Ready to Dive In: iOS 17.4 Beta Download Now Available!

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Is it time for you to level up your iOS experience? Get ready for an epic adventure since the iOS 17.4 Beta is live on the app store! This most recent update is going to revolutionize your experience with your Apple iPhone, thanks to its abundance of new features and intriguing improvements.

Back up your iPhone

Back up your iPhone

Beta software installation is about to begin. You should always create a backup of your files and data before downloading an iOS beta version. We advise you to use Finder to create a backup. Using the Finder’s sidebar, go to Locations and choose your device. To save a copy of your backup, first make one, and then go to the Manage Backups section.

Install iOS 17.4 beta

Install iOS 17.4 beta

To access the configuration profile on your iOS device, visit After the profile has finished downloading, your iOS device will send you a notification. Launch Settings, then choose the profile. To authorize the installation, just follow the on-screen prompts.

Method 1: Log in to the Apple Developer Centre

Log in with your Apple ID at the Apple Developer Centre ( Simply logging in will give you access to the Apple Developer Programme.

Select iOS 17 Developer Beta from the list of available updates in the Beta Updates section of the Software Update menu in Settings.

  1. To begin downloading iOS 17.4 beta, return to Software Update and wait for it to appear.

You may need to restart your device before you can enable beta updates or iOS 17.4.

  • It could help to close and then open the Settings app again.
  • Make sure you’re on iOS 16.4 or a later version; if you aren’t, you’ll have to upgrade before you can access the beta option in Settings.
  • Your iPhone may need to be restarted.

Method 2: Using the iOS 17 beta profile

Here are the methods to upgrade your iPhone to the beta version of iOS 17.4:

  1. Remove the previous profile (if any).
  2. To access prior beta profiles, including iOS 17, visit and go to the “Developer” link on the site.
  3. Put in a fresh profile.
  4. Power down your device.
  5. Hold on a second or two.
  6. Take a look at the update—iOS 17.4 Beta will be shown.

If the beta profile is removed when the iPhone restarts, here’s how to fix it:

  1. Disable automatic updates.
  2. Restart your iPhone after downloading the profile.
  3. I am diligently seeking any changes.
  4. Just checking in again after waiting two minutes for developments.

Following that, you may choose the iOS 17 Developer Beta, despite the profile being gone. In such a case, see the second option down below.

Method 3: Using beta IPSW files

Download the IPSW beta file

Get the ipsw file for your device from and save it to your PC. If you don’t want to waste time re-downloading, choose the right device.

Install an IPSW file

Using the Finder or iTunes

  1. Launch the Mac App Store or iTunes.
  2. Use the cord that comes with your gadget to connect it to your Mac.
  3. Just follow the onscreen instructions if asked for your device passcode or to authorize this computer. We can assist you in recovering your forgotten passcode.
  4. After seeing your device in the Finder’s sidebar, choose it.
  5. Press and hold the Option key while clicking the “Check for Update” button in the Summary window.
  6. To begin installing IPSW, locate the beta file on your computer and click the Open button.
  7. Your device will restart after downloading the beta, and activation will not be complete until you have a network connection.


iOS 17.4 Beta is now available for download, offering innovative features and enhancements. To install the beta, back up your data and files using Finder. To install the beta, log in to the Apple Developer Centre, choose the iOS 17 Developer Beta option, and wait for it to appear. Use the iOS 17 beta profile, download the IPSW file, and restart your device. After installing the beta, your device will reboot and require a network connection for activation.


How do I get the iOS 17.4 beta?

To activate the iOS 17 or iPadOS 17 Public Beta, users must open their device’s Settings, go to the Software Update section, choose “Beta Updates,” and finally, enable the beta. Users need to sign up for Apple’s beta testing program online before they can participate.

How do I download the iOS 17 beta?

Step 2: Get the beta version of iOS 17.4
Select iOS 17 Developer Beta from the list of available updates in the Beta Updates section of the Software Update menu in Settings.
Return to updating the software. Be patient and begin downloading iOS 17.4 beta when it appears.

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