What’s New in macOS 14.4? A Breakdown of Exciting Updates (2024)

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what’s new in macOS 14.4 Your Mac will see even greater improvements and a ton of amazing new features thanks to this update. macOS 14.4 offers many improvements, including improved security and smoother performance. The updated Finder is one of the main features of this release; it has better file management tools and an easier-to-use interface. New privacy features and improved performance also give Safari a speed boost. Updates for Messages, Mail, and Photos are also available, which facilitates staying in touch and organized. All things considered, macOS 14.4 is a need for any Mac user who wants to advance their workflow.

Improved Performance and Stability

MacOS 14.4 significantly enhances your Mac’s stability and performance. App launches will happen more quickly, and the system will respond quicker overall. This is because the operating system has been optimized to better utilize the physical capabilities of your Mac. Because background processes are more effective, multitasking won’t cause any lags. macOS 14.4 also includes solutions for many flaws and issues that could result in crashes or other issues, ensuring that your Mac is more dependable than before.

Enhanced Security: Your Mac is better protected with macOS 14.4, which is a major priority when it comes to security. Providing greater encryption for your data to protect it from illegal access is one of the main enhancements. To protect your Mac and your data, the update also includes fixes for security flaws that could be used by malicious software. You may use apps, download files, and browse the web with confidence knowing that your Mac is secure thanks to these improvements.

Enhanced Security Features

what's new in macOS 14.4

To further safeguard your Mac and your data, macOS 14.4 adds several new security measures. A new privacy dashboard that provides you more control over the data that apps can access is one of the main improvements. Now, you can quickly revoke an app’s access to sensitive data, such as your contacts or location, if you’re not comfortable with it. You can also check which applications have made such requests. As a result, you have more control over your privacy settings and honesty, and your data is only shared with trusted apps.

The enhanced malware detection and cleanup tool in macOS 14.4 is another significant security enhancement. With improved detection capabilities, this program can now recognize and eliminate a broader variety of harmful malware. Moreover, it operates in the background, constantly scanning your machine for malware. It will warn you and walk you through the removal process if it finds anything suspect. You can use your Mac with confidence knowing that it is protected from malware and other security risks thanks to these improvements.

New Safari Features

The web browser Safari receives interesting upgrades in macOS 14.4, which improves your browsing experience. Improved tab management, which enables you to arrange your tabs more effectively, is one of the main new features. Now that tabs can be grouped, managing different tasks and subjects is simpler. Additionally, this function lessens clutter, particularly when you have multiple tabs open at once. Furthermore, Safari now offers a tab overview feature that helps you locate what you’re looking for by providing you with an overview of all the open tabs.

New privacy controls are just another new feature in Safari. With the ability to prevent fingerprinting and cross-site tracking, you now have greater control over how websites monitor you online. A new privacy report feature in Safari also lets you see how websites use cookies and other tracking technology. This assists you in understanding and taking precautions for your online privacy. All things considered, these additional capabilities make Safari a more potent and privacy-focused web browser, guaranteeing a quick and safe surfing experience.

Updated Messages App

MacOS 14.4 brings exciting new features to the Messages app that make staying in touch with friends and family easier and more enjoyable. The option to move discussions to the top of your messages list is one of the main new features. This makes it simple to maintain easy access to crucial conversations even in a large volume of non-connected messages. You may also express yourself in new ways using the new stickers and emojis in the Messages app.

The new Messages app’s ability to instantly respond to individual messages inside a conversation is just another fantastic feature. This facilitates monitoring the flow of the conversation, particularly in group conversations where many messages are being sent and received. Moreover, the Messages app has enhanced message effects to make them more attractive and dynamic. All things considered, these changes improve your macOS 14.4 texting experience by making the Messages app more adaptable and user-friendly.

Improved Siri

MacOS 14.4 has improved Siri, making the virtual assistant more helpful and user-friendly. Siri can understand and react to more complicated queries, which is one of the main upgrades. This means that you can more effectively ask Siri to do more for you, like sending messages, creating reminders, and even managing smart home appliances. In addition, Siri now has a more conversational voice, which enhances the conversational style of interactions with the virtual assistant.

Integration with more third-party apps is another fantastic aspect of the upgraded Siri. This makes it easier to utilize your favourite services without having to open the apps themselves: you can use Siri to communicate with apps like Spotify, Uber, and WhatsApp. Additionally, Siri has enhanced language translation skills that let you translate words and sentences between languages more accurately. With these improvements, Siri is now a more capable and adaptable assistant on macOS 14.4, which will facilitate your productivity.

