Where can I watch the GTA 6 trailer?

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A video of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto was leaked last year, one of the greatest gaming hacks ever. Although it wasn’t the ideal way to learn, it appears like we will be going back to Vice City. But has anything else happened since then? Any new rumours, information breaches, or maybe even a GTA 6 trailer? Although there hasn’t been much news about Rockstar Games recently, this hasn’t stopped fans from researching, guessing, and exchanging theories. So, since last year, has anything new come to light? Insiders claim that GTA 6 is expected to have a huge week this week, complete with a probable trailer. Additionally, several individuals assert that the caravan has already been released. Is that correct?

Is there a GTA 6 trailer out?

No official GTA 6 trailer has been released as of yet via the proper channels. Despite this, there are several rumours that it may be coming shortly.

A user of X (formerly Twitter) claims that GTA 6’s trailer will be released on October 26, 2023, which is just three days away! Check out InfinityBesk’s tweet, which contains this information, below.

However, the date of October 26 is also being bandied about on Reddit’s “GamingLeaksAndRumours” thread, so we should proceed with caution. We have cautious optimism about this date.

In the next few days, if anything new emerges, we’ll update this page.

However, let’s look at this purported leak.

What have the most recent GTA 6 trailer leaks and rumours said?

What have the most recent GTA 6 trailer leaks and rumours said?

Apparently, the forthcoming teaser has already been leaked, which must be another setback for Rockstar. I guess, sort of.

Although we haven’t seen it, FollowTheDamnLeakCJ (the great name) of Reddit claims to have. He says he was able to view it because his wife works at Rockstar. So, the “leak” we’re talking about is really just a written synopsis of the trailer.

According to the clip, the main characters, Jason and Lucia, engage in typical Grand Theft Auto activities like robbing a store and eluding the police. He claims that there are numerous images of Vice City in the trailer.

So, is that accurate? Will this description have a trailer on the 26th? We’ll let you make that decision.

New map: Vice City

New map: Vice City

Given how frequently leaked information has mentioned Vice City, we already know that a portion of GTA VI takes place there. Players have gone to Vice City before, but it was in the 1980s, a couple of decades ago. It’s likely been updated and modernised in large parts. We can learn a lot about the various counties and boroughs of the city from the information on the stolen map.

According to what has been seen, there are numerous minimarts and liquor stores, a football stadium for the Vice City Mambas, a marina, and a pier near the beach. We could dare to guess that since Vice City is partially based in Miami, we’ll also see a nuclear power plant and a sizable area inspired by the Everglades.

A different sector of the map is devoted to a place called Port Gellhorn, which may be modelled on Latino regions as several of the sites were taken directly from Panama City. Due to the lack of nearby points of interest, Port Gellhorn may be a smaller, adjacent area of the map. However, in comparison to other gaming environments, it would still be quite big.

New police systems

New police systems

It appears that the star system and desired level will be enhanced in GTA VI to spook the police. We spotted a letter with the wanted level that said Full Description in the original leak video, which depicted a heist at Hank’s Waffles. This seems to imply that a witness has seen your face. Additionally, there is a full vehicle description, which shows that a witness has precisely observed your getaway car. The text question that accompanied it read, “Any vehicle you are seen entering will be known by the law.”

Of course, when the game’s launch draws near, this may be a note to the development team that is kept from players. There is a warning about the NPCs in this scenario, though a female NPC has a yellow icon over her head when Lucia is within the structure. It starts flashing when Lucia drives off, and when the police arrive, it turns red. This might be a component of the ‘witness’ system, which adapts to your activities.

Possibly more than one country

Possibly more than one country

You should take this one with a grain of salt, but fans who have combed through the leaks have discovered the possibility that GTA VI may have more than one nation. The game makes mention of both Canada and Mexico, and there is also a picture of the two flags next to the American flag. Of course, these might simply be mentions, but given the size of the globe and Rockstar’s desire to reinvent the game, a significant extension seems possible.

Due to the presence of a sizable body of water on the map, it may serve as a real-time boundary between nations. Grand Theft Auto’s oceans have always been vast, but this one would be enormous.

Age and growth

Age and growth

With the help of Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA V, Rockstar was able to create a system that depicts character ageing. The principal characters typically exhibit it in the growth of their beards and hair. In some of the video leaks we’ve seen, this mechanism has been observed. It makes sense to depict how these individuals mature visually because they do it naturally over time.

The leaked documents also mention that Jason and Lucia have both experienced weight gain and muscle loss, which will add to the experience and demonstrate a more dynamic “reality.” More interaction with haircuts and beard trims would be possible with the addition of both of these features.


GTA 6, the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game, has been a topic of speculation among fans. Last year, footage of the game was leaked, suggesting a return to Vice City. However, no official trailer for GTA 6 has been released yet, but rumours suggest that it could be released on October 26, 2023. The trailer features protagonists Jason and Lucia engaging in Grand Theft Auto activities, such as holding up a shop and escaping from cops.

Vice City is known for its modernization and updated layout, with various locations including minimarts, liquor stores, football stadiums, marinas, and piers. Port Gellhorn, a Latin-inspired location, may also be included in the map. New police systems, such as the star system and wanted level, are expected to shake up the police in GTA VI. Fans have noticed the possibility of more than one country being included in the game, with Canada and Mexico mentioned in the game. The large body of water on the map could provide a real-time border between countries.

Age and growth are also being considered in the trailer, with weight gain and muscle gain in Lucia and Jason allowing for more dynamic interactivity. While no official trailer for GTA 6 has been released, rumours suggest that it could be released soon. As the game continues to evolve, fans can expect to see more exciting developments in the upcoming GTA 6 trailer.


Is there a trailer for GTA 6?

Is a GTA 6 trailer available? No official GTA 6 trailer has been released as of yet via the proper channels. Despite this, there are several rumours that it may be coming shortly. A user of X (formerly Twitter) claims that GTA 6’s trailer will be released on October 26, 2023, which is just three days away!

Is GTA 6 available?

Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6), the eagerly awaited sequel, is scheduled to debut on PS5 and Xbox One S. Based on Rockstar’s prior release trends, a PC version may or may not be released at the same time as the console versions. There is no confirmation of versions for the Switch, PS4, or Xbox One.

When will GTA 6 be released?

This means that the release of GTA 6 could happen in 2025. A likely release date for GTA 6 might be revealed after Take-Two shares its financial results for the second quarter of the fiscal year 2024, according to the report. This confirms past rumours about the release date of GTA 6.

What platforms is GTA 6 coming out on?

The Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC will be the only platforms on which the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game will be released. It is presently uncertain whether a PC version will be available from the start or whether it will be released later, like GTA V.

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