Fresh Look: Unpacking the Exciting Updates in VisionOS 1.0.2

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The long-awaited VisionOS 1.0.2 is here, and with it comes a slew of cool new features that will revolutionize the way you use the app. Along with a new look, this version unveils a plethora of useful new features to meet the changing demands of users. An impressive redesign has taken place on the interface, making it more accessible and streamlined for users. Furthermore, VisionOS 1.0.2 has enhanced performance by seamlessly incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, guaranteeing a more efficient and pleasant user experience.

Apple Vision Pro software

Apple Vision Pro software

Customers can look forward to a more recent software update for Apple Vision Pro this Friday. Apple’s most recent software release is VisionOS 1.0.2.

Self-proclaimed “git repository surgeon” Nicolás Lvarez broke the news of the release of VisionOS 1.0.2. There isn’t a tonne of useful information here, as there was with VisionOS 1.0.1, but on Friday we will see how the software update process works. During the period between production and shipment, Apple is fixing bugs and making refinements.

As we look ahead to WWDC 2024 and beyond, VisionOS 2.0 is on our minds. If Apple makes the announcement at WWDC in June, what exactly does it involve?

After the first-generation Apple Watch software, which was referred to as Watch OS 1, was released in June, Apple announced Watch OS 2. Vision Pro was already ahead of its time when Apple released Watch OS 1.0.1, which was released approximately one month after the first Apple Watch hardware shipped.

Apple Vision Pro: Exciting updates

Apple Vision Pro: Exciting updates

You can now purchase Apple Vision Pro, but if you place an order now, you should be prepared to wait two or three weeks for delivery. However, you must update to the recently released VisionOS 1.0.2 version of the software before you can utilize the headset. What that will entail is now crystal clear to us. Scott Stein, CNET’s editor-at-large, has just uploaded a short video to X showing off the updated software on his Vision Pro. Unsurprisingly, it shows the update progress on the Vision Pro’s external display—something that many said wouldn’t be visible on the headset.

Everyone in the room can tell how engrossed you are because, well, it’s mostly there. Blue lights show through the front when you’re watching a movie, but your neighbor will see what looks like your eyes peeping through when you’re not. Ideally, Apple would let you know when an update is in progress and provide an estimated completion time. Apple is utilizing the outside screen and a design language that is familiar to Apple users to display this information, rather than relying solely on the two 4K displays inside the headset.

Stein explains that similar to an update on an iOS device or a Mac, the screen will display the Apple logo as the update starts. A progress bar, which appears on these devices, gradually turns from a light greyish-white color as the update approaches completion. There is only a slight change here; after a while, a sizable, obvious progress bar replaces the Apple logo. While the Apple logo and progress bar lack depth, Stein remarks on X, “But the eyes seem to,” alluding to the virtual counterpart of your peeping eyes.

Some commenters have pointed out that this display could mean that Apple will retain the external display in future versions, which would be a cost-cutting measure. Having a screen is essential for Apple’s ability to show updates, but maybe a smaller screen would be enough if the eye effect were to be removed in the future. After the update is complete, the device restarts, and the Apple logo displays.

Customers will have to go through this process first, delaying their experience of VisionOS’s joys for a little while since the new devices won’t have VisionOS 1.0.2 installed just yet.


Apple Vision Pro has received a newer software update, VisionOS 1.0.2, which promises to redefine the user experience with a sleek and intuitive design. The update includes improved performance and the integration of cutting-edge technologies. The software update process will be in action on Friday, with Apple working on bugs and refinements. The update will be available for purchase and will be available at WWDC 2024. The update will also feature an external display with the Apple logo and progress bar, suggesting that the external display will be kept for later versions to reduce costs.


Who owns Vision Pro?

Apple created it. Decades of expertise in developing high-performance, mobile, and wearable devices went into making Apple Vision Pro, the company’s most ambitious product to date.

Can the Apple Vision Pro play games?

Play fun games in all-new ways.
Play over 250 games on Apple Vision Pro with Apple Arcade—including Sonic Dream Team, TMNT Splintered Fate, and NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition—without in-app purchases or ads.

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