Galaxy Fold 2 vs. Fold 3 – Unveiling the Battle of Titans

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Galaxy Fold 2 vs Fold 3 Although they are both strong smartphones, the Galaxy Fold 2 vs Fold 3 differ in a few ways. The design is one notable distinction. When the phone is closed, the Fold 2 is easier to use because it has a larger outside screen than the Fold 3. However, the Fold 3 boasts a more robust design, featuring an enhanced water resistance and a stronger screen.

Another difference is the S Pen. The S Pen, which is excellent for sketching and taking notes, is supported by the Fold 3. You cannot use the S Pen with the Fold 2 because it is not supported by that phone. Both phones use Samsung’s One UI for software, while the Fold 3 has an updated version.

Software and Features

galaxy fold 2 vs fold 3

The Samsung One UI software, which is based on Android, powers both the Galaxy Fold 2 vs Fold 3 when comparing features and software. However, based on software updates, the Fold 2 may still be running an older version of One UI 3.1, but the Fold 3 has the more recent version, One UI 3.1. One UI 3.1 has a number of enhancements, such as enhanced privacy features, more customisable choices, and more fluid animations.

The Fold 3 provides numerous of feature improvements over the Fold 2. One noteworthy innovation is the Fold 3’s bigger Cover Display, which enhances multitasking efficiency by allowing users to run numerous apps at once.


Due to their flexible screens and intricate folding processes, foldable smartphones pose a serious reliability risk. In this area, Samsung has made significant advancements with each successive Galaxy Fold model. The Galaxy Fold 2’s hinge construction was more robust and durable than its predecessor’s.

This hinge allowed for smooth unfolding and folding while reducing the chance of dust and debris entering the gadget. Samsung has greatly enhanced the Galaxy Fold 3’s durability. The Fold 3 has a stronger, more durable hinge that will endure hundreds of thousands of folds. Additionally, the Fold 3’s display is made using Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass.

Battery Life and Charging

There are a few major differences between the Galaxy Fold 2 and Fold 3 to take into account when comparing their battery life and charging capacities. The Galaxy Fold 2 has two batteries, one on each half of the device, for a total capacity of 4,500mAh. Although this setup allows a respectable battery life, it might not be as noteworthy as many other premium smartphones. In contrast, the Galaxy Fold 3 has a slightly bigger 4,400mAh overall battery capacity, which is distributed equally between the two parts of the tablet. The Fold 3 offers advances in efficiency and optimisation, which may lead to an overall improvement in battery life despite the modest drop in capacity.

Fast charging is supported by both devices; the Galaxy Fold 2 and Fold 3 both have 25W fast charging capabilities. However, features not seen on the Fold 2 such as 10W wireless charging and 4.5W reverse wireless charging are also supported on the Fold 3. For customers who need to charge other devices while on the go or prefer wireless charging, these extra charging methods offer accessibility and ease of use.

S Pen Support Galaxy fold 2 vs fold 3

One important feature that differentiates the Galaxy Fold 2 from Fold 3 is support for the S Pen. Because the Fold 3 has native compatibility with the S Pen, users may use the stylus for note-taking, creating art, and other activities. Additionally, Samsung has released a retractable S Pen that is specifically made for the Fold 3 in order to guard against harm to the Foldable Display. However, the S Pen is not supported natively by the Galaxy Fold 2. Although the Fold 2 can be used with a standard S Pen, doing so could harm the screen because it was never meant for stylus input

Along with the Galaxy Note series, Samsung has also integrated S Pen capability onto a variety of other devices, such as the Galaxy Tab S7 and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This modification has made the S Pen more accessible to a wider range of people.

Availability and Future Updates

The Galaxy Fold 2 vs Fold 3 should be compared with regard to availability and upcoming updates. The Galaxy Fold 3 was introduced in August 2021, indicating that it is the more recent model as the Fold 2 was debuted in September 2020. Given that newer devices usually receive upgrades for longer periods of time, this implies that the Fold 3 may receive software updates and support for a longer period of time than the Fold 2.

The Fold 3’s native support for the S Pen increases its flexibility and efficiency, giving it a more alluring choice for those who want to utilise a stylus. In addition, this functionality creates new opportunities for professional and creative use cases, such as note-taking and digital drawing. It’s important to note, though, that users who wish to utilise this feature will need to buy the S Pen for the Fold 3 individually as it is marketed separately.


Galaxy Fold 2 vs Fold 3 are impressive devices which demonstrate Samsung’s breakthrough in foldable phone technology. The Fold 3 is superior to the Fold 2 in several aspects, including a more sophisticated design, increased functionality, an improved camera, and S Pen compatibility. The Fold 2 is still a solid choice for people looking for a foldable phone at a lower price. What matters most will be your financial status and your primary aims while choosing between the two.


Q1:What sets apart the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and Fold 3 models from each other?

Higher durability, improved performance, improved camera quality, support for the S Pen on the Fold 3, and improved design are the main differences.

Q2: Does the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 have a longer battery life than the Fold 2?

Despite having similar battery sizes, the Fold 3’s superior battery optimisation over the Fold 2’s may result in somewhat longer usage hours.

Q3: Can I use the S Pen with the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2?

No, the S Pen is not functional with the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. The Fold 3 is the only device that can do this.

Q4: What is the price difference between the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 and Folding 3?

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 is slightly more expensive than the Fold 2, but the enhancements and additional features it offers exceed this cost. 

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