To Update or Not to Update: Weighing the Benefits of WatchOS 10.4

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To resolve the problem of ‘ghost touches’ on your Apple Watch 9 or Apple Watch Ultra 2, update to the newest watchOS 10.4.

Wccftech reported that watchOS 10.4’s release notes include a remedy for an issue causing some users to have inaccurate touches on the display. The update is presently being distributed and can be easily installed from your iPhone or straight from the watch.

In February, we addressed this problem, and despite difficulties in pinpointing its actual frequency, Apple received a sufficient number of complaints to take action. A notice was provided to authorized Apple repair businesses, admitting the situation.

The document states that these incorrect touches might accidentally trigger calls and hinder users from entering their passwords. Those impacted by this problem have notably affected their user experience.

Previous and future updates

should I update to watchOS 10.4

Users may magnify notifications on the watch screen by double-tapping in WatchOS 10.4. Additional security protocols have been implemented for using Apple Pay with assistive technology. Furthermore, a resolution has been provided for contact synchronization problems experienced by certain users.

WatchOS 10, released in September 2023 with the latest Apple Watch models, is the tenth minor upgrade by Apple. Prior bug fixes resolved problems related to incorrect elevation readings and synchronization issues with watch displays.

The main watchOS 10 update included a major redesign of apps, smart stack widgets, improvements for cycling and hiking workouts, and the addition of new watch faces.

The schedule for watchOS 11 is anticipated to adhere to the typical sequence: a presentation at Apple’s WWDC conference in June, subsequent public testing versions, and a definitive launch in September, perhaps aligning with the debut of the Apple Watch 10.

Integration with the Apple Ecosystem

Integration with the Apple Ecosystem

watchOS 10.4 enhances the Apple Watch’s connection with other Apple products and services, making it more than just a solitary gadget. Apple’s dedication to privacy is shown with the implementation of the Quantum security layer in iMessage, which is available on all its devices, including the Apple Watch. Including more emojis and the ability to disable the Double Tap feature for Vision Pro users display a deep understanding of user interaction across different devices.

Strategic Importance for Apple

This update showcases Apple’s commitment to continuous improvement and addressing customer feedback. Apple enhances user satisfaction and reinforces the reliability of its technology by resolving issues such as “ghost touches.” Apple highlights health and fitness attributes, such as improved cycling and hiking functions, to establish the Apple Watch as a premier health and fitness partner. Moreover, the addition of additional watch faces, such as the Modula Ultra face for the Apple Watch Ultra, showcases Apple’s emphasis on personalization and utility.

watchOS 10.4 is a significant improvement for Apple Watch, boosting speed, functionality, and security. The update provides new features and essential enhancements that enhance the user experience, making it highly recommended for anyone looking to get the best performance from their devices.

Addressing the “Ghost Touches” Issue

One significant improvement in watchOS 10.4 addresses an issue causing some users to experience erroneous touch responses on the screen. This upgrade is crucial for enhancing the device’s overall utility.

New Features and Enhancements

The update includes new emoji characters, settings modifications for Vision Pro users, and quantum security measures for iMessage. The features are designed to enhance the user experience by providing more customization and improved security.

Compatibility and Installation

watchOS 10.4 is only compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 and subsequent models. The installation process is straightforward, and the update size depends on the current watchOS version on your device.

Performance Insights

The watchOS 10.4 upgrade has shown stable battery performance, with no significant issues reported with connectivity or app operation. Users may expect reliable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, along with efficient GPS capabilities. The update is fast, with few occurrences of sluggishness, crashes, or system freezes.


Apple has released watchOS 10.4, a minor update that addresses ‘ghost touches’ on Apple Watch 9 and Ultra 2. The update addresses an issue causing false touches on the display, which could unintentionally initiate calls and prevent users from entering their passcode. The update includes new features such as double-tap to expand notifications, extra security protection for Apple Pay with Assistive, and a fix for contact syncing. The update is expected to be released in September, following the release of WatchOS 10. The update is a strategic step forward for Apple Watch, delivering performance, functionality, and security, and is recommended for users aiming to get the most out of their devices.


Does the watchOS 10 drain the battery?

Since installing the watchOS 10 update, several Apple Watch owners have reported that their batteries are dying at an alarming rate, regardless of the model.

Does watchOS 10 require iOS 17?

If you own an Apple Watch from Series 4, Series 5, or SE and your iPhone is running iOS 17 or later, you can update to watchOS 10.

Should I update watchOS?

Regularly updating your Apple devices is essential for accessing the latest bug fixes and security enhancements. Some iOS updates on your iPhone require you to update watchOS on your Apple Watch.

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