Troubleshooting Instagram Story Links How to fix it in 2023

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links on Instagram stories, Instagram has been a social media powerhouse for more than ten years, which is an impressive feat in our constantly evolving digital world! Still, the platform’s restrictions have annoyed us as company owners, bloggers, wellness advocates, and entrepreneurs, particularly with regard to backlinking to our own websites. While many of us just provide one link in our biographies, this solution occasionally feels restrictive and difficult. 

When this feature was released in August 2016, users could make brief films or picture series that vanished after a day. Stories naturally garner more attention than standard photo postings since they are featured on the top bar of every user account. Instagram started enabling verified account holders to easily post a link to an Instagram Story shortly after the launch.

Many company accounts on Instagram Stories include clickable links (not only those with 10,000+ followers). This implies that you may now effortlessly and conveniently connect from a high-visibility article to your website, blog, or Marvelous Studio product for the first time.

How to Create an Instagram Story

While adding links, you must understand how to make an Instagram Story. Here’s a breakdown of the steps, which are quite straightforward but were modified with the next updates:

How to Create an Instagram Story

You may swipe right from anywhere in your Instagram feed, or you can hit the Plus [+] symbol in the upper right corner of the screen to select Story. You can utilize an existing photograph or video that you have stored in your phone’s camera roll, or you can make a new one. Any video longer than fifteen seconds will be divided into many stories.

  1. You may create the story in a number of ways by tapping the down arrow on the left side of the screen, which includes Boomerang, Layout, and Hands-free.
  2. To snap a picture or record a video, tap and hold the white circle symbol at the bottom of the screen.
  3. After that, hit [Aa] to add text. To view a grid of choices for adding to your story, click the smiling face symbol. From there, you can add stickers, audio clips, locations, tag other Instagram accounts, and much more.
  4. To erase a drawing effect, tap Undo; to save it, tap Done. Drag and drop the text sticker or audio clip into the trash can icon located at the bottom center of the screen to delete it.
  5. You’ve been actually finished! To save your photo or video to your phone, select Save. If you’re done and want to post it, select the Arrow in the lower right corner. If you’ve changed your mind, select Cancel to remove it from the app.

How to add a link to an Instagram Story

It’s really easy to add links to an Instagram Story for your website, another social media account, or even your most recent blog post if you have access to the linking tool.

How to add a link to an Instagram Story is as follows:

  1. Start telling your story the way you usually would.
  2. Four symbols will appear at the top of the screen once you’ve generated or chosen a new photo or video: a text (Aa) icon, a smiley, three stars, and three dots. Look for the chain link symbol with the word “Link” next to it by tapping the smiley.
  3. You’ll see a new screen with an entry area where you may type the desired destination URL. Since Instagram doesn’t offer you any stats or monitoring options, think about utilizing to keep an eye on the success of your link.

After adding a URL to your story, the URL you just filled out will get a chain link icon next to it. You may adjust the hue by pressing the link. Additionally, you may change its size and move it about your screen.

You may keep making changes to your Story’s features by including more text, stickers, or filters. Make sure your narrative text has a call-to-action pointing readers to the live embedded link so they are aware of it. A sticker with the words “Tap here to sign u!” and an arrow pointing to the website would be ideal.

How to Increase Traffic with Your Instagram Story Links

The first step in linking your Instagram account to your website or blog is to add links. However, simply adding a link for people to click on it frequently is sufficient. You must provide thoughtful content that genuinely makes readers want to learn more and actively seek out your link.

Making a fresh Instagram Story each time you release a blog article, YouTube video, or podcast episode is one easy tactic.

Take a screenshot of your post’s header, or just make a slide with the headline typed in a bold, artistic font.

For use as a content alert, think about designing a visual element that reads “new blog post” that you can add to any Instagram Story slide. Remember that call to action as well!

Naturally, Instagram Stories is a great platform for promoting your services, but make sure you use it sparingly. Your followers will lose interest in your stories and cease to follow you if every story you post is an advertisement for your health company. However, your followers will embrace your promos if you mix them in with a range of posts and make sure they have the same lively, entertaining vibe as the others. To make the most of your Stories, utilize calls to action and superimposed text once again.

Troubleshooting Instagram Story

  1. Sign up for Instagram Beta
  2. Clear Instagram Cache
  3. Check Internet Connection
  4. Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram
  5. Update Your Device
  6. Update Instagram to the Latest Version
  7. Log Out and Log Back into Your Instagram Account

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Instagram Stories have become a popular platform for connecting high-visibility articles to websites, blogs, or products. However, the platform’s restrictions have made it difficult for users to backlink to their own websites. In August 2016, Instagram introduced a feature that allowed users to create brief films or picture series that vanished after a day. Instagram Stories feature clickable links, making it easier for users to connect from high-visibility articles to their websites.


Unless you are running sponsored advertising, Instagram does not hyperlink URLs in the caption of your posts. Nonetheless, Instagram lets you link to a website from the Instagram bio, through Instagram Direct Messages (DMs), and within Stories by utilizing the “Link” sticker.

What is the Instagram feature in 2023?

Finally, you may view your Instagram feed with posts from only the users you follow, free from recommended content or unseen advertisements. Regretfully, Instagram Stories cannot be used with this new function; it only applies to feed posts.

Is Instagram changing in 2023?

Instagram changed its policy in 2023, favoring posts with three to five hashtags over those with eight to fifteen. This was one of the greatest improvements to the site. Rather, it encourages users to provide relevant keywords in their subtitles for the videos.

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