Samsung A05 vs A10: A Comprehensive Comparison

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Samsung A05 vs A10 The Samsung A05 vs A10 are two reasonably priced smartphones that have attracted significant interest from customers. Although coming from the same series, these phones’ features and specs differ slightly. When shopping for a new phone, people frequently contrast these two models to determine which is best for them. We will examine all of the main distinctions between the Samsung A05 and A10 in this thorough comparison. You’ll know more about which phone might be best for you at the end of this comparison.

Design and Build Quality

Samsung A05 vs A10

A phone’s build quality and design have an impact on how it feels and appears; thus, they are important. The material bodies of the Samsung A05 vs A10 feel solid in the hand and share a similar design. When compared to the A05, which has a matte surface, the A10 appears more expensive due to its glossy finish. Additionally, the A10’s display is slightly bigger, which can appeal to those who prefer larger screens. The camera and buttons are placed for ease of access on both phones, which feature a straightforward and uncluttered design. Overall, both phones are sturdy and should hold up to regular use, even though the A10 may have a somewhat more upscale appearance.

A phone’s build quality has a significant impact on its longevity. Both the Samsung A05 and A10 are composed of plastic, as is typical with low-cost phones. Plastic can be stronger and less likely to break than glass or metal, even though it might not seem as high-end. Compared to the matte texture of the A05, the glossy surface of the A10 can be more susceptible to smudges and fingerprints. But given their sturdy construction, both phones ought to be resilient enough to survive little drops and bumps. The Samsung A05 and A10, when it comes to build quality and design, are both reasonably priced.

Display Comparison: Samsung A05 vs A10

The phone’s display is the screen that shows everything. To ensure that you can see everything clearly, the display must be bright and clear. Although they feature good displays, the Samsung A05 and A10 differ in a few ways. Because the A10’s display is somewhat bigger than the A05’s, objects may appear to be slightly larger on the A10’s screen. If you enjoy using your phone to play games or view videos, this could be beneficial. The A05’s display, nevertheless, is still a decent size and ought to be sufficient for the majority of users.”

Another important aspect is the display quality. Colors and images may appear clearer and more colourful on the A10’s screen due to its marginally superior display quality compared to the A05. This can enhance the enjoyment of viewing photos and videos. The A05’s display is still of decent quality, though, so it should be adequate for daily use. While the screens on the Samsung A05 and A10 are both decent overall, the A10’s display is somewhat larger and of higher quality than the A05’s.

Camera Specifications

Samsung A05 vs A10

For a lot of people, the camera is an important factor when selecting a smartphone. Though there are important differences between the Samsung A05 vs A10, both cameras are capable of producing respectable images. Compared to the A05’s 8-megapixel rear camera, the A10’s 13-megapixel rear camera captures images with greater detail. If you enjoy taking pictures of landscapes or other intricate subjects, this could be beneficial. Additionally, the 5-megapixel front camera in the A10 has a greater resolution than the one on the A05. You can use this to record video chats with friends and family or take selfies.

The cameras on the A05 are still good and should work well for daily use. But the A10 might be a better option if you’re looking for a little bit better camera quality. Additionally, both phones offer features like LED flash and autofocus that can help you shoot better pictures in various lighting situations. Overall, both phones should be able to shoot good pictures for daily usage, even if the A10’s camera specs are marginally better than the A05’s.

Performance and Hardware

A phone’s speed and smoothness largely depend on its hardware and performance. Because the hardware of the Samsung A05 vs A10 is the same, their daily performance should be similar. The Exynos 7884B CPU found in both phones is capable of doing simple tasks like using apps and accessing the internet. But compared to the A05, which has 1GB of RAM, the A10 has 2GB. This suggests that when moving between apps or multitasking, the A10 might be a little quicker and more smooth.”

Both phones have 32GB of internal storage, which should be sufficient for storing movies, pictures, and apps. In addition, both phones include a microSD card slot, so you can add more storage if you need it. Overall, both phones should be able to handle daily chores without any problems, while the A10 should perform somewhat better than the A05 due to its larger RAM capacity.

