Unveiling Hidden Gems in iOS 17.4 in 2024 – Lets Dive

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There is a lot of creativity packed inside Apple’s latest iOS 17.4 update, and you may not notice all of them at once. As we explore this detailed tutorial, we will find the Hidden features in iOS 17.4 that have a chance to change your way of using the device. Not content with being only a small update, iOS 17.4 introduces additional customization choices and improves privacy settings. Get the most out of your smartphone by discovering these Hidden features in iOS 17.4

 iOS 17.4 Revamped Control Center

There has been a subtle redesign of the Control Center in iOS 17.4, providing consumers with a more user-friendly layout. Apple has included several subtle, adjustable features with this version. A new layer of customization and functionality may be unveiled when users long-press on certain buttons. With this update in iOS 17.4, you can create a more tailored experience, elevating the Control Center from a simple tool for fast settings to a central center for controlling your device’s most important functions.

Users’ long-requested option to include shortcuts to third-party apps is the redesigned Control Center’s hidden treasure. Now, with iOS 17.4, you can personalize your Control Center with shortcuts to your most used applications, making them easier to access and more convenient overall. We hope that Apple maintains its trend of making iOS more open and flexible in future versions, as this integration demonstrates.

 iOS 17.4 Enhanced Privacy Dashboard

With the introduction of an improved privacy dashboard, iOS 17.4 adds to Apple’s long-standing commitment to user privacy. If you don’t go into the settings, you may not see this new feature, which gives you a thorough glimpse of how applications utilize your data. To help customers make educated choices about their privacy, the dashboard in iOS 17.4 provides a detailed overview of app permissions and the frequency of data access.

Additionally, this updated dashboard also includes additional alerts for when applications are running in the background, a Hidden feature in iOS 17.4 that will alert users to any possible security risks. With a level of openness and control over personal data, Apple’s proactive approach in iOS 17.4 shows its passion for consumer privacy.

 iOS 17.4 New Messaging Features

Important improvements, some of which are not immediately noticeable, have been made to messaging on iOS 17.4. Users may find the option to unsend messages to be a game-changer, as it is one of the prominent Hidden features in iOS 17.4 With this function, users may rescind a message before the receiver receives it, allowing for more versatile communication.

The new iOS 17.4 feature lets users draft a message and then schedule it to be delivered at a later time, in addition to unsending messages. This feature, which is not immediately apparent in the app’s settings, allows users to better manage their communication by sending messages at optimal times.

 iOS 17.4 Advanced Siri Capabilities

Introducing iOS 17.4, a major upgrade to Apple’s speech assistant Siri. Some of these updates include more sophisticated Siri features that aren’t immediately apparent. Siri can now understand and carry out more complex requests, according to a Hidden feature in iOS 17.4 that enhances the user experience by making interactions with your iPhone more natural and natural.

Another Siri-related Hidden feature in iOS 17.4 is the capability to differentiate between the voices of various household members, enabling Siri to provide a more customized answer depending on the speaker. With this update, Siri can now provide personalized experiences to each user, confirming her role as an essential family member.

 iOS 17.4 Live Text in Videos

Video support is now a part of Live Text, an already popular feature in earlier iOS versions that has been enhanced in iOS 17.4. Users may now interact with text inside videos in the same way they would with text in images, thanks to this Hidden feature in iOS 17.4. Users may save time and effort by stopping a movie at any point and then selecting, copying, and pasting the text into other programs.

Live Text in movies is an example of Apple’s dedication to improving user experience with new features. Through the release of iOS 17.4, Apple continues its commitment to provide users with simple but powerful tools that use AI and machine learning. 

 iOS 17.4 Background Sounds

Background noises are a new thoughtful and sometimes unnoticed feature in iOS 17.4. The purpose of this Hidden feature in iOS 17.4 is to allow users to play calming sounds straight from the control center, which may help them concentrate, relax, or fall asleep. Users seeking to create a soothing setting will find this function useful since it offers a variety of noises such as ocean waves, rain, and white noise.

Background noises were included in iOS 17.4, which shows that Apple cares about its customer’s health and happiness beyond just providing entertainment and productivity functions.

 iOS 17.4 Customizable Lock Screen Widgets

Under iOS 17.4 the lock screen grows into a customized data hub, serving as more than just an entry point to your device. Users may add, delete, and rearrange widgets to show information like weather, calendar events, and activity rings at a glance in the configurable lock screen widgets, which are a Hidden feature in iOS 17.4.

With this degree of personalization in iOS 17.4, users may modify their lock screens to fit their requirements, making sure that crucial information is always within easy reach. Adding widget customization to the lock screen is just one more way Apple is working to make iOS more customizable and user-friendly.

 iOS 17.4 Improved Battery Health Reporting

The improved reporting options in iOS 17.4 alleviate many users’ serious concerns about battery health. This Hidden feature in iOS 17.4, which is located in the settings, gives you additional information about the battery’s health and use, so you can optimize its performance and longevity.

By providing a more transparent picture of battery degradation and use patterns, the improved battery health reporting in iOS 17.4 is a helpful tool for users who want to keep their devices going for a long time. This update shows that Apple is serious about giving customers all the data they need to take care of their devices.

 iOS 17.4 Enhanced Maps Experience

Updates to the Maps app in iOS 17.4 include new, hidden features that improve the app’s usability. More comprehensive city experiences, including 3D vistas and realistic walking instructions, are one such Hidden feature in iOS 17.4. With this update, users will have a much more engaging and dynamic mapping experience, which completely changes the way they traverse metropolitan surroundings.

Improvements to public transportation planning, including real-time updates and comprehensive timetables, are also included in iOS 17.4. Updates like these to Maps show how serious Apple is about making navigation and exploring tools that everyone can use.

 iOS 17.4 iCloud Shared Photo Library

Discovering a Hidden feature in iOS 17.4, the iCloud Shared Photo Library transforms the way loved ones share cherished moments. Users may easily integrate their iCloud accounts with this capability to create a shared picture library. With the shared library, anybody can easily add to, organize, and view a group’s picture and video collection using the well-known Photos app interface.

The focus on enabling people to communicate and share is shown by this Hidden feature in iOS 17.4. The latest update to Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 17.4, streamlines the process of sharing photos with friends and family, making it simpler than ever to save special moments together.


These features include a redesigned Control Center, an improved privacy dashboard, new messaging capabilities, advanced Siri capabilities, background sounds, customizable lock screen widgets, improved battery health reporting, an improved Maps experience, and iCloud Shared Photo Library. The purpose of these additions to Apple’s most recent update is to improve the user’s privacy, personalization, experience, and functionality.


What does iOS 17.4 do?

First time, users may access applications from sources other than the App Store by sideloading them. This apart, iOS 17.4 will also include more instructions for developers to provide alternative or their app stores to the public. In addition, developers have the option to choose how they will be paid.

What’s new in iOS 17.3 1?

The latest version of iOS, iOS 17.3.1, and iPadOS, 17.3.1, with the release notes attesting to their contents, resolves “bugs for your iPhone,” one of which is “text may unexpectedly duplicate or overlap while typing.” I can’t speak to the bug’s prevalence since I haven’t experienced it myself.

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