iPad Air 6 Release Date: When Can You Get Your Hands on the Latest Model?

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The next iPad Air 6 is expected to transform your digital experience via its combination of power, elegance, and innovation. Enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting word about the release date as enthusiasm grows. Rumors in the IT sector hint at an upcoming Apple launch, generating expectation and excitement.

Picture the excitement of unpacking this technological wonder, experiencing the smooth curves of its design, and admiring its vivid display. The iPad Air 6 is designed to be a versatile companion for students, professionals, and creative individuals, offering seamless integration of work and entertainment beyond your expectations.

iPad Air 6 Specs and Features

iPad Air 6 Specs and Features

Anticipated Upgrade to the M2 Chip

Market analysts anticipate that the upcoming model will use the M2 processor, which will provide a significant but gradual performance improvement over its M1-powered predecessors.

The shift is projected to improve CPU and GPU capabilities, increasing processing speeds by 18% and graphics performance by 35%, resulting in a 40% quicker engine for more seamless and efficient operations.

The shift from the M1 to the M2 processor in the iPad Air series reduces the technical difference with the advanced iPad Pro range, which is expected to include the M3 chip in future versions.

Apple’s careful deployment of chips demonstrates its commitment to ensuring consistent progress across its line of tablets.

Recent reports about the iPad Air 6 indicate possible surprises that might bring the Air model closer to the Pro variants.

Heavily Rumored 12.9-Inch iPad Air 6 Display

Heavily Rumored 12.9-Inch iPad Air 6 Display

Choosing between a 10.9-inch and a new 12.9-inch model offers consumers varying screen size choices to suit their demands and tastes. It is crucial to have clear expectations about display technology management since the transition to OLED screens is improbable in this version.


The primary rumors we have heard about the iPad Air 6 are about its CPU, which is anticipated to be Apple’s newly launched M2 chip. 

Tipsters, like Revengus, suggest that Apple’s next iPad Air will replace the M1 processor with the more advanced M2 chip, which is presently used in top MacBooks and the iPad Pro 12.9 (2022). This change is likely to provide significant performance improvements to the iPad Air 6.

It is uncertain whether Apple will include an 8- or 10-core GPU in the iPad Air 6, similar to the newest iPad Pro. Choosing the 8-core GPU may help reduce costs, as the iPad Air is positioned as Apple’s mid-range choice. 

We anticipate little change in the appearance and display of the iPad Air 6 compared to the iPad Air 5. Integrating ProMotion displays with mini-LED technology into the iPad Air 6 would enhance its capabilities, but it would also lead to a significant increase in the price of the mid-range iPad. 

One report indicates that the next iPad Air will just have enhanced specs. The iPad Air 5 has a satisfactory design and display for its mid-range price.

One rumor indicates the possibility of two new iPad Air models, with the second one potentially including a bigger screen or better specifications. Another source has mentioned the arrival of a larger 12.9-inch iPad Air. This means that there may be additional mid-range iPad options available shortly.

Another source has confirmed the existence of a 12.9-inch iPad Air 6, along with the anticipated 10.9-inch variant. The bigger version is expected to have an oxide backplane on its screen, resulting in reduced power consumption and improved battery life.

Recently, panels for a 12.9-inch iPad Air began selling in December. This model is quite probable.

Possible measurements for the 12.9-inch iPad Air 6 have been revealed. The dimensions will be 280.6 mm x 214.9 mm x 6.0 mm. The iPad Air (2022) measures 247.6 x 178.5 x 6.1mm, making it somewhat thinner than the already tiny tablet. The dimensions of the alleged iPad Air 6 are greater, which is expected since the screen size is also larger.


A more distinct identity

The main issue with the 2022 iPad Air is that it lacks proximity to the iPad Pro. Many consumers may find it challenging to choose which product to purchase or which one suits them best; in fact, the Pro model becomes somewhat unnecessary due to its cheaper cost.

Apple has to devise a more distinctive approach to differentiate the next iPad Air from the Pro model. Maybe we should enhance its specifications to be more mid-range and reduce the price to increase accessibility.

More storage

The latest iPad Air models come with a minimum of 64GB of storage capacity, which is insufficient for a tablet equipped with a high-performance CPU. The limited storage capacity of this edition does not justify its existence, since it cannot accommodate a large number of downloaded games or data for editing.

It also makes the pricing seem rather insincere. The initial pricing of $599, £569, or AU$ 929 may seem affordable, but if it only offers limited storage capacity for that much, consumers are unlikely to purchase another iPad Air at that price.

 A bigger battery

The battery life of the previous iPad Air, as well as that of most other iPads, was not impressive. It was mediocre. If you want to work at coffee shops or use your iPad as a secondary screen in your studio, you need a device with a long battery life. Current iPads do not consistently perform this function.

We want the next-generation iPad Air to have a larger battery and be optimized to maximize its power to potentially be considered one of the greatest iPads.


The iPad Air 6 is set to revolutionize digital experiences with its power, elegance, and innovation. Market analysts predict that the upcoming model will run on Apple’s M2 chip, enhancing CPU and GPU capabilities. This transition narrows the technology gap with the more sophisticated iPad Pro lineup, which is set to adopt the M3 chip in future iterations. The iPad Air 6 will also feature a heavily rumored 12.9-inch display, with the choice between a 10.9-inch and a new 12.9-inch model.

The next iPad Air 6 is expected to have a more distinct identity, with a mid-range specs sheet and a lower price to make it more accessible. It will also have more storage, with the current iPad Airs starting with 64GB, which is not enough for most users. Additionally, the next-gen iPad Air 6 is expected to use a bigger battery and optimize its power to ensure it is a top choice for users.


When did the iPad Air 6th generation come out?

The anticipated release date for the new iPad Air 6 is March 2024. Users may anticipate a bigger 12.9-inch display, an M2 processor, and expanded storage capacity.

Is there a new iPad Air coming out in 2024?

The 2024 variants of the iPad Air are coded “J507” and “JF37,” with the 12.9-inch edition expected to be the sole significant addition or design modification in the lineup.

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