AirPods 4 Release Date When Can You Get Your Ears on Apple’s Latest Buds in 2024?

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The release date of AirPods 4 is eagerly anticipated in the constantly changing realm of technology, attracting both audiophiles and tech enthusiasts. Amidst whispers and rumors, eager individuals eagerly await any updates regarding the release date of Apple’s latest auditory marvel in 2024. The AirPods series has gained a reputation for its innovative and stylish design, incorporating cutting-edge features and delivering exceptional sound quality with each successive iteration. Enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the introduction, envisioning smooth connectivity, captivating audio experiences, and potentially revolutionary improvements to redefine our interaction with music and media. 

The AirPods 4 embody more than just a device, serving as a symbol of harmonious integration of form and function, enhancing our lives with each beat, whether for work, play, or moments of tranquil contemplation. Please mark your calendars and make arrangements to engage in the auditory experience that awaits with the forthcoming release of the AirPods 4.

AirPods Pro 4 models, price, and release date

AirPods Pro 4 models, price, and release date

Reporter Mark Gurman, known for his reliable information on pre-released and rumored Apple products, has stated that Apple will launch two iterations of the AirPods 4 in 2024: a standard model and a higher-priced variant equipped with additional premium features. Analyst Jeff Pu has stated that the AirPods Lite will be the name of the lower-end option. The forthcoming release of the AirPods Pro 3, a novel iteration of the AirPods Pro, is scheduled for 2025.

Regarding the release date, there is uncertainty. Ming-Chi Kuo, an experienced analyst, predicts that the AirPods 4 will not be available for purchase until the latter half of 2024. According to Gurman’s recent report, the buds are preparing for production in May, marking the “largest release documented thus far.” This implies that they will be prepared to make their debut in September, coinciding with the forthcoming release of the iPhone 16. The most probable course of action has yet to be confirmed.

At present, it is not possible to provide a more precise estimate than this approximate one. Furthermore, it is not possible to make any predictions based on previous release dates, as they are also irregular. The initial iterations of AirPods, namely AirPods 2, AirPods 3, and AirPods 3, were introduced in December, March, and October of their respective years, leaving us with limited indications of a consistent pattern.

Regarding pricing, we possess marginally more accurate estimations. To commence, let us examine the historical trajectory of the launch prices for the present range of AirPods.

  • The price of Apple AirPods is either $159 or £150.
  • The price of Apple AirPods 2nd Gen, with or without a wireless charging case, is $159, £159, $199, and £199.
  • The price of Apple AirPods 3rd Gen, one with a wireless charging case and one without, is $179/£169/£179.

Given the aforementioned prices, it would be reasonable to approximate the launch price at approximately $169 or £179, and Gurman would concur with your estimation. In contrast to Ming-Chi Kuo’s perspective, it is believed that the launch price will likely fall within the $99 range. This would render them the most cost-effective AirPods available thus far. It is posited that the standard AirPods 4/Lite variant is positioned towards the lower price range, whereas the higher-end variant exhibits a launch price that aligns with that of its predecessor.

AirPods 4 design

AirPods 4 design

About the design, it is anticipated that the AirPods 3 will not undergo any substantial alterations. Upon examining the historical trajectory of AirPods, it is evident that the design of the initial iteration of AirPods remained unaltered in the subsequent generation. 

From this standpoint, it can be inferred that the AirPods 3 underwent design enhancements, thereby increasing the likelihood that the forthcoming fourth generation will maintain the same design. Mark Gurman, a journalist from Bloomberg, has alluded to the potential for the forthcoming iteration of AirPods to be available in various color options. 

Other reports indicate that two forthcoming fourth-generation AirPods earbuds will feature a new design that combines elements from the AirPods 3 and the AirPods Pro 2. Notable features of the 4th-generation AirPods include shorter stems and the incorporation of noise cancellation.

Naturally, we will have to remain patient and await Apple’s revelation regarding its intentions.

AirPods Pro 4 features

It is anticipated that both iterations of the AirPods 4 will incorporate force-sensor controls to facilitate playback adjustments and enable the acceptance or rejection of calls. It is reasonable to anticipate that both the AirPods 4 and AirPods Lite will be equipped with USB-C charging capabilities. To minimize expenses, the Lite model will probably not be equipped with wireless charging capabilities. Gurman has subsequently indicated that USB-C is also forthcoming.

