The Verdict is In: AirPods 4 Review (2024)

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AirPods 4 review the newest wireless earphones from Apple are the AirPods 4, and they’ve been drawing a lot of interest. People can’t wait to see what advancements Apple has made from the AirPods 3 model. We’ll study the AirPods 4 closely in this review to determine whether or not they live up to the expectation. We’ll discuss their appearance, level of comfort when worn, and—above all—sound quality. We’ll also compare them to other wireless earbuds available on the market by examining features like active noise cancellation and battery life. Thus, if you’re thinking about buying the AirPods 4, continue reading to see whether they’re the best option for you. 

Design and Build Quality

The AirPods 4‘s modern and sleek appearance conforms to Apple’s recognizable design. They replicate the AirPods 3 in appearance thanks to their sleek white finish and recognizable stem design. The earphones are perfect for daily use because they are lightweight and cosy for extended periods. The sturdy structure feels premium in the hand, and the build quality is outstanding. In addition, the charging case is well-made and has a small enough form to fit in your purse or pocket.

The enhanced sweat and water durability of the AirPods 4 is one of their most notable advantages; this makes them more reliable for usage during outdoor activities or workouts. Thanks to the replaceable ear tips, you may discover the ideal fit for your ears. Overall, the AirPods 4’s build quality and design are excellent, demonstrating Apple’s dedication to perfection in both form and function.

Sound Quality and Performance

AirPods 4 review

The AirPods 4 provide outstanding sound quality, providing a full and well-rounded listening experience. The earbuds are excellent for listening to an array of musical genres since they produce clear highs, detailed mids, and a strong, powerful bass. Whether you prefer pop, rock, hip-hop, or classical music, the AirPods 4 will improve your listening experience with their crisp, rich sound. They also work great for watching films or movies, with clear audio and rich sound effects.

The Apple H1 chip powers the AirPods 4, providing a dependable and smooth wireless connection in terms of performance. They create a fast connection with your device and keep up it even when you move. In addition, the H1 chip makes it possible to use features like hands-free “Hey Siri” that let you use your phone to make calls and manage music without touching it. The remarkable battery life of the AirPods 4 is further enhanced by the charging case, which allows for up to 24 hours of additional listening time between charges.

The AirPods 4 may be used for up to 6 hours on a single charge. All things considered, the AirPods 4 offer excellent sound quality and performance, making them a fantastic alternative for anyone searching for premium wireless earbuds.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Feature

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology is included with the AirPods 4 and is intended to filter out background noise so you can concentrate on your calls or music. This function enhances the listening experience by detecting and cancelling out background noise using built-in microphones. ANC reduces background noise so you can enjoy your audio material without delays, whether you’re in a busy street, a noisy office, or on public transportation.

To hear and interact with their environment, users can optionally switch to Transparent Mode, which allows outside sound to enter the system. This is helpful when you need to be aware of your surroundings, as when crossing a street or having a discussion. The AirPods 4’s ANC feature works well at cancelling out various sounds, including the hum of an air conditioner and the conversations in a busy cafe. All things considered, the ANC feature increases the AirPods 4’s adaptability and makes them appropriate for use in a range of situations.

Transparency Mode

With the AirPods 4’s Transparency Mode, you can hear what’s going on around you without taking off your headphones. The earphones’ integrated microphones gather outside sounds and deliver them over the speakers when you switch on Transparency Mode. This lets you listen to podcasts or music and yet be able to participate in discussions, pay attention to announcements, or simply be more mindful of your surroundings.

When you’re walking outside or working in a crowded workplace, for example, and you need to be aware of what’s going on around you, Transparency Mode comes in handy. It’s also useful for situations in which you want to listen to music but still need to hear sounds like the sound of a doorbell or traffic. You may still enjoy the convenience and sound quality of your AirPods 4 while remaining aware of the environment around you thanks to Transparency Mode.

Battery Life and Charging

The AirPods 4 are included with a case that allows the earphones to be charged several times, increasing their overall listening time. You may listen to the earbuds for up to six hours on a single charge, and you can listen for up to 24 hours when you use the charging case. They are therefore perfect for long days or travels where a power supply might not be available. You may use the same charger for all of your devices because the case charges using the same Lightning connector as iPhones and iPads.

The AirPods 4 are simple and quick to charge. All you have to do is put the earphones back into their case, and charging will begin immediately. You can see when the earphones are charging and fully charged using the status light on the casing. Furthermore, the case is capable of wireless charging, so you can use a wireless charging pad that is Qi-compliant to charge it. This makes charging your AirPods 4 while on the go or without access to a power outlet convenient. All things considered, the AirPods 4’s battery life and recharge capacity make them a dependable and practical choice for Bluetooth headphones.

