Magic Unleashed: The Excitement Surrounding the Honour Magic V2 Foldable

By ANAS KHAN 10 Min Read

Even after folding, the majority of phones still have a cumbersome feel while in your pocket. However, Honour markets the Magic V2 on the idea that it is so thin and light that it feels like any other smartphone—until you unfold it, that is.

To a large extent, the Magic V2 fulfils this guarantee. On occasion, I honestly believed I was holding my standard smartphone in my pocket. The hardware is a striking rival to the Google Pixel Fold, the OnePlus Open, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, but the software isn’t up to snuff.

The Magic V2’s AI features

The Magic V2's AI features

Honour, like almost every other big smartphone company, is cashing in on the artificial intelligence hype cycle. Magic V2 this year got a slew of new AI-powered capabilities, one of which was Privacy Call. Using artificial intelligence, this “directional sound technology” works to block out background noise so that no one can overhear your phone conversation, even if the other party isn’t shouting.

To adapt the incoming audio level to various settings, Honour claims that the screen and receiver collaborate. As promised, it performed the test I gave it. A buddy of mine called me and told her to raise her voice. When I questioned my husband if he could make out the words she was speaking or the discussion as a whole, he denied being able to. 

Another new feature from Honour is Magic Text. It’s reminiscent of the Live Text feature introduced to the iPhone in iOS 15 in 2022; it can detect text on a picture and transform it into editable text. Similar to Live Text, this function might be useful for quickly digitising handwritten notes or recipes, provided the handwriting is readable and clear. It is a great feature, and I found it to be easy to use. The process was as simple as tapping and selecting text inside a picture in the Gallery app, hitting copy, and then pasting the text into an email or another location where it was required. 

Design and displays

honor magic v2 foldable

The Honour V2 stands out because of its very lightweight design. According to Honour, the titanium alloy used to manufacture the hinge not only makes the phone lighter but also stronger. Not only that, but the manufacturer claims that the phone can endure 400,000 folds. That should give you ten years of usage out of the hinge (assuming 100 folds each day), but how long the flexible screen lasts is anyone’s guess. CNET has not been able to confirm that assertion on its own. In contrast, Samsung boasts that its Galaxy Z Fold 5 can withstand around 200,000 folds.

The Magic V2’s 6.43-inch cover screen is comparable to that of a regular nonfolding phone, making it simple to use even when folded. Its maximum brightness of 2,500 nits allowed for comfortable video viewing in well-lit rooms, but not in direct sunlight. 

A 7.92-inch screen with an almost imperceptible crease is housed inside. Astoundingly, I had to adjust the phone to several angles just to make out the fold. I felt completely at ease when reading the news and watching movies. Compared to its predecessor, the Magic VS, which had a discernible midline, this is a significant upgrade. 

With an internal brightness level of 1,600 nits, the Magic V2’s display made it simple to see outdoor YouTube videos.

Using the Magic V2

Compared to my regular bar-shaped phone, the Magic V2’s enormous internal display allows it to multitask better, thanks to the wealth of screen real estate. I could use three floating windows at once: one to view a YouTube video, one to explore Instagram, and a third to compose an email. I can also use Zoom to take notes during conversations since the video may be superimposed on top of a piece of paper. 

Based on Android 13, MagicOS 7.2 powers the Magic V2. Honour claims that it enhances multitasking with several intelligent features. On the other hand, Android 14 is used instead of Android 13 by almost all 2024 flagship phones. This is likely because Honour has not announced when Android 14 will be available, and the Magic V2 was introduced last year.

Agree to continue: Honour Magic V2

Nowadays, to use any smart gadget, you have to agree to a long list of terms and conditions, which most people don’t bother to read. There are too many agreements for us to read and evaluate individually. Since most people don’t read and certainly can’t negotiate these agreements, we began keeping track of how many times you had to tap “agree” to use gadgets when we reviewed them.

You are agreeing to the following terms to use Honour Magic V2:

  • Uphold the Entrance User Licence Agreement.
  • A Brief Overview of Honour Magic’s Services
  • Guidelines for Using Google
  • The use of cellular data may be required for this device to download and install software updates and applications provided by Google, your carrier, and the manufacturer. You may be able to buy things through these applications.

Two more items must be agreed upon to add a Google account:

  • Conditions of Use for Google Play
  • Policy on Google Data Protection

The following agreements are optional:

  • Honour Magic User Interface “Enhanced Services”
  • Programme for Enhancing the User Experience
  • Preserve data in Google Drive: All of your applications, data, contacts, call logs, Wi-Fi credentials, and other device settings, as well as SMS messages, are part of your backup.
  • To make better use of your location and location-based services, “Google may gather location data periodically and use this data in any anonymous manner.”
  • Apps and services should be able to check for nearby devices and Wi-Fi networks at all times, even when Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is turned off.
  • Submit use and diagnostic data: “Assist Google in making your Android device better by automatically sending data about your device’s health, diagnostics, and apps.”

You may also choose to allow Google Assistant to utilise Voice Match, which makes it possible for your helper to recognise you and distinguish you from other people. To create a one-of-a-kind voice model, the assistant records audio samples of your speech and stores them exclusively on your device or devices. For the time being, Google may get your speech model so they can improve their voice recognition capabilities.

Final tally: four agreements are required to use the phone, two are for services related to Google accounts, and six are optional.


Honour’s Magic V2 Foldable Phone is a slim and lightweight device that feels like a regular smartphone until it unfolds. It features AI-based features such as Privacy Call and Magic Text, which help prevent sound leaks and convert text into editable text. The phone’s lightweight design, made from a titanium alloy hinge, is claimed to be durable and can withstand up to 400,000 folds. The Magic V2’s 6.43-inch cover screen and 7.92-inch display make it easy to use when folded, while its large internal display makes it a better multitasker. 

The phone runs on MagicOS 7.2, based on Android 13, which Honour claims adds smart features to aid in multitasking. However, Honour Magic V2 requires users to agree to a series of terms and conditions before using it, which are not read and cannot be negotiated. The phone also requires users to back up to Google Drive, use location, allow scanning, send usage and diagnostic data, and use Voice Match for Google Assistant.


Can Honour Magic V2 use Google?

As if that weren’t clear enough, the Magic V2 ships pre-installed with the Google Play Store and every single Google service.

How much does the Honour Magic V2 fold weigh?

237 grammes
The dimensions of the Honour Magic V2 are my favourite feature. The version with the glass backing that I’ve been using is 237 grams thick and has a folded thickness of just 10.1 mm.

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