iOS 17.2.1 Review: The Essential Upgrade Guide (Fixes, Features, and More)

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Right now, you can update to iOS 17.2.1 on any iPhone that is compatible with iOS 17. For iPhones running iOS 17, the latest version, iOS 17.2.1, is a minor update that fixes bugs and adds some enhancements behind the scenes. Most iPhone owners should download the software now or soon since it’s a crucial upgrade, even though it’s minor.

iOS 17.2.1 update Review

The shortest download size is displayed for iPhones running iOS 17.2. The download size for iOS 17.2.1 for the iPhone 12 Pro is 200MB. It ought to be roughly the same size as previous iPhone models.

Your iPhone’s model and the iOS version it’s running at the moment determine the exact size of the iOS 17.2.1 download. The size of your download may be affected if you are using software that is older than iOS 17.2. Much bigger, in certain instances. In an earlier version of iOS 17.2, the installation on an iPhone 12 Pro took approximately eight minutes. The installation time may be longer if your iPhone is using an earlier version of iOS.

We haven’t seen any significant firmware difficulties over our many days of utilizing the iOS 17.2.1 update on an iPhone 12 Pro.

So far, here is all we know about the software’s functionality:

iOS 17.2.1 App Performance

  • All of my third-party apps, such as Spotify, Gmail, Slack, Twitter, and Netflix, are functioning properly.
  • The first-party applications, including as Safari, Podcasts, and Calendar, are also functioning smoothly.

iOS 17.2.1 Battery Life & Connectivity

  • Extended battery life
  • The Wi-Fi connection is stable and quick.
  • Bluetooth is functioning well.
  • The cellular data and GPS are both operational as well.

iOS 17.2.1 Speed

  • Our experience with iOS 17.2.1 has been smooth and devoid of any unusual slowdowns or lockups.

It is highly recommended that you update to iOS 17.2.1 on your iPhone immediately if you have encountered problems with bugs or performance while using iOS 17.2 or an earlier version of iOS. Read our reasons for and against installing iOS 17.2.1 immediately if you need assistance deciding whether or not to apply the upgrade.

iOS 17.2.1 Features

While iOS 17.2.1 was mostly an update to patch bugs, it did bring many improvements and modifications to the iPhone:

  • Performance and Stability: Notable features of the update include consistent battery life, dependable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth that works as it should, and GPS and cellular data that work as they should. Users have noted a lack of latency or lockups in the performance of both third-party (like Slack, Netflix, and Twitter) and first-party (like Safari and Podcasts) applications.
  • Bug Fixes: While Apple did not go into depth about the changes, iOS 17.2.1 does address several issues. This update seeks to resolve issues that customers have reported, including as fast battery drain, CarPlay problems, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi troubles, and app malfunctions.
  • Download and Installation: For those moving up from iOS 17.2, the upgrade will take up around 200 MB of storage space. While the exact time required to install varies by iPhone model and prior iOS version, on an iPhone 12 Pro, the procedure typically takes around eight minutes.
  • No New Features or Security Patches: The Journal app, better Siri support, and other new features were launched in iOS 17.2, but neither new features nor security patches are included in iOS 17.2.1. By addressing issues and boosting performance, it aims to improve the user experience as a whole.
  • Downgrading Option: Users who are having problems upgrading iOS 17.2.1 can revert to iOS 17.2, which is still under Apple’s signature. Unfortunately, it is not feasible to downgrade to an earlier version of iOS than 17.2.

iOS 17.2.1 Problems

While we haven’t experienced any problems ourselves, several iPhone users are reporting concerns with iOS 17.2.1. Rapid battery drain, CarPlay, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Exchange, and first- and third-party app issues are currently on the list of iOS 17.2.1 problems.

Here is a list of the most common iOS 17 problems and their workarounds in case you encounter any firmware issues. We have also made public some suggestions that may assist you in fixing unusual battery drain and enhancing your phone’s functionality.

