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Remove link from Instagram bio, Instagram has become one of the most widely used social media apps worldwide in the last few years due to its phenomenal development. But did you know that Instagram can be used for company promotion in addition to photo and video sharing? Yes, you heard correctly. You may drive your Instagram followers to any other platform, whether you have a website, YouTube channel, online store, or something else entirely. Linkages that you may include in your bio make this simple.

You may only include a very small amount of information in your Instagram bio. However, it is among the most crucial parts to grab the readers’ interest. In your bio, you may provide a quick overview of your hobbies and job. Additionally, Instagram may be a fantastic way to get some natural traffic to your website if you run a digital business. As an alternative, you may use this one clickable link to send them to another Instagram page.

How to Remove Link From Your Instagram Bio?

Links in an Instagram bio may be added or removed with ease. Instagram is a very user-friendly software since it presents all of its functions in a well-organized way. But occasionally needing assistance is not a crime. Therefore, there’s no need to fret if you’re having trouble removing a link from your Instagram bio. You’ll lead the path with the assistance of the next stages.

First, launch Instagram and choose your profile by clicking on the button in the lower-right corner.

Now, click on Edit Profile

Then, touch on the Facebook or external link that has to be removed.

Lastly, choose and validate the Remove Link option.

In case you were unaware, Instagram users have the option to include another user’s profile link in their bio. Well, this functionality functions in a manner akin to advertising or mentioning someone. You only need to include the @ symbol and the user name of the person you want to feature in your bio. 

While this tool is mostly utilized to promote the account of a person you know, there are situations in which it might be detrimental. For example, it might reflect poorly on your digital presence if your profile link is added to your bio by a bogus profile or spam email. In these situations, taking down the link from their bio seems like the stupid thing to do. Therefore, you must do the actions listed below in order to remove your profile link from someone else’s bio.

  1. Launch Instagram and look for the page that mentions your account in the bio.
  2. On their bio, click the username you have.
  3. Two choices will appear at the bottom of your screen as a result. There you have it—just click on the “Remove Link” option.


Instagram users can include another user’s profile link in their bio, similar to advertising or mentioning someone. However, this can be detrimental if the link is added by a bogus profile or spam email. To remove the link, launch Instagram, look for the page that mentions your account in the bio, and click on the “Remove Link” option.


They see a lot of spam accounts, which is why. Websites that spammers are known to link to in their accounts will be blocked by them. Links to websites containing sexual content will not be permitted. Links that show up on several accounts in a short amount of time are being blocked.

Proceed according to the guidelines below:
1. Modify your profile on Instagram. Navigate to your user profile and choose “Edit Profile.”

2. In the Website area, enter the URL. Enter the URL that you wish to include in your bio in the “Website” area.

3. Put the edits away. You now have a link in your Instagram bio when you tap “Done.”

Unless you are running sponsored advertising, Instagram does not hyperlink URLs in the caption of your posts. Nonetheless, Instagram lets you link to a website from the Instagram bio, through Instagram Direct Messages (DMs), and within Stories by utilizing the “Link” sticker.

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