Enhanced Accessibility Features

To make your Mac more user-friendly for everyone, macOS 14.4 comes with several new features and enhancements. The inclusion of additional voice control options is one of the main improvements. With the ability to operate your Mac completely with voice commands, people with limited movement may now type, navigate the system, and carry out other operations with just their voice. Additionally, this feature offers enhanced voice recognition that is more sensitive and reliable.

The enhanced support for braille displays in macOS 14.4 is another significant accessibility enhancement. It is now simpler for users who are blind or visually handicapped to see text on the screen thanks to improved macOS interaction with language displays. Enhancements to the display settings are another feature of the update that enables users to alter the appearance of text and other elements to increase readability. With these improvements, macOS 14.4 is more inclusive and reachable to a larger group of users, guaranteeing that everyone can use the advantages of owning a Mac.

Revamped Photos App

MacOS 14.4 introduces a redesigned Photos program that makes organizing and editing your photos more fun and simple. An enhanced arrangement of options is one of the main new features. Now, you may arrange your pictures according to several settings, such as the time and place or even the subjects of the pictures. This facilitates the process of finding particular images or making albums according to your tastes. You can easily improve your images with the new editing tools included in the images app.

The updated Photos app’s iCloud connection is yet another fantastic feature. Your images are now able to be stored in iCloud and accessed from any Apple device. This implies that your Mac, iPhone, or iPad may all be used to view and edit your images, with seamless syncing of any changes. Sharing your favourite pictures with friends and family is now simpler with the Photos app’s new sharing features. Overall, macOS 14.1’s Photos app is now a more capable and practical tool for organizing and modifying your photo collection thanks to these enhancements.

Improved iCloud Integration

With macOS 14.4, iCloud integration has been improved, facilitating file access and management across all of your devices. A significant enhancement is the inclusion of iCloud Drive folder sharing. This facilitates smooth project collaboration by enabling you to share folders on iCloud Drive with other people. To manage who can read and edit the files in the shared folder, you can also assign permissions to each individual you share with.

macOS 14.4 also brings improvements to iCloud Photos. Now, you don’t need to download each photo to view your complete photo collection in iCloud Photos from the Photos app on your Mac. This makes managing and viewing your photos—even with a sizable photo library—easier. Better syncing features are another feature of iCloud, guaranteeing that modifications you make on one device will appear on all of your other devices. All things considered, these enhancements make iCloud on macOS 14.4 a more potent and practical tool for file storage and access.

Other Notable Updates

To improve your experience overall, macOS 14.4 comes with several other noteworthy upgrades and enhancements. The updated Control Center, which provides quicker access to frequently used settings and functionality, is one of these upgrades. Customizing the settings on your Mac is made more convenient with the Control Center, which allows you to rapidly alter things like brightness, volume, and Wi-Fi settings.

The enhanced system performance in macOS 14.4 is another significant release. MacOS now runs more smoothly and effectively thanks to Apple’s optimization efforts, which also improve responsiveness overall. As a result, you should anticipate faster and more seamless system navigation and app launching and switching. MacOS 14.4 is a noteworthy version that greatly improves your Mac experience thanks to these changes and enhancements.


Your Mac will receive an extensive number of interesting updates and enhancements in macOS 14.4. This update improves your Mac experience overall with additional app functions, greater security features, and improved performance. While the enhanced Messages and Siri apps offer greater usefulness and convenience, the redesigned Photos app simplifies the process of organizing and editing your photo collection. Additionally, the iCloud connection has been enhanced, simplifying file access and management across all of your devices. With these changes, macOS 14.4 is a substantial improvement that improves your Mac experience even further with new features and refinements.


Q1: What is macOS 14.4?

A: macOS 14.4 is the latest update to Apple’s macOS operating system for Mac computers. It includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes to enhance the user experience.

Q2: How can I update to macOS 14.4?

A: To update to macOS 14.4, go to the Apple menu, select System Preferences, and then click on Software Update. If macOS 14.4 is available, click on Update Now to begin the installation process.

Q3: What are the key features of macOS 14.4?

A: Some key features of macOS 14.4 include improved performance and stability, enhanced security features, new Safari features, updated Messages app, improved Siri, enhanced accessibility features, revamped Photos app, and improved iCloud integration.

Q4: Will macOS 14.4 improve the performance of my Mac?

A: Yes, macOS 14.4 includes optimizations and bug fixes that improve the overall performance and stability of your Mac, ensuring a smoother user experience.

Q5: Are there any new security features in macOS 14.4?

A: Yes, macOS 14.4 includes enhanced security features to protect your data and privacy. These improvements include enhancements to Gatekeeper and XProtect to better detect and block malicious software.

Q6: Can I customize the start page in Safari with macOS 14.4?

A: Yes, macOS 14.4 allows you to customize the start page in Safari, allowing you to add your favourite websites and widgets for quick access.

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