It’s time for a makeover! Dazzling new watch faces to rock with WatchOS 10.3

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The official release notes for watchOS 10.3 highlight a solitary Apple Watch attribute—a novel watch face designed to commemorate Black History Month.

The introduction of the Unity Bloom watch face is a method employed by Apple to acknowledge and commemorate Black History Month, a period dedicated to honoring the contributions of African Americans in the history of the United States. The Unity Bloom watch face exhibits animation upon wrist movement and offers customization options by allowing users to select from a full-bloom or single-bloom arrangement.

The Unity Bloom wallpaper is compatible with iOS 17.3 and iPadOS 17.3 for both iPhone and iPad devices. You have the option to purchase the recently released Black Unity sports band designed for the Apple Watch.

What’s new in watchOS 10.3?

What's new for Watch Faces in watchOS 10.3

Below, you can find the comprehensive release notes for watchOS 10.3. Apple offers a support page that provides comprehensive information about the modifications and repairs included in the watchOS 10 releases.

WatchOS 10.3 incorporates more functionalities, enhancements, and error corrections. Notably, it introduces a novel Unity Bloom watch face that pays tribute to black history and culture in observance of Black History Month.

The security details of watchOS 10.3 can be found on Apple’s webpage, which provides information about security updates. Certain functionalities may have restrictions based on the user’s area or language. To determine the availability of features in different countries, please refer to the watchOS Feature Availability page.

New watch face

New watch face

Now let’s discuss the most recent watchOS 10 upgrade, which has a notable improvement. WatchOS 10.3 introduces a novel Unity watch face that features dynamic flower designs that alter each time the display is awakened, akin to the wallpaper in iOS 17.3. Additionally, users have the opportunity to select from many styles, colors, and difficulties, thereby enhancing their attractiveness to a broader spectrum of unique individuals. If you desire to completely adopt the appearance, you may consider selecting a corresponding, exclusive watch strap provided by Apple.

Releases watchOS 10.3

Apple has recently launched watchOS 10.3, the third significant update to the watchOS 10 operating system, which was initially released in September. WatchOS 10.3 was released more than a month after WatchOS 10.2, a significant update that introduced the ability to access health data through Siri.

To obtain watchOS 10.3, one must access the Apple Watch app on an iPhone with iOS 17 or a more recent version. Navigate to the General section and select Software Update to initiate the download process. There is no charge for this update. To install the latest software, the Apple Watch must have a minimum battery level of 50 percent and must be placed on a charger.

The watchOS 10.3 update incorporates a novel Unity Bloom watch face in commemoration of Black History Month. The release notes from Apple also mention that the update incorporates unspecified enhancements and bug fixes.


Apple has released watchOS 10.3, a major update to its watchOS 10 operating system, which includes a new Unity Bloom watch face to celebrate Black History Month. The Unity Bloom watch face animates upon wrist raising and can be customized. The update also includes unspecified improvements and bug fixes and is available for free download through the Apple Watch app on iPhones running iOS 17 or later.


What are the changes in watchOS 10?

WatchOS 10 provides revamped applications, the Smart Stack feature, and innovative methods of navigation. Presenting the innovative Smart Stack. Access the required information instantly and conveniently from any watch face. To access the widgets in the Smart Stack, rotate the Digital Crown.

How do I get new faces on my Apple Watch?

To activate the current watch face, press and hold the display. Swipe to the left until you reach the end, and then press the newly added button with a plus symbol (+). To navigate through watch faces, rotate the digital crown and then select Add by tapping on it.

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