One or both models may incorporate Apple’s latest H2 chip. This has the potential to enhance battery longevity and enable personalized volume adjustments, wherein the volume level is automatically adjusted based on individual preferences and environmental conditions. The forthcoming iteration of the AirPods 4 model is expected to incorporate advanced active noise cancellation capabilities. However, the small buds will be excluded. The premium AirPods 4 will feature Find My functionality on the case, similar to the current AirPods Pro 2.

This encompasses the entirety of our current knowledge regarding the AirPods 4. We will ensure that this article remains current by providing additional leaks and rumors as they occur, thus encouraging readers to remain engaged.

Sound and call quality

Due to the anticipated unsealed fit of the AirPods 4, it is anticipated that they will exhibit sub-bass frequency under-delivery, similar to the AirPods 3. Nevertheless, Apple is purportedly focusing on enhancing and refining the audio fidelity of its upcoming advancements.

The AirPods have not been widely regarded as the optimal choice for earbuds in terms of sound quality. Nevertheless, the inclusion of Apple’s adaptive EQ on the AirPods 4 is warranted. To address an inconsistent fit, this system dynamically modifies the low and midrange frequencies in real time. The adaptive EQ is universally applicable, irrespective of the operating system.

Apple AirPods 4: What we want to see

Given that the AirPods 4 appears to be Apple’s initial affordable wireless earbuds, I am modifying my expectations. What are the anticipated features to be incorporated into the forthcoming AirPods?

Longer battery life

Regarding any potential price reduction by Apple for the AirPods 4, I am still anticipating an improvement in battery longevity. In our testing, the AirPods 3 surpassed their official battery life of six hours when Spatial Audio was turned off. During our standard test, we continuously play music with a maximum volume of 75 dB (SPL) until the batteries are completely exhausted. AirPods 3 had a duration of six hours and 21 minutes under these circumstances. It is plausible to suggest that the AirPods 4 could potentially have a duration of approximately seven hours when spatial audio is deactivated.

USB-C charging

If Apple releases the AirPods 4 before December 28, 2024, they could easily include a Lightning charging port on the case. Nevertheless, it seems that Apple intends to gain a competitive advantage by incorporating USB-C charging into its upcoming AirPods, which include the AirPods Max 2. This would be the most logical course of action, given that Apple’s AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) currently possesses the capability for USB-C charging, and the transition is unavoidable regardless. In addition, the inclusion of USB-C charging may prompt Android users to give serious consideration to the AirPods 4.

Improved durability

The AirPods 4 will surpass other affordable earphones due to their higher IP rating. I would prefer the next iteration of AirPods to include dust resistance, a feature that Apple has yet to implement in its wireless headphones. Enhancing the AirPods 4 with a dust-resistant construction would enhance their attractiveness to individuals who engage in physical activity and wear chalk before exercising or reside in arid regions.


Apple is set to release two versions of the AirPods 4 in 2024: a regular model and a more expensive version with more premium features. The lower-end option will be called the AirPods Lite, while a new AirPods Pro model (the AirPods Pro 3) is set to land in 2025. The release date is not yet confirmed, but it is expected to be in the second half of 2024. The design of the AirPods 4 is expected to remain unchanged from the first generation, with a fresh design resembling a fusion of the AirPods 3 and the AirPods Pro 2.

Both versions are expected to have force-sensor controls for adjusting playback and accepting/rejecting calls, and cases for both the AirPods 4 and AirPods Lite will offer USB-C charging. Apple’s new H2 chip could lead to better battery life, personalized volume, and active noise cancellation smarts. The AirPods 4 is expected to offer some of Apple’s first budget wireless earbuds, with longer battery life, USB-C charging, and improved durability.


Will AirPods 4 come out?

Kuo posits that the AirPods 4 may experience a delay in shipment until the latter half of 2024 as a result of alterations in manufacturing partners. This assertion appears to be valid, as Gurman further asserts in his Bloomberg article that Apple’s entry-level headphones are scheduled to be released in 2024. Nevertheless, we might need to postpone until the initial six months of 2025.

What are Pro 4 AirPods?

Similar to AirPods, AirPods Pro establishes a seamless connection with your iPhone or Apple Watch. The Ear Tip Fit Test can be utilized to optimize the listening experience by determining the appropriate tip size for one’s ears and achieving the most effective seal for noise reduction. A simple command like “Hey Siri” activates your preferred personal assistant.

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