7 Hidden Features in iOS 17.2.1 You Need to Know About

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What’s new in iOS 17.2.1: Apple has introduced several new and interesting features in the most recent iOS 17.2.1 update that can greatly improve your experience with your iPhone or iPad. Revamped Focus Mode, improved Privacy Dashboard, iCloud+, widget customization choices, and a new Safari with tab groups are some of these hidden jewels.

Also, even when wearing glasses or a mask, Face ID may still identify you. A redesign of the Control Center has also been implemented, providing users with more personalization options and easier access to frequently used features. By putting the power in the hands of the user, these features make everyday tasks easier and more pleasurable. Learn all about iOS 17.2.1 and how to use it now!

What’s new in iOS 17.2.1

You may improve your experience with your iPhone or iPad by making use of several new, interesting hidden features that were added in the most recent iOS update, version 17.2.1. If you want to get the most out of your iOS device, this guide will show you all the hidden jewels and show you how to access and use them. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s jump into the new features of iOS 17.2.1 and how you may use them.

Focus Mode Enhancements

The revisions made to Focus Mode in iOS 17.2.1 are particularly noteworthy. You may now make Focus Modes that are unique to each app or activity you use. Create a new focus by navigating to Settings > Focus. Work, personal matters, or even a specialized mode for your pastime can all be focused on with this feature.

Pro tip: you have the option to set a time or location-based automation for when Focus Mode changes.

Enhanced Privacy Dashboard

Apple has always prioritized user privacy, and in iOS 17.2.1, they’ve taken it a step further with the enhanced Privacy Dashboard. To access it, navigate to Settings > Privacy > Privacy Dashboard. Here, you can see which apps have accessed your data and when giving you more control over your privacy.
Pro tip: App permissions can be revoked through the Privacy Dashboard if any suspicious activity is detected.

iCloud+ Enhancements

Updates to iOS 17.2.1 bring additional functionality to iCloud+ users. With Mail Privacy Protection enabled, email senders will be unable to detect when you open an attachment. Select Privacy Protection from the Mail menu in Settings to enable this.

Improved Widgets

New widget customization possibilities are introduced in iOS 17.2.1. Take advantage of this function by tapping the “+” icon, selecting a widget, and then pressing and holding an empty area on your home screen. Widgets can now be resized and shaped according to your liking.

Pro tip: Stay organized and get instant updates from your favorite apps with the new widgets.

Safari Updates

In iOS 17.2.1, Safari receives an upgrade with tab groups and a revamped tab bar. You can make new tab groups by tapping the tab view button, swiping down, and choosing “New Tab Group.” You may arrange your browsing and transition between jobs with ease using this.

Pro tip: The new tab bar also makes it easier to access all of your open tabs.

Improved Face ID Recognition

Improved facial recognition—even when wearing a mask or glasses—is available to iPhone users with Face ID in iOS 17.2.1. Head over to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Set Up an Alternate Appearance to make this function even better.

Redesigned Control Center

The Control Center is much more user-friendly in iOS 17.2.1. A simple swipe from the top right of your screen will bring it to your attention. Modules in the Control Center can now be customized, and shortcuts to frequently used functions can be added.
Pro tip: Quickly access options like Wi-Fi and the flashlight by customizing the Control Center.


Apple keeps improving the iPhone and iPad user experience with iOS 17.2.1. In addition to enhancing productivity, these concealed features place a premium on user privacy. This version has something for everyone, from an improved Privacy Dashboard to Focus Modes that you can customize. Take the time to learn about these features and adjust them so they suit you. You’ll have unprecedented control over your smartphone with iOS 17.2.1, which will make your everyday life easier and more fun.


What will be expected in iOS 17?

Among the many new features included in iOS 17 are contact posters, NameDrop, StandBy, Live Voicemail, FaceTime video voicemail, a redesigned Siri voice recognition model, enhanced dictation and autocorrect, and many more. It’s similar to receiving a brand-new iPhone for free.

Does iOS 17 drain the battery?

Why is my battery dying so quickly after updating to iOS 17? That’s a question that many people have. Although many things might make the drain on an iPhone’s battery life worse, it is usual for new iOS system updates to induce small drain concerns. The compatibility problem is the primary cause.

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