WatchOS 10.4: Problems? Here’s How to Troubleshoot Common Issues

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Apple has resolved the chronic “ghost touch” issue affecting certain users of the Apple Watch 9 and Apple Watch Ultra with the newest software update, which is now available for download.

The issue of ghost touch, when the device detects taps and swipes without physical contact, first appeared in earlier devices in 2020. It resurfaced in Series 9 models in early February. Updating to WatchOS 10.4 will fix the issue mentioned in the release notes, which deals with the problem of users encountering inaccurate touches on the display.

Apple recently released a note directing Apple Service Providers not to replace watches that were impacted, as the firm was in the process of examining the problem. The letter suggests that the false-touch issue may have led to irregular screen behavior, unexpected phone calls, and difficulty entering passcodes on impacted Apple Watch models, greatly affecting the user experience with the newest models. Thus, it is comforting to see a solution being implemented at this time.

More than just a simple fix

watchOS 10.4 problems

Several Reddit postings indicate that the problem was happening often; however, the exact extent is unknown. Some people speculated about the value of acquiring the newer models due to this. Some readers said that they did not encounter the problem, even while using the developer’s beta software. 

Apple’s recent note recommended updating the wristwatch. If you have been facing troubles with your Apple Watch, it is advisable to upgrade to WatchOS 10.4 not just for this particular patch but also for other benefits. 

The update includes a remedy for phantom touch difficulties, redesigned interfaces for most apps, a new Smart Stack widget, password requirements for ApplePay users with AssistiveTouch, and fixes for contact-syncing problems. 

We expect WatchOS 11 to be released in September this year, perhaps coinciding with the launch of the Apple Watch 10 and Apple iPhone 16 for a significant operating system update.

How to Fix the Unable to Check for Update Error on WatchOS 10.4

How to Fix the Unable to Check for Update Error on WatchOS 10.4

Your best options are to force restart your iPhone and possibly your Apple Watch or remove and reinstall the Watch app from your iPhone if you are receiving an error saying that your Apple Watch is unable to check for an update.

Delete the Watch app from the iPhone.

The Apple Developer forums suggest that the most straightforward solution to this issue is to uninstall the Apple Watch software from your iPhone and then reinstall it.

Access the Watch app on your iPhone.

Press and hold the app icon until the option “Remove App” appears, then tap on it.

Choose “Delete App” and then confirm your choice.

You may reinstall the Watch software from the Apple Software Store.

Factory-reset Apple Watch

If everything else doesn’t work, you might think about doing a factory reset on your Apple Watch. This action will delete all data and restore the device to its original factory settings.

  1. Position your Apple Watch on its charging dock.
  2. Press and hold the side button on your Apple Watch until the power button appears in the upper-right corner. (Note: On previous models, there will be a power-off slider.)
  3. Hold down the digital crown until the option to erase all content and settings appears.
  4. Choose Reset, and then verify your selection. After the procedure finishes, you will need to either restore from a backup or set up your watch anew.

One of these options will hopefully be effective for you. Ensuring that your gadgets are regularly updated is essential. WatchOS 10.4 not only introduces new features but also includes the most recent updates and bug fixes for your device. If the weather is not loading on your Apple Watch after the 10.4 updates, here’s what you can do.

WatchOS 10.4 fixes the ongoing ghost touch issue on some Apple Watch models. Download now!

To download the update, watchOS 10.4, go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone if you have been eagerly anticipating it. To install the most recent update, just open the app and go to General > Software Updates to install the newest version. Ensure that your Apple Watch has at least 50 percent battery life and is connected to a power source. The Apple Watch must be in proximity to your iPhone and linked to a secure internet network.

WatchOS 10.4 introduces several new features, including emojis, tapping to show fill notifications and other enhancements. The watchOS 10.4 update addresses the ghost touch problem on the Apple Watch. Refer to the changelog below for further information.

The watchOS 10.4 update addresses a persistent problem on the Apple Watch where erroneous touches were being registered. Some users have reported that the Apple Watch is detecting unintended touches that disrupt their use of the device. Apple’s watchOS 10.4 release notes state that the upgrade addresses a display problem. We are pleased to see that the firm has resolved the problem in a later version.

The watchOS 10.4 update addresses a problem that was hindering the synchronization of contacts for some users on their Apple Watch. Apple has launched macOS 14.1 and visionOS 1.1 with several new features. Make sure to explore them.


Apple has addressed the “ghost touch” bug that has been causing issues with Apple Watch 9 and Apple Watch Ultra users. The update resolves the problem, which causes false touches on the display. The issue was first reported in older models in 2020 and reappeared in Series 9 models in early February. Apple’s memo last month advised not to replace affected watches, as the false-touch problem may have affected screen behavior, unintended phone calls, or the user experience.

The update includes a refreshed look for apps, a new Smart Stack widget, passcode requirements for ApplePay with AssistiveTouch, and corrections for contact-syncing issues. If you’re experiencing issues, it’s recommended that you install WatchOS 10.4. The update also includes new features like emojis and Tap to Show Fill Notification. Apple has also released macOS 14.1 and visionOS 1.1 with new additions.


Why does my watch update keep failing?

Ensure that there is sufficient storage available on both your Apple Watch and iPhone to download the update. If you do not have enough space, delete certain programs and files to free up storage. Disassociate and synchronize your Apple Watch. To address the issue of your Apple Watch not detecting or installing an update, attempt to resynchronize your Apple Watch and iPhone.

What is the latest watchOS version?

watchOS 10.4
watchOS 10.4 is a significant upgrade for the Apple Watch, with a redesigned interface for most apps, enhanced navigation options, and a new Smart Stack feature that shows relevant information on any watch face.

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