones. Typically, it lasts for 6 years, so there is no need to worry about future-proofing; you are protected.

iPad Air 6 price rumors

The current iPad Air is priced at $599. We anticipate that Apple will maintain this cost for the new model while reducing the price of the fifth generation until the present stock is sold out. The pricing will vary according to three factors: storage, size, and connection.

The initial cost of the iPad Air 5 includes 64GB of storage and Wi-Fi connectivity. You have the option to increase storage capacity and add a cellular connection for an additional cost of a few hundred dollars. If Apple does not provide a 64GB model, the initial price may climb, maybe beginning at 128 GB.

Apple is said to offer two screen sizes for the iPad Air 6: a 10.9-inch version and a bigger 12.9-inch display. The bigger one will be more expensive.

Should I upgrade to the iPad Air 6?

Deciding to switch to the iPad Air 6 will be based on your existing iPad model and specific needs.

Consider upgrading to the iPad Air 6 for a bigger display, more storage choices, and a speedier M2 CPU if your current tablet is becoming sluggish.

However, the main issue is whether these improvements are strong enough incentives for you to update. For some individuals, these enhancements will greatly affect how they use the device daily, making the iPad Air 6 a compelling option for an upgrade.


The iPad Air 6 is a powerful device with an 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU, offering up to 60% faster performance and 2x faster graphics compared to the previous iPad Air. It features an ultra-wide 12MP front camera with a center stage for video conferencing and fast 5G connectivity. The iPad Air is available in various colors and is expected to retain its design and camera bump, similar to the iPhone 12–14 series. The Air 6 will also support Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3, as well as the M2 chip found in the latest iPad Pro.


What processor is in the iPad 6?

Apple A10 Fusion
The Apple A10 Fusion processor and support for the Apple Pencil and stylus are two of the few hardware upgrades that distinguish this generation of iPad from its predecessor. Other than that, the hardware is almost identical.

What processor does the iPad Air have?

M1 SoC
The M1 SoC, which is also found in the fifth-generation iPad Pro, powers the iPad Air.

Does the iPad Air 6 have 120 Hz?

The iPad Air resembles an iPad Pro in appearance and functionality; however, it falls short in terms of screen quality. Apple firmly refuses to provide the Air Line with a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz. If you are used to buttery-smooth 120 Hz animations, you will notice a difference in quality here.

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