iOS 17.2 Beta Bugs Troubleshooting: How to Fix Common Problems

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While some people are content with iOS 17.2’s new features, others are trying to work out its flaws. For iOS users, it’s nothing new because new flaws are included with every iOS version. In addition to discussing some frequent iOS 17.2 bugs that affect both the official iOS 17.2 release and beta 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8, we’ll also provide expert advice on how to resolve these issues! Let’s begin by discussing the most recent iOS 17.2 Beta bugs.

The latest known iOS 17.2 Beta bugs and glitches (beta included)

The latest known iOS 17.2 Beta bugs and glitches (beta included)

Similar types of errors are being reported by a large number of iOS 17.2 users, indicating that Apple is the source of the problem. To address iOS 17 issues and glitches, Apple released iPadOS 17.2 and iOS 17.2, as well as iOS 17.2 for iPhone 15 devices. You may therefore be able to address the bugs mentioned by updating to iOS 17.1 or iOS 17.2. These are a few of the most prevalent iOS 17.2 flaws and problems, including beta, that users are reporting from all across the world.

iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode after iOS 17 Update

There are several reasons why an iPhone could get stuck in recovery mode, most of which have to do with the iOS 17 update. Should the update procedure fail or be interrupted, your iPhone can go into Recovery Mode.

iPhone battery drain

iPhone battery drain

Although the latest iOS upgrades are meant to be battery-friendly, the new update is mostly to blame if you find that your iPhone is using up more battery life than usual. Additionally, even when they aren’t using their iPhones, the majority of iOS 17 users are seeing battery drain. Throughout the day, they must constantly charge their smartphones. Downgrading your iOS version until you receive an updated version of iOS 17 could be one way to solve the problem.

  • Step 1: Turn on your iPhone again.
  • Method 2: Turn off the background app refresh.
  • Method 3: Modify Screen Illumination
  • Method 4: Turn Off Your iPhone

iPhone Overheating

iPhone Overheating

The latest iOS 17 update makes the smartphone feel like a brick on fire. The device’s overheating makes it quite evident that there is a hardware compatibility issue. The device emits heat when the software isn’t integrating the hardware components effectively, which is bad for the electrical components—especially the battery.

  • Step 1: Restart your iPhone.
  • Method 2: Disable the app refresh in the background.
  • Method 3: Adjust the Lighting on the Screen
  • Method 4: Restart your iPhone.

Music App Crashing

Music App Crashing

Are you a devoted Apple Music customer, and have you updated to iOS 17? If so, a lot of annoying bugs might have been encountered. These flaws can interfere with your music-listening experience, such as playback difficulties, app crashes, freezing, or sync issues. You’re not alone if you’re one of the several individuals experiencing comparable problems with Apple Music on iOS 17. Fix details are available here.

Widgets Not Working on Home Screen

Users of this version of iOS have reported issues with their home screen widgets not working properly. Numerous widgets, including Wallet, Apple Music, Mail, Fitness, Weather, and more, are impacted by this problem. Numerous users have complained that these widgets either fail to update as expected or display no data at all.

If you encounter this issue, try opening the precise application that is connected to the troublesome widget. The widget should load and show the pertinent data when you run the app. It’s crucial to remember that the data displayed in the widget can vanish at a later date, necessitating that another app be opened in order for the widget to update.

Keyboard Covers Text Field

There is a problem that users have experienced where the text box is obscured by the on-screen keyboard, making it hard to read what is being typed. This issue has been reported in a number of programs, which is inconvenient and makes it more difficult for users to enter text.

Forcibly closing and reopening the impacted app is a fundamental troubleshooting technique to try if you run into this problem. This can assist in clearing out any transient bugs that might be causing the keyboard to cross over the text field and refreshing the app’s interface.

Live wallpapers are not working.

Some customers have reported that their devices’ live wallpapers aren’t working as they should. The home screen and lock screen of a device can be made to be more visually appealing by adding subtle animations or responsive features, which are displayed by live wallpapers. On the other hand, some customers have complained that their smartphones’ live wallpapers don’t function correctly or don’t animate.

It is advised to use live photographs taken with an iPhone 11 Pro or later in order to fix this issue. Like live wallpapers, live photos can be set as wallpapers and offer comparable dynamic effects. Even if live wallpapers are not working as planned, users can still get the desired moving wallpaper experience by switching to live photos.

WiFi is not working after the iOS 17 Beta 3 Update.

A user by the name of Nickkgar stated that their WiFi stopped functioning after installing the iOS Beta 3 upgrade. It’s unclear if this is only the user experiencing the problem or if many users who installed the same update are also experiencing it. Further details are required to ascertain the precise origin and extent of this issue.

Carrier Signal Bar Not showing in the Home Screen Status Bar

SnkArmz has noticed a problem where the status bar on the home screen does not display the carrier signal bar, which shows the cellular network’s signal strength. This issue could affect the user’s ability to reliably make or receive calls, send messages, or access cellular data. It may also make it challenging to evaluate the current signal strength.

Rebooting the device is a quick fix for this problem. The carrier signal bar on the Home Screen status bar may once again be visible by restarting the device, which can also help refresh the system.

Bluetooth is not working.

The iOS 17 Beta may cause random disconnections, trouble pairing with Bluetooth devices, or even the inability to recognize devices at all if you’re having trouble with Bluetooth connectivity. to deal with this issue.


iOS 17.2 Beta is a significant update for iOS users, with many reporting common bugs and glitches. Apple released iOS 17.2 and iPadOS 17.2 to address these issues, including those experienced by iPhone 15 models. Some of the most common iOS 17.2 bugs include iPhone stuck in Recovery Mode after the iOS 17 update, iPhone battery drain, iPhone overheating, music app crashes, widgets not working on the home screen, keyboard covering text field, live wallpapers not working, WiFi functionality not working after the iOS 17 Beta 3 update, carrier signal bar not showing in the home screen status bar, and Bluetooth connectivity problems.

To fix these issues, users can try restarting their iPhones, disabling background app refresh, adjusting screen brightness, and resetting the device. Additionally, they can try opening the specific app associated with the widget in question to see if the data displayed in the widget appears again. If the issue persists, force quitting the affected app and reopening it can help refresh the app’s interface and resolve any temporary glitches.

For those experiencing Bluetooth connectivity problems in iOS 17, users can try using Live Photos captured with an iPhone 11 Pro or later, which provide similar dynamic effects as Live Wallpapers. It is unclear whether this issue is specific to a specific user or affects a wider range of users who have installed the same update.


How do I fix iOS update problems?

Try downloading the update once again if the most recent version of iOS or iPadOS is still not installed.
Navigate to [Device Name] Storage under Settings > General.
Look for the update in the application list.
After tapping the update, choose Delete Update.
Navigating to Settings > General > Software Update will download the most recent update.

Are there problems with iOS 17?

Fast battery depletion is one of the most prominent complaints regarding the iOS 17 issue. Some users even assert that iOS 17.0 still has issues with battery life.

How do I restore iOS beta to normal?

Here’s how:
Open the iPhone Settings app and select General.
Set Beta Updates to Off by tapping on it.
Press Return. If the beta is installed, you will see that iOS 17.0 is the most recent version; however, you will also see that iOS 17.0 is also available at the bottom of the screen.
Click “Update Now.”

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