You can revert your iPhone’s software to an earlier version if you encounter issues with iOS 17.2.1, as Apple is actively working on iOS 17.2. You are unable to revert to an earlier version of iOS than 17.2.

iOS 17.2.1 Jailbreak

Stay away from iOS 17.2.1 if you’re still into jailbreaking your iPhone. It is quite unlikely that developers would make available a public jailbreak tool today that is compatible with iOS 17, or iOS 17.2.1. In the next weeks, more information will be available for those who still jailbreak their iPhone(s).

Install iOS 17.2.1 for Improvements to MessagesThe Messages app received updates in iOS 17.2. These features will be available in iOS 17.2.1 in case you missed them. You may now quickly access your first unread message in a chat by tapping the new catch-up arrow in the top-right corner.
As a response to messages provided by loved ones, you can now use stickers. Just long-press on a conversation bubble and choose “Add Sticker.” One of the changes that Apple has made to Memoji is the option to customize your character’s physical shape. Therefore, iOS 17.2.1 is a must-have for Memoji users right now.

Install iOS 17.2.1 for the Journal App

The new Journal app was one of the most notable additions to iOS 17.2. With the update of iOS 17.2.1, you will receive a Journal if you opt out of iOS 17.2. The Journal app for iPhones allows users to jot down their thoughts every day and even include media like images and music. Additionally, it provides tailored recommendations based on the user’s current actions.

Additionally, Apple has emphasized the app’s security, saying that it was designed to prevent anyone including Apple from accessing a user’s Journal posts. A new entry can be easily created by tapping the “+” button within the app and then choosing the desired entry type. You have the option of following the recommendations or starting over with nothing. You can bookmark entries for easy access, and they are categorized by date.

Install iOS 17.2.1 for Improvements to AirDrop

Improvements to AirDrop were included in iOS 17.2. It was included in iOS 17.2.1 for anyone who didn’t manage to download iOS 17.2. You may now share cinema tickets, plane cards, and other compatible passes by connecting two iPhones, thanks to Apple’s newest software. Additionally, there are more choices for sharing contacts.

The iPhone’s widely used AirDrop feature was one of many upgrades in iOS 17.1.  Even when you leave the AirDrop range, the content will keep transferring over the internet on iPhones running iOS 17.1 or later.

Those who frequently use AirDrop in unstable environments or when traveling may find this to be an extremely beneficial addition. If this seems like it could improve your iPhone’s day-to-day performance and you haven’t updated to iOS 17.2, iOS 17.1.2, iOS 17.1.1, or iOS 17.1, then you should download iOS 17.2.1.

Install iOS 17.2.1 for Camera Improvements

For those who didn’t get a chance to update to iOS 17.2, the latest version, iOS 17.2.1, brings two significant camera upgrades to the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. The first major change is that the forthcoming Vision Pro headset from Apple will be able to record spatial video in the Photos app. This feature was launched in iOS 17.2.1 and iOS 17.2.

In early 2024, you may expect to see the Vision Pro headset. When shooting distant, miniature subjects, Apple has made improvements to the telephoto camera on the iPhone 15 Pro, making it focus faster.


iOS 17.2.1 is a minor update for iPhones running iOS 17. It addresses bugs and adds enhancements. It is a critical upgrade that should be downloaded right away if customers are experiencing bugs or poor performance when using iOS 17.2 or an earlier version of iOS. The iPhone 12 Pro download size is 200MB, and installation time may be greater if the iPhone is running an earlier version of iOS. The upgrade improves the iPhone in various ways, including longer battery life, more dependable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular internet, and GPS. It also fixes bugs like quick battery drain, CarPlay issues, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi issues, and app malfunctions. 


Should I update to iOS 17.2 1?

Everyone should update to this version because it fixes a lot of bugs.

What is new in iOS 17.2 1?

On Tuesday, Apple launched iOS 17.2.1, nearly a week after iOS 17.2. While the last release introduced new features like as the Journal app and Contact Key Verification, iOS 17.2.1 appears to be a bug fix and patch update.

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