Comparing Samsung A05 vs A20: Which One Reigns Supreme?

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Samsung A05 vs A20 Samsung has made a name for itself in the smartphone market by providing a variety of models to fit a range of demands and price points. The Samsung A05 and A20 are two examples of these devices. Although each phone has a unique combination of features and specs, which is the better option for you? To assist you in making an informed choice, we will compare the Samsung A05 and the Samsung A20 in several categories in this post. 

Design and Build Quality

The Samsung A05 vs A20 both have strong builds that feel luxurious in the hand in terms of design and build quality. The A20 has a more refined appearance thanks to its glass back panel, while the A05 has a sleeker design and a glossy finish. Although both phones are pleasant to handle and use, the A20 has a slightly improved appearance. Those who value style will find the A20 more appealing because of its glass back, which gives it a more luxurious feel than the A05’s plastic back.

Both phones are long-lasting and have strong construction that can withstand normal wear and tear. But compared to the A05’s plastic back, the A20’s glass back might be more prone to scratches and cracks. While the Samsung A05 and A20 both have good build quality and attractive looks overall, the A20 has a little advantage in this category due to its glass back and more upmarket appearance.

Display Comparison

Samsung A05 vs A20

The quality and technological features of the Samsung A05 vs A20 displays differ greatly from one another. The A05 has a 6.5-inch IPS LCD screen with a 720 x 1520 pixel resolution. Although the colours and viewing angles on this display are acceptable, they might not be as vivid or crisp as those on other display technologies. The A20, on the other hand, has a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display with 720 x 1560 pixel resolution. Super-AMOLED displays, known for their vibrant colours, deep blacks, and high contrast ratios, offer a better viewing experience.s. In terms of colour reproduction and overall visual quality, the A20’s display outperforms the A05’s, giving it a better option for gaming and multimedia viewing.

In addition to its technology, the display’s size affects the user experience. Compared to the A05’s larger 6.5-inch display, the A20’s somewhat smaller 6.4-inch display might be more comfortable to operate one-handedly. However, some users might find the A05’s larger display more suitable for productivity work and multimedia usage. In terms of technology and visual quality, the Samsung A20’s display outperforms the A05’s overall, making it a better option for those who value having a high-quality smartphone display.

Camera Performance

Regarding camera functionality, the Samsung A05 vs A20 offer acceptable choices for taking pictures and recording films. With a 13MP main sensor and a 2MP depth sensor, the A05 has a dual camera configuration. In well-lit environments, this configuration produces fairly sharp images, and the depth sensor adds to the bokeh effect in portrait orientations. But the A20 has a little more sophisticated dual-camera configuration, featuring a 5MP ultra-wide sensor and a 13MP primary sensor. Wider scenes may be captured with the ultra-wide sensor, which makes it perfect for group or landscape photos. In comparison to the A05, the A20’s camera configuration provides greater performance and flexibility overall.

Both phones include a 5MP selfie camera on the front of the device. These cameras might not provide the same degree of sharpness and detail as higher-end smartphones, but they are still good enough for selfies and video chats. Nonetheless, the cameras on the Samsung A05 and A20 are more than sufficient for basic photographic requirements. These are both worthy options if you’re searching for a reasonably priced smartphone with a respectable camera.

Performance and Speed

In both speed and performance, the Samsung A05 vs A20 provide slightly different experiences. A Samsung Snapdragon 450 CPU with 2GB of RAM powers the A05. Smooth performance is offered for simple tasks like social media, web browsing, and light gaming with this configuration. However, when using more demanding apps or multitasking thoroughly, users could notice some lag or slowdowns. On the other hand, the A20 sports 3GB of RAM and a more potent Exynos 7884 chipset. Compared to the A05, this enables faster performance and improved multitasking capability. On the A20, users may anticipate faster performance when navigating between apps, engaging in gaming, or viewing movies.

The 32GB of internal storage that both phones have should be plenty for storing movies, pictures, and apps. In addition, both devices have a microSD card slot for expandable capacity, making it simple for customers to add more storage if necessary. While the Samsung A05 and A20 both provide respectable performance overall for their respective price points, the A20 has a modest advantage in terms of speed and multitasking due to its stronger processor and greater RAM.

