Level Up Your Wrist: WatchOS 10.3 Update Review

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Enter the realm of advanced wearable technologies! This comprehensive evaluation delves into the enhancements introduced by watchOS 10.3, to address the crucial inquiry: is it worthwhile to upgrade your wrist encounter? We explore the characteristics that distinguish this version, ranging from better functionality to an improved user interface.

WatchOS 10.3 Battery Life and Connectivity

WatchOS 10.3 Battery Life and Connectivity
  • The battery life remains consistent; we have not observed any unusual depletion.
  • The Wi-Fi connection exhibits high speed and consistent reliability.
  • The Bluetooth functionality is operating without any issues.
  • The GPS is functioning correctly.

App Performance

  • The third-party applications, such as All Trails, ESPN, Spotify, and JetBlue, are all functioning well.
  • The performance of first-party apps, like podcasts, is also satisfactory.


  • WatchOS 10.3 exhibits a high level of speed, and we have not observed any instances of unusual delays, system crashes, or system freezes.

If you are experiencing software glitches and reduced performance on watchOS 10.2 or an earlier version, it is advisable to promptly install the watchOS 10.3 upgrade.

WatchOS 10.3 and the new Unity Bloom watch face

WatchOS 10.3 and the new Unity Bloom watch face

According to Apple, the new design embodies pan-Africanism and signifies the unity of different generations to tackle injustices. The Unity Bloom Apple Watch face is a recently introduced analog face that features the same abstract flowers as decoration. Users have the option to select either a solitary flower or a fully blossomed design. Upon lifting the wrist, the flowers blossom and occupy the space.

The new Sport Band is adorned with vibrant floral patterns in a palette of red, green, and yellow, set against a black background. Every band possesses distinctiveness as a result of a distinctive stratification procedure during production. The pin of the band bears the inscription ‘Truth, Power, and Solidarity’.

Aside from the newly introduced Unity Bloom watch face, watchOS 10.3 also includes bug fixes, security patches, and enhanced general stability. This update just introduces a singular new feature.

Users have the option to install watchOS 10.3 either through the Watch app on their iPhone or by accessing Settings > General > Software Update straight from their Apple Watch. It is important to mention that watchOS 10.3 necessitates an Apple Watch Series 4 or a more recent model.

Apple is releasing iOS 17.3 and iPadOS 17.3 for iPhone and iPad customers. These updates include a new Unity Bloom wallpaper.

WatchOS 10.3 Features

Apple’s significant updates (watchOS x.x.) usually introduce a combination of novel features, improvements, and bug fixes to Apple Watch devices. WatchOS 10.3 introduces this same feature to Apple Watch devices that are compatible.

Below are the official release notes provided by Apple for the firmware:

  • watchOS 10.3 incorporates novel functionalities, enhancements, and bug resolutions, notably a fresh Unity Bloom watch face that pays tribute to black history and culture in observance of Black History Month.

watchOS 10.3 introduces significant security enhancements to Apple Watch devices, totaling 12 in number. For additional information on these updates, please visit the company’s security website.

WatchOS 10 downgrade

Although this may be common knowledge for many Apple Watch consumers, it is important to note that if you are a new user or have just forgotten, here is a public service announcement (PSA).

Unlike the software for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, it is not possible to revert to a previous version of watchOS if you encounter any issues.

Due to this, it is advisable to approach the watchOS 10.3 update with prudence. If you are satisfied with your device’s current version of watchOS, it is advisable to consult reviews before proceeding with the installation.

What’s Next

Apple has not officially announced the release of a watchOS 10.4 upgrade, but we anticipate the company will soon initiate the beta testing phase for this software. A potential release is anticipated within the current week.

The anticipated release date for watchOS 10.4 is expected to occur during the spring season, most likely in either March or early April.


Apple’s watchOS 10.3 update offers improved functionality and user interface, with stable battery life, fast Wi-Fi connectivity, and smooth Bluetooth and GPS. The update also introduces the Unity Bloom watch face, representing pan-Africanism and addressing injustices. The watch face is adorned with abstract flowers, and the Sport Band features colorful flowers spread across the band. The update also includes bug fixes, security patches, and improved stability.

Users can install watchOS 10.3 via the Watch app on their iPhone or directly from their Apple Watch. It requires an Apple Watch Series 4 or later. The update also includes 12 security upgrades. However, watchOS 10.3 cannot be downgraded to an older version, so users should approach the update with caution. Apple hasn’t confirmed a watchOS 10.4 update, but it is expected to be released in the spring, possibly in March or early April.


What is new in WatchOS 10?

WatchOS 10 provides revamped applications, the Smart Stack feature, and novel methods of navigation. Presenting the Smart Stack. Access the required information instantly and conveniently from any watch face. To access the widgets in the Smart Stack, rotate the Digital Crown.

Why is the Apple Watch software update so slow?

The Apple Watch prioritizes Bluetooth over Wi-Fi by default to optimize power conservation. Although Bluetooth consumes less power compared to Wi-Fi, it is considerably slower in terms of data transfer when compared to the majority of Wi-Fi networking standards.

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