Connectivity and Compatibility

You can easily pair your Apple devices, including MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, and Apple Watches, with the AirPods 4. They connect wirelessly using Bluetooth technology, so you can use Siri, make phone calls, and listen to music without being connected to your device. Simply open the case next to your Apple device, and a prompt to connect the AirPods will show on the screen. This is a quick and easy connecting process.

About compatibility, the AirPods 4 are made to function with a large variety of Apple products running the most recent iterations of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS. This implies that there should be no problems using them with your Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Additionally, they enable functions like automated device switching, allowing you to move between using your MacBook for phone calls and your iPhone for music playback without interruption. All things considered, the AirPods 4’s connectivity and connectivity make them a flexible and practical choice for Apple customers.

Controls and Siri Integration

Touch controls for music control, call answering, and Siri activation can be found easily on the earbud handles of the AirPods 4. With simply a tap or swipe, you can easily adjust the volume, skip tracks, or pause playback thanks to the controls’ intuitiveness and responsiveness. It’s convenient to accept calls without pulling out your phone because you can use the controls to end or answer them. In addition, the AirPods 4 have “Hey Siri” capability, which enables hands-free access to Apple’s virtual assistant. To use Siri to make calls, send messages, or seek directions without touching your phone, simply say “Hey Siri,” followed by your demand.

The AirPods 4’s functionality is improved by Siri’s integration, which lets you access information and control music with voice commands. Without taking out your phone, you may ask Siri to play a specific tune, artist, or playlist, change the volume, or skip tracks. The AirPods 4 are genuinely hands-free since Siri can assist you with things like sending messages, checking the weather, and setting reminders. All in all, the AirPods 4’s controls and Siri integration improve their use and make them an attractive option for listening while on the road.

Comfort and Fit

The ergonomic form and lightweight construction of the AirPods 4 make them ideal for extended wear. You may choose the ideal fit for your ears from the three sizes of soft silicone ear tips that they come with. By sealing your ear canal, the ear tips help to reduce outside noise and enhance the quality of the sound. This aids in keeping the AirPods 4 firmly in position even when engaging in strenuous activities like working out or running.

Because the earbuds are lightweight and compact, wearing them for an extended amount of time won’t be uncomfortable. The earbuds may be easily adjusted or removed when needed thanks to the stems’ easy-to-grip shape. All things considered, the AirPods 4’s comfort and fit make them an excellent option for daily use, whether you’re taking calls, enjoying some quiet time, or listening to music. 

Pricing and Availability

With a price tag of $179, the AirPods 4 represent a mid-tier choice among Apple’s wireless earphones. In addition to a few physical stores and internet traders, they can be purchased on Apple’s website. When you compare the features and performance of the AirPods 4 to comparable wireless earbuds in the same price range, you’ll see that their pricing is reasonable.

In terms of accessibility, the AirPods 4 are deeply offered and can be bought in numerous nations globally. Because of Apple’s robust distribution system, users in a variety of locations can easily obtain the AirPods 4. Furthermore, Apple frequently modifies the products’ availability, so even if the AirPods 4 aren’t accessible where you live right now, they might be in the future. All things considered, the AirPods 4 are a practical and affordable choice for anyone searching for a premium set of wireless earbuds because of their price and availability.


AirPods 4 review When it comes to wireless earphones, the AirPods 4 are a good option for everybody. They have a stylish appearance, a warm fit, and excellent sound quality. The inclusion of functions like Transparency Mode and Active Noise Cancellation improves the listening experience by enabling users to enjoy music uninterrupted or to remain aware of their surroundings when needed.

The AirPods 4’s simple touch interface and Siri integration make them a convenient device to use in daily life. Furthermore, the AirPods 4’s extended battery life and rapid charging capabilities ensure that you may use them whenever you want. All things thought of, the AirPods 4 live up to Apple’s reputation for excellence and creativity, making them a wise purchase for anyone searching for a high-end set of wireless headphones.


Q1: Are the AirPods 4 waterproof?

A: The AirPods 4 are not waterproof, but they are sweat and water-resistant, making them suitable for use during workouts and light rain.

Q2: Can I use the AirPods 4 with non-Apple devices?

A: Yes, the AirPods 4 can be used with non-Apple devices via Bluetooth, but some features may be limited.

Q3: How do I check the battery life of the AirPods 4?

A: You can check the battery life of the AirPods 4 by placing them in the charging case and opening the lid near your iPhone or iPad.

Q4: Do the AirPods 4 come with a warranty?

A: Yes, the AirPods 4 come with a one-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

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