What to Expect from iOS 18: The Ultimate Guide

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Later this year, in September or October, Apple is expected to release iOS 18, the latest version of their mobile operating system. The upcoming iOS 18 is shaping up to be a watershed moment in the history of iPhone software, and techies and Apple fans alike are eagerly anticipating it. This update is being touted as a revolutionary change that could revolutionize the user experience, and it has generated a lot of excitement among techies and Apple insiders. In this article, we explore the features and updates that iOS 18 is expected to bring, covering both confirmed and rumored innovations.

Many are hoping that iOS 18 will be the most significant update to the iPhone since its launch because of the high expectations surrounding it. Not only is there talk of confirmed improvements that will greatly improve the user interface and functionality, but there is also solid evidence to support this speculation.

RCS Support

RCS Support

The addition of Rich Communication Services (RCS) to iOS 18 stands out as a confirmation. Improved media sharing, frictionless file transfers, and interactive group chats are all ways this feature hopes to unite iPhone and Android users. A giant leap forward in improving device interoperability and user experience has been achieved with RCS support.

AI Integration

AI Integration

An extensive redesign of the iPhone is supposedly in the works for iOS 18, codenamed Crystal, to satisfy a wide range of expectations and demands by satisfying long-standing requests from consumers, developers, and regulators. The update is expected to “satisfy many longstanding requests from users, developers, and regulators,” according to the newsletter.

Fundamentally, generative AI will be at the heart of iOS 18, just like it is in the Pixel 8 and Galaxy S24 series. Many anticipate that Siri will become much smarter and better able to handle complex tasks after the update. Supposedly, Apple may train Siri with a large language model so that it can better handle complicated commands.

Not only will iOS 18 supposedly introduce Gen AI features, but it will also bring ambitious changes to various aspects of the iPhone. The head of software engineering at Apple, Craig Federighi, supposedly briefed his staff last year on the major changes that were expected in the next operating system. Supposedly, iOS 18 will also include RCS compatibility.

Design Innovations

There is a lot of guesswork surrounding the new design features in iOS 18. The Vision Pro’s design may inspire future updates that include rounded icons, adjustable widget sizes, and enhanced lock screen capabilities. These changes could mean that the iPhone is getting a new, less complicated user interface, which would make it look and work better.

As the 2024 World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) approaches (June 3–7, 2024), everyone is waiting with bated breath for iOS 18. The first beta of Apple’s next operating system is usually unveiled on the first day of the conference, giving developers and early adopters a sneak peek.

It appears that iOS 18 will include a wonderful blend of new features and enhancements. Now that RCS is officially in the works and AI-driven personalization may be on the way, we can anticipate an iPhone that is more user-friendly and better equipped to cater to each user’s specific needs. Meanwhile, the user interface could become even more engaging and user-friendly with the rumored design changes.

As we near WWDC 2024, the anticipation for iOS 18 is rising. No matter how excited you are about iOS 18’s potential new design, AI integration, or cross-platform communication improvements, it’s looking like a major update that could change our expectations of smartphones.

Stay tuned for more updates as the official announcement approaches, and get ready to see the next evolution of Apple’s iOS. Bear in mind that rather than focusing solely on adding new features, Apple aims to enhance the user experience with each update. If we learn anything new about Apple’s intentions with the iOS 18 software update, we will be sure to let you know.


Apple’s iOS 18 is set to launch alongside the new iPhone in September or October, marking a significant shift in the evolution of iPhone software. The update is expected to enhance the user experience by introducing Rich Communication Services (RCS) support, AI integration, and design innovations. The update is expected to bridge the communication gap between iPhone and Android users, facilitating higher-quality media sharing, seamless file transfers, and dynamic group chats. The upcoming WWDC 2024 event will provide developers and early adopters with a first look at the upcoming features.


Will iOS 18 have RCS?

If the 5-year window is maintained, then all iPhones released in 2019 and later should be compatible with iOS 18. The XR, XS, and XS Max iPhones will be retired in 2024 in celebration of their fifth anniversary.

What will iOS 17 be?

Downloads for iOS 17, the newest version of Apple’s iPhone OS, have begun rolling out. Among its many new features are StandBy Mode, personalized stickers, the long-awaited ability to set multiple timers and much more.

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