Honor Magic V2 Durability Test – Unveiling the Results

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honor magic v2 durability test Technology fans have been attracted by the Honour Magic V2’s novel features and elegant look. This smartphone, which promises a slew of unique characteristics and advancements over its predecessors, is the latest evolution in Honor‘s series. Longevity is an important aspect that frequently characterises a smartphone’s overall quality and lifespan. We will examine the Honour Magic V2’s strength in this post and run a thorough test to see how well it performs in practical situations. We will examine every facet of this device’s resilience, from drop testing to scratch tests, giving you a detailed breakdown of its strength and build quality.

Test Setup

We wanted to find out how durable the honor magic v2 durability test is through our test. We put it through many tests to make sure it holds up. We bent it to see if it would shatter, dropped it into the hard ground from various heights, and scratched the back and screen. We also assessed how well it held up to dust and water. We started by lowering the phone onto the pavement from the money, bottom, and shoulder heights.  

The honor magic v2 durability test only received a few scratches in the frame from the drops. The phone was then bent in an attempt to determine if it would break or bend. The phone remained sturdy and didn’t bend or shatter even after we applied pressure on both the front and rear. Then, we scratched the phone’s back and screen with various things. With a layer of Gorilla Glass protecting it, the screen was impervious to scratches. But there were a few small scuffs on the back.

Drop Test

Drop Test

We performed a drop test to evaluate the Honour Magic V2‘s resilience against accidental drops. To mimic actual events, we dropped the phone onto a hard surface from various heights. Initially, we dropped it from three to four feet over pocket height. After that, we dropped it from waist height, or four to five feet high. Finally,

We dropped it from roughly five or six feet high, or shoulder height. We examined the phone to make sure it was still functional and to look for any obvious damage after each drop. We discovered that the Honour Spell V2 was quite effective at preventing damage to itself. The screen and back were unharmed, however, the frame only had a few little scrapes. The Honour Magic V2 fared well in our drop test overall, demonstrating that it can tolerate unintentional falls from regular heights without experiencing significant harm. 

Bend Test

Bend Test

The strength of the frame and bending force sensitivity of the Honour Magic V2 were put to the test in a bend test. With the goal of testing the device, the force was applied progressively until it broke. honor magic v2 durability test showed outstanding durability during the test, overcoming bending and flexing even in the face of severe pressure. This illustrates the device’s sturdy design and premium components, which are needed to ensure dependability and longevity. 

The bend test results are especially important for users who depend on their cell phones cell phones for daily tasks. A device’s lifespan is increased when it can endure bending pressures since it is less likely to be damaged by accidental drops or impacts. In addition, people find it more pleasant to use a smartphone with strong bend strength since they feel more confident in the device’s ability to stand up to everyday use.

Scratch Test honor magic v2 durability test

We wanted to find out how resistant to scratches the Honour Magic V2’s back and screen were. We used coins and keys, among other things, to scratch the phone’s back and screen. The Gorilla Glass-protected screen of the Honour Magic V2 proved to be incredibly scratch-resistant. The screen stayed largely free of scratches even after being rubbed with sharp objects.

The glass rear of the phone did, however, sustain a few little scratches. This is typical with glass backs since they typically scratch more easily than the screen. The Honour Magic V2’s back is more prone to scratches than its screen, which is often quite scratch-resistant. 

Water and Dust Resistance

We performed a water and dust protection test to assess the Honour Magic V2’s ability to tolerate these elements. Given its IP68 certification, the Honour Magic V2 ought to be able to endure a 30-minute submersion in water up to 1.5 metres deep. We immersed the phone in water for half an hour to check whether it would come back to life. We checked the phone after the test and it was still in fine working order.

This shows that the Honour Magic V2 really is water-resistant and can function normally when submerged in water for a brief amount of time. We also subjected the phone to a dusty environment in order to assess its dust resistance. Also dust-resistant, the Honour Magic V2 exhibited no traces of dust getting inside the phone. The honor magic v2 durability test fared well overall in our test of water and dust resistance, showing that it is a dependable phone that will endure exposure to these elements without experiencing any problems. 


The Honour Magic V2 has shown to be an extremely tough smartphone. It has proven to be remarkably resilient against drops, scuffs bends, and exposure to water through thorough testing, giving it a dependable option for consumers looking for a robust gadget. The Honour Magic V2 stands out from its rivals thanks to its creative design, sturdy construction, and high-quality materials. Whether you’re a casual user or a tech fanatic, having confidence in your smartphone’s ability to endure the trials of everyday use is comforting. The Honour Magic V2 offers an exceptionally high-end smartphone experience thanks to its remarkable build quality, attractive design, and powerful performance.


Q1: How durable is the Honour Magic V2?

The Honour Magic V2 is made to be sturdy and able to to drops, water, and dust.

Q2: How long does the Honour Magic V2’s battery last?

A full day of moderate use gets the most out of the Honour Magic V2’s battery, though it does vary depending on usage.

Q3: Is 5G connectivity supported by the Honour Magic V2?

The Honour Magic V2 does indeed feature 5G connectivity, which enables quick internet access.

Q4: How does the Honour Magic V2’s camera function in dim lighting?

The camera on the Honour Magic V2 takes crisp, detailed pictures even in low light. 

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