Essential Apple Vision Pro Accessories: Everything You Need to Get the Most Out of Your Headset

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Apple Vision Pro Accessories: The most important news made at WWDC 2023 was undoubtedly the Apple Vision Pro, which is perhaps the most distinctive device the company has unveiled in recent memory. As a result, it has captured many people’s minds.

The Apple Vision Pro presents a chance for those who produce accessories for Apple products to provide some fresh, genuinely distinctive accessories. These businesses haven’t spent any time developing their ideas for these new goods, and some have even made announcements about when or when not they will release their offerings alongside the Apple Vision Pro. This is what you should expect.

Apple Vision Pro Accessories

Apple Vision Pro Accessories

Apple Vision Pro Accessories: We at iMore love Speck cases for the MacBook, iPhone, and other devices. The image above indicates the accessories that Speck has planned to produce, however, they haven’t given a detailed description of what would be available. They have also stated that they have “already conceptualized protection options, carrying cases, and holders for Apple’s Vision Pro.”

You may select to join up with your email address on Speck’s Apple Vision Pro landing page to receive special information on all of Speck’s new technology as it becomes available.

Apple Vision Pro Casetify accessories

Apple Vision Pro Casetify accessories

Apple Vision Pro Accessories: You can be sure it will be colorful if it is from Casetify. “Headbands, protective bumper-style cases for the external display, neck straps and cushions for the eyepiece, and more to come” are among the complete accessory range offered by Casetify’s Bounce Vision Series. Early in 2024, the Bounce Vision Series will be accessible on the Casetify website.

These Vision Pro accessories will be available from Casetify as part of their Bounce range, which is already well-liked for providing superior drop protection for laptops and smartphones. Customizability, however, is what sets Casetify accessories apart. There will be no exception with the Bounce Vision Series.

It will allow customers to select custom color schemes, patterns, textures, and other elements. You may also contribute your images and designs.

Apple Vision Pro Headband

An array of headbands for the Apple Vision Pro is being planned by the upscale European leather manufacturer BandWerk. These bracelets will include premium Italian leather and outstanding craftsmanship.

Apple Vision Pro Headband

German artisans create BandWerk’s handmade goods. BandWerk emphasizes comfort and durability while offering an enhanced Apple Vision Pro experience with easily changeable components. The pictures on BandWerk’s website give us a good idea of how well these headbands will blend fashion and utility.

When you purchase this headband, you also get the readily changeable leather headband, which just requires a few easy steps to attach to the Apple Vision Pro. You will also receive a similar cloth “light seal” that fits between your head and the screen of the Vision Pro.

Vision Pro Caviar 18K Gold 

As it has done with numerous Apple gadgets in the past, including an indestructible iPhone 13, a gold-plated iPhone, gold-plated AirPods Max, and much more, luxury jeweler Caviar elevates the Apple Vision Pro to a whole new level.

Not one to settle for a ring or a case, Caviar drew inspiration for his 18-karat gold flip-up shield from Gucci ski masks and Tom Ford flip-up spectacles. Thus, you can conceal your projected eyes with this elegant gold shield when you don’t want others to view them on the exterior of the Apple Vision Pro. 

Caviar’s luxury Vision Pro attachment is a leather band. Connolly leather, used by Rolls-Royce and the British Royal Court, is used to make it. 

It is anticipated that the Caviar 18K Gold Vision Pro will go on sale in 2025 as a limited edition item, with just 24 available for purchase. It is expected to cost around $39,900, which is a lot more than the Apple Vision Pro itself. If you can obtain one at all. By leaving your email address on Caviar’s website, you may be among the first to know when it’s released.


Will Apple Vision Pro work with AirPods?

And it appears that the only Apple headphone that can broadcast lossless spatial audio and be compatible with the Vision Pro is the company’s most recent AirPods Pro 2 model, which is essentially the same as the one from last year but for a USB-C charging case.

Is Apple Vision Pro any good?

This headset has incredibly, really high passthrough video camera quality. Although it wasn’t as excellent as my eyesight, it was nevertheless sufficient for me to see clearly around the room, see individuals in it with me, and quickly receive watch alerts on my wrist.

Is Apple Vision Pro VR or AR?

Because Apple Vision Pro is a “mixed reality” headset, it can show content from both augmented and virtual reality. But unlike augmented reality glasses, it is intended to totally cover your eyes and obscure everything around you.

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