Power Up Your Listening The Best AirPods 4 Accessories in 2024

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In 2024, elevate your listening experience to new heights with the ultimate companions for your AirPods 4. Introducing “Power Up Your Listening: Best Accessories for AirPods”—a curated selection of accessories designed to enhance every aspect of your auditory journey. From sleek charging cases that double as stylish accessories to ergonomic ear tips for optimal comfort and fit, these accessories are crafted with precision and innovation. Discover wireless charging pads for effortless power-ups on the go, customizable skins to add a personal touch, and protective cases to safeguard your investment in style.

Whether you’re a music lover, a podcast enthusiast, or a busy professional taking calls on the fly, these accessories will revolutionize how you experience your AirPods 4. Embrace the future of sound with these must-have additions and power up your listening like never before.

The Best AirPods Pro Accessories 

The Best AirPods Pro Accessories 

Not only are AirPods compatible with other Apple devices, but they also look and feel much like the white headphones they mostly supplanted. With a variety of sizes to select from and a plethora of functions included in the wireless Bluetooth audio, AirPods have simplified listening to music on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone to just plug them in.

However, just because they have excellent sound quality straight out of the box doesn’t imply that the correct accessory can’t elevate their use to a whole new level. Even Apple’s very well-designed products don’t have a universal size. You may have issues with the fit of your AirPods, the durability of their case, or encounter scenarios where a straightforward Bluetooth connection is insufficient. When that happens, accessories come into play, and we guarantee you’ll find the perfect pair among the options below.

Otterbox Core Case

Otterbox Core Case

With the release of the AirPods Pro 2, Otterbox has expanded its line of smartphone covers to include models made from 50% recyclable materials. However, the texture is what draws me to them. In addition to protecting your AirPods, this case is pleasant to the touch and has a firm grip. Although you may obtain silicone covers with recycled material specks for less money (see below), this one is of far higher quality. Another great thing about Core Series cases is that they don’t show or gather dust like other silicone options. 

Even though there is no seam connecting the top and bottom of this case, the two halves fit together tightly. This case’s top stays in better than others without the adhesive, which is a problem with some of these cases. Some of them even have adhesive on the inside.

Only two color choices are available for the case at the moment: Mardi Gras (purple) and Carnival Night (black). This is the sole drawback. Although I liked both colors—the picture clearly shows that I had a small preference for purple—I think it would be great if there were more possibilities. The iPhone 14’s Core Series, for instance, is available in both blue and gray.

What is the best AirPods Pro accessory overall?

Popular Apple headphones like the AirPods Max and AirPods Pro have given rise to a cottage industry of accessories. An accessory for an accessory may seem a bit weird, but the market is flooded with these, a lot of which are made for the original AirPods Pro and the newer AirPods Pro 2, which now comes in a slightly upgraded USB-C version. (The top accessories for AirPods Max are detailed in another article.)

For both the AirPods Pro and the AirPods Pro 2, a wide variety of accessories are available. The two most common kinds of add-ons are foam ear tips, which provide a more snug fit, and protective case covers, which are essentially cases for the cases. The first-place Otterbox Core case is great; it’s the one I’m using right now. There are several additional high-quality cases and foam ear tips (including those from Comply) on this list that could be more suited to your needs.

In light of my own experience with the AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro 2, I have compiled a list of the accessories that CNET currently recommends. I will keep you posted as I continue to test and review the top cases and accessories for the AirPods Pro. 

Comply with foam ear tips

If you’ve been looking for memory foam ear tips for your AirPods Pro, you can now acquire tips made by the industry-leading brand Comply. After giving them a go, I can attest to their efficacy; what’s more, the AirPods Pro charging case easily accommodates both small and big tips. I experienced a little loosening of the AirPod Pro in my left ear when running using the tips provided by Apple. Thanks to the Comply tip, it stayed put and fit snugly. Because you achieve an even more snug seal, they also seem to aid noise cancellation to some extent. 

Tipping $25 seems a little steep. You can acquire it for $12–$15 extra, but it could be worth it to splurge on Comply because it is the industry standard. There are three sets of tips in a box, all the same size, so it’s helpful to know your exact measurement. Also, you can get a set of three different-sized tips from Comply (though you can’t buy them on Amazon just yet; you have to visit their website). If you or someone in your family has AirPods Pro and has ears of varying sizes, it may be a suitable choice for your new ear tips.


In 2024, Apple introduced “Power Up Your Listening: Best Accessories for AirPods 4,” a collection of accessories designed to enhance your listening experience. These accessories include sleek charging cases, ergonomic ear tips, wireless charging pads, customizable skins, and protective cases. The Otterbox Core case is a high-quality, 50% recycled silicone case that offers a soft, grippy feel and is available in two colors: Mardi Gras and Carnival Night. The best AirPods Pro accessory overall is the Otterbox Core case, which is the top pick.

Along with foam ear tips, the gold standard for memory foam ear tips is also available for the AirPods Pro. These tips provide a secure fit and help with noise-canceling. Although they are slightly pricey at $25, they are worth the extra cost for the quality and convenience they provide.


Will AirPods 4 be waterproof?

Just so we’re clear, no, Apple AirPods aren’t fully water-resistant. Wearing the best-rated AirPods during a workout or in light rain is possible since they provide some protection against liquids, including sweat.

How long will four AirPods last?

You can listen for 30 hours or communicate for 20 hours on a single charge. The third-generation AirPods have a 6-hour playback time (or 5 hours with spatial audio enabled). Long conversation time—9 hours—or short talk time—4 hours—on a single charge.

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