Stay Ahead with the Latest: iOS 17.4 Beta Update Highlights

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Introducing iOS 17.4 Beta: The Next Big Thing in Mobile Technology! You can stay ahead of the curve and unlock a world of exciting choices with the latest update from Apple. Step into an environment where state-of-the-art features and enhanced functionality revolutionize your iOS experience.

EU Changes

ios 17.4 beta update

Apple made significant adjustments to the App Store and app functionality in the EU to comply with the Digital Markets Act. These modifications are part of iOS 17.4 Beta, which means they are only available in the EU.

Alternative App Stores and New App Store Terms

Alternative App Stores and New App Store Terms

Developers in the European Union have the option of providing customers with access to other app stores or even creating their own. Apple has also made significant adjustments to its app pricing model to reflect this shift. There is a new method by which app developers may manage their companies. Both applications sold via the App Store and those distributed through other channels may benefit from this.

The standard annual price for app developers using the new technique is 0.50 EUR per user. The first million installations, however, are complimentary. For applications sold via various app stores, there will be zero cost. Instead of the usual 20% fee, apps sold via the App Store will only pay 17%. A 10% commission will be paid out for apps that are part of the small business initiative or have accounts that are more than one year old.

Keep utilizing the old way and get the same 15–30% fee as anywhere else on the globe; developers aren’t obligated to utilize the new approach. To assist developers in calculating the costs associated with the present arrangement, the new configuration with other app stores, and the App Store, Apple provides a free tool.

A user has the option to switch their device’s default app store to their preferred alternative app store. This is something that customers in the EU may do via the Settings app.

To enable this feature in the EU, several adjustments have been made in the background. There have been updates to all sorts of system notifications. If an app is found to be malicious in another app store, customers in the European Union, for instance, will be notified via a pop-up window. There are also updated panels for accessing data stored in a different app.

A screen time option will let parents determine whether their children’s devices may access third-party app shops for app downloads.

Gaming App Changes

Services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia Geforce may now be marketed as standalone applications for iPhones and iPads, thanks to the legalization of streaming game apps in the App Store.

When Apple first started allowing online gaming services, they were all in the cloud. They are now also available in applications that allow viewers to watch games on laptops.

It’s now possible to employ this strategy with mini-games, plug-ins, robots, and mini-apps.

Key Highlights

  • Hundreds of brand-new emoticons: More new emojis mean you can express yourself in more depth. A shattered chain, a phoenix, a lime wedge, a trembling head (indicating yes or no), and countless more are all part of this.
  • The App Store has to be opened now. For the first time, iOS 17.4 Beta complies with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) of the European Union, which allows consumers to choose their preferred platforms and app stores. There may be more competition and more choices for consumers as a result of this major shift in Apple’s environment.
  • The new Live Activities interface in the Stopwatch app makes it easy to keep track of time regardless of whatever app you’re using. You can easily keep track of your exercises or scheduled chores with this function, eliminating the need to constantly access the app.
  • The HomePod speaker is now compatible with SharePlay, allowing you to play media in sync across all of your Apple devices, including the HomePod, and share it with friends and family. Listening to music, watching films, or sharing other content becomes more interesting with this.
  • Automated transcripts may enhance your podcast listening experience, much like Apple Music’s real-time music service. So, you may use more than just the noises to navigate, acquire details, or go back.
  • With Siri’s linguistic versatility, you may instruct her to read your messages in a different language than the one you’ve chosen as her default. Because of this, those who are bilingual have an easier time getting around and communicating with others who speak other languages.
  • Enhancements to the Focus mode: You now have even more control over the level of detail in your Focus settings by selecting which friends or applications may get notifications in each setting. With this, you may manage how notifications tailored to your current activity are sent to you more precisely.

Beyond the headlines

One developer-focused feature in iOS 17.4 beta is the option to request more software and hardware resources for an app. Additionally, there is a rudimentary review procedure that developers may use to gain input on how well their applications adhere to Apple’s regulations.

Please be aware that the beta version is still in its early stages and may have bugs or other issues. It is recommended that those who want to avoid issues refrain from making device changes until the official public release.


Apple has introduced iOS 17.4 Beta, allowing developers in the European Union to offer alternative app stores and install apps through alternative means. This change follows the Digital Markets Act and allows users to choose alternative app stores and default browsers for the first time. The new fee structure applies to both apps distributed in the App Store and alternative means, with a standard fee of 0.50 euros per user per year.

Users can set their preferred alternative app store as the default app store on their device. Key features include over 100 new emoji characters, Live Activities for Stopwatch, SharePlay expansion to HomePod, podcast transcripts, Siri language flexibility, and focus mode improvements. 


How do I get the iOS 17.4 beta?

For phones or tablets with iOS 16.4 or later:
Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update > Beta Updates to get the iOS 17.4 Public Beta. Beta software access requires the same Apple ID used to enroll in the program. Make sure you’re logged in with the same ID when you access the beta on your iPhone.

What’s new in iOS 17.4 Beta 2?

In iOS 17.4’s second beta, Apple included a new digital clock widget named City Digital. This software does not display the current location of your iPhone, but rather the time and a predetermined location.

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