Unlock the Power of iOS 17.2: Top New Features You Need to Know

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New features in iOS 17.2: Many new and interesting features have been added to Apple devices with the iOS 17.2 update, all to improve their functioning and user experience. Apple has taken customer preferences and demands into account across the board, from security to productivity. Important new features coming to iOS 17.2 include:

Spatial Video Recording

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max can capture spatial video with iOS 17.2, which can be seen in the Photos app on the upcoming Vision Pro headset.

Spatial Video Recording

Enabling spatial video recording involves opening the Settings app, choosing Formats under the Camera section, and turning on “Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro.” According to Apple, the iPhone should be held steadily in landscape mode while taking spatial video to get the best results. A minute of 1080p video is captured at 30 frames per second, using 130MB of storage space.

Viewed on an iPhone, spatial films taken with the device seem like regular videos. A Vision Pro headset is needed to see the movie in three dimensions.

The Journal app, 

something Apple had previously revealed as a component of iOS 17, is now available in iOS 17.2. Users may journal their daily thoughts and activities using the Journal app, and Apple offers optional questions that might serve as inspiration.

The Journal app,

In the Journal app, journal entries are created by touching the “+” button. From there, users may select a suggestion to start writing from or just select “New Entry” to start writing anything at all.

For organizational reasons, entries are automatically tagged with a date; however, bookmarking options are also available. Location tags, photos, and audio recordings can all be included in journal entries.

Apple Music Playlist Favourites: A Favourites playlist is now automatically created from the songs you have favorited within the Apple Music app.

Reactions to Messages App Sticker

As an alternative to a tapback reaction, you may add a sticker answer by long pressing on any conversation bubble in the Messages app. Selecting “Add Sticker” allows you to add an emoji or sticker to the corner of an iMessage.

Reactions to Messages App Sticker

Although it was always possible to drag an emoji or sticker onto any message bubble, this provides a faster way to reply to incoming messages with a more expressive visual than a tapback answer.

Apple Music Favorite Songs

When songs are favorited, you may add them to your Music Library via the Settings app’s Music section. By default, the function is toggled on, however it may be turned off as well. In iOS 17.1, the feature to “Favourite” music was initially introduced.

Weather Widgets

The Weather app now has new widgets for Details, Daily Forecast, and Sunrise/Sunset. Details provides data on air quality, wind speed, UV index, precipitation possibility, and air quality; Daily Forecast provides a small widget-sized version of the next several days’ weather. Sunrise/Sunset displays the timings of day’s dawn and dusk.


Apple has included the ability to turn off inline typing suggestions. To get to it, launch the Settings app, then General, then Keyboard, and finally, scroll down to the “Show Predictions Inline” option. Eight Sámi languages have new keyboard layouts as well.

Messages in iCloud Syncing

“Messages in iCloud” is the new name for the “Messages” area in iCloud under the Settings app. It displays the overall amount of storage used by messages, the quantity of messages synchronised with iCloud, and the time of the most recent sync. To force an update, there’s also a “Sync Now” option.

Apple had previously stated that extra options, such as text message forwarding, send and receive accounts, and SMS filters across devices, will sync through Messages in iCloud with iOS 17. As a result, such extra settings may now sync.

Action Button Translate

Users of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max may now select a different Action button Translate option.

Holding down the Action button while it’s set to Translate opens a Translate window on the iPhone that records spoken text. It uses the languages that you have already configured in the Translate app to translate text from one specified language to another.

iTunes App

Apple is now referring customers to the Apple TV app in place of the iTunes Store app, which offered the ability to buy and view films and TV series.

Catch-Up Messages

You may utilise the new catch-up arrow to quickly get to the first unread message in a conversation if you have a busy Messages thread. In the upper right corner of the screen, it appears as an arrow.

Features of the New Weather App

besides to a wind map snapshot that displays wind patterns and animations for the next 24 hours, precipitation levels are displayed over the following 10 days to give further insight into the circumstances that may be expected in the form of rain and snow.

An interactive lunar calendar allows you to see the moon’s phase for any given day in the upcoming month.


A number of new capabilities are available to owners of the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max with iOS 17.2. These include keyboard layouts for eight Sámi languages, Messages in iCloud Syncing, Action Button Translation, iTunes Store App, Messages Catch-Up, Journal app, Apple Music Playlist Favourites, and spatial video recording.


What is iOS 17 StandBy?

With StandBy, your iPhone may be used as a picture frame, a bedside clock, a full-screen display for widgets or Live Activities, and much more.

Will iPhone 7 Plus get iOS 16?

An iPhone 7 Plus cannot be updated to iOS 16 or later. You don’t. You must have an iPhone 8 or above model in order to install iOS 16.

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