Software and User Interface

The software and user interface (UI) of a phone determine its functionality and ease of use. Based on the Android operating system, Samsung’s One UI powers both the A05 and A10. With features that make using and navigating your phone easier, One UI is made to be straightforward and user-friendly. Compared to the Samsung A05 vs A10 has a more recent version of One UI, which suggests it may include some extra features and enhancements. Better performance, additional functionality, and updated security patches are a few examples of these enhancements.

You may also customize the look and feel of your phone with One UI’s many customization options. You can customize the system themes, app icons, and home screen layout to your liking. Overall, the One UI software on the Samsung A05 vs A10 is user-friendly, however, because the A10 has a more recent version of the software, it might have some more features and enhancements. 

Battery Life and Charging

A phone’s battery life is essential since it dictates how long you can use it before having to recharge it. Although they have similar battery lives, the Samsung A05 and A10 differ in a few ways. Because the A10’s battery is slightly larger than the A05’s, it might last a little while longer between charges. If you use your phone a lot during the day and would prefer not to worry about running out of battery, this could be beneficial.

When the battery on either phone starts to run low, you can quickly recharge it because both phones enable fast charging. If you need to recharge your battery before leaving, this can be useful. Overall, both phones should be able to survive a full day with moderate use, while the A10 should have a little longer battery life than the A05 due to its bigger battery size.

Connectivity Features

Maintaining connectivity with other devices and the internet requires features related to connectivity. The Samsung A05 vs A10 have comparable connectivity features. Both of them are compatible with 4G LTE, which enables fast internet connections. Additionally, both of them have GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi—standard features on cell phones. There are some differences between them, though. Compared to the A05’s Bluetooth version 4.2, the A10’s Bluetooth version 5.0 is more recent. This suggests that when connecting to Bluetooth devices, the A10 might provide greater connectivity and range.

The headphone jack on both phones also enables you to connect wired headphones or speakers to your phone. If you prefer to use wired audio devices, this may be helpful. In general, the Samsung A05 and A10 have decent connectivity features; but, because of the A10’s more recent Bluetooth version, it might have slightly better Bluetooth connectivity.

Price and Value for Money

One of Samsung’s most reasonably priced cell phones, the A05 usually retails for between $100 and $150. The A05 is reasonably priced and provides good value for money, with respectable features and specs that should please the majority of users on a budget.

However, depending on the area and shop, the Samsung A10 typically costs between $150 and $200 more. The A10 has somewhat better specs and features than the A05, albeit costing a little more. This indicates that for the extra money, you are receiving a phone that performs, has a slightly better camera, and has a slightly better display. The decision between the two phones will depend on your needs and budget, as both phones provide good value for money.


The Samsung A05 and A10 are both reliable, low-cost smartphones that provide excellent value. Some of the A10’s improvements over the A05 include a little larger display, improved camera specs, and more RAM, all of which could lead to an improvement in overall performance. The A05, on the other hand, is less costly and still has respectable features and specs. The decision between the two phones will ultimately come down to your needs and financial situation. If you’re looking for an affordable smartphone with marginally superior specs, the A10 can be a more suitable option. On the other hand, the A05 is still a fantastic choice and an excellent value if you’re on a tight budget.


Q1: Is the Samsung A10 worth the extra money compared to the A05?

The Samsung A10 offers slightly better specifications and features compared to the A05, so if you can afford the extra cost, it may be worth it for the improved performance and user experience.

Q2: Does the Samsung A10 have a fingerprint sensor?

No, neither the Samsung A05 nor the A10 have a fingerprint sensor, which is typical for budget smartphones in this price range.

Q3: Can I expand the storage on the Samsung A05 and A10?

Yes, both the Samsung A05 and A10 come with a dedicated microSD card slot for expanding the storage up to 512GB.

Q4: Which phone has better battery life, the Samsung A05 or A10?

The Samsung A10 has a slightly larger battery capacity compared to the A05, so it is likely to offer slightly better battery life.

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