Battery Life: Samsung A05 vs A20

When selecting a smartphone, battery life is a crucial factor, and the Samsung A05 and A20 both provide respectable results in this area. The A20 has a slightly bigger 4000mAh battery than the A05, which has a 4000mAh battery. With modest use, such as web surfing, social media, and infrequent video streaming, both phones could last an entire day. However, because of its more efficient processor, the A20 might have a little advantage in terms of battery life. Compared to the A05, the A20’s Exynos 7884 chipset is noted for its power efficiency, which enables the phone to stay longer between charges.

Both phones have large batteries, but they also have fast charging capabilities that enable speedy recharge when needed. Users may rapidly top off their device’s battery with the integrated fast charger to make sure it lasts the entire day. While the Samsung A05 and A20 both have respectable battery lives overall, the A20 has a small advantage in this area due to its more efficient processor.

Software and Updates

Both the Samsung A05 vs A20 run Android 9.0 Pie, with Samsung’s One UI layer on top when it comes to software and updates. The user interface of this software is easy and simple to use, offering quick access to all of the important settings and capabilities. Additionally, one UI offers a variety of customization choices so that users can tailor their devices to their tastes. Furthermore, Samsung updates the software on both phones frequently, adding new features and security patches. This guarantees that users can keep using their devices in a safe and modern way.

It should be noted, however, that the Samsung A05 and A20 might not get the most recent Android updates as rapidly as certain flagship smartphones. This is because less-cost cell phones usually receive upgrades later on. However, Samsung is dedicated to delivering frequent updates for its devices, guaranteeing that owners of the A05 or A20 smartphone may keep enjoying a dependable and safe user experience.

Storage and RAM

Both the Samsung A05 vs A20 provide respectable substitutes for storing programs, images, and movies in terms of storage and RAM. 32GB of internal storage is included with the A05, which should be plenty for most users’ needs. In addition, the A05 has 2GB of RAM, which offers fluid performance for regular applications like social networking and online browsing. In contrast, the A20 also has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Because the A20 has more RAM than the A05, it can multitask more efficiently, which makes it a better option for customers who frequently switch between apps or run numerous apps at once.

Expandable storage is another feature that the Samsung A05 and A20 share in common. This feature makes it simple for customers to add more storage space as needed. This is particularly helpful for keeping large files, such as games or videos. Overall, the A20 has a little advantage over the other phones in terms of performance and multitasking abilities, even though both phones offer respectable storage and RAM options for their respective cost points.

Price Comparison

The Samsung A05 is an excellent choice for customers on a tight budget because it is less expensive than the A20. At about $100, the Samsung A05 is a solid option for people searching for a dependable smartphone without going over budget. The A05 is a competitive option in its price bracket because it still has a lot of features and capabilities while being less expensive.

However, the Samsung A20 costs roughly $150, which is a little more than the A05. Nonetheless, the A20 has marginally superior features and specifications, such as a more potent processor and more RAM, for the extra money. Even though the A20 costs a little bit more than the A05, it still provides good value and is a decent option for people wanting a smartphone with a little bit more functionality and performance.

In the end, the Samsung A20 is priced at about $150 and offers somewhat better features and specifications for a slightly higher price than the Samsung A05, which is more reasonably priced at about $100. Both phones are excellent options for customers on a tight budget because they are reasonably priced.


Samsung A05 vs A20 For customers on a tight budget wanting dependable smartphones, Samsung’s A05 and A20 are also good choices. The A20, which costs about $150, offers marginally better features and specifications for a slightly higher price than the A05, which is more reasonably priced at about $100. The A20’s more potent processor and more RAM allow it to operate better and have a more upscale appearance and display. Still, the A05 manages to compete because of its reasonable performance, long battery life, and more affordable price. Both phones offer decent value for the money, but ultimately, the decision between them comes down to personal tastes and financial limitations.


Q1: Which phone has a better camera, the Samsung A05 or the Samsung A20?

Both phones offer decent camera performance, but the A20’s additional ultra-wide sensor gives it an edge in terms of versatility.

Q2: Does the Samsung A05 have a fingerprint sensor?

No, the Samsung A05 does not have a fingerprint sensor.

Q3: Can I expand the storage on the Samsung A20?

Yes, both the Samsung A05 and the Samsung A20 offer expandable storage options via a microSD card slot.

Q4: Which phone has better battery life, the Samsung A05 or the Samsung A20?

Both phones offer decent battery life, but the A20’s more efficient processor gives it a slight edge in this department.

Q5: Does the Samsung A20 support fast charging?

Yes, the Samsung A20 supports 15W fast charging, allowing you to quickly charge your device when needed.

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