Should You Update to watchOS 10.4? Here’s What’s New

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watchOS 10.4 update The choice to update to watchOS 10.4 on your Apple Watch is affected by things, including the enhancements and new functionality it provides. This update brings new watch faces, better Siri integration, improved health and fitness tracking, and improved performance. Updating to watchOS 10.4 can be helpful if you value these factors and want to use the newest features. You can, however, decide to wait or skip this upgrade if you’re happy with your current watchOS version and don’t think you need these new features. 

New Health and Fitness Features watchOS 10.4 update

For those who are interested in fitness and health, the watchOS 10.4 update offers some great new features. A significant enhancement is the way the Apple Watch tracks exercise. These days, it tracks sports like cycling, running, and swimming even more effectively. It means that the Apple Watch can provide you with greater detail about your workout, such as the number of units you’ve expended or the distance you’ve covered when you are doing these activities.

The additional health data are a great bonus. Your Apple Watch can monitor your heart rate variation and track your sleep with watchOS 10.4. This allows you to track your sleep quality and get an improved understanding of your general health. For those who wish to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, these additional capabilities make the Apple Watch even more useful.

Enhanced Siri Capabilities

watchOS 10.4 update

Siri, your helpful virtual assistant, gets even better with the watchOS 10.4 update With your Apple Watch, Siri has greater capabilities now than in the past. With just your voice, Siri can be used to send messages, make notes, and even operate smart home devices. This minimizes the need to touch your watch to keep organized and operate your smart home devices.

You can now ask Siri to perform tasks like starting a workout session or checking the weather, thanks to the enhanced integration, which makes it a useful tool for your everyday routine. With these improvements, Siri is now easier to use and more available on your Apple Watch, enabling you to complete tasks more quickly and efficiently than ever. 

Improved Performance and Stability

watchOS 10.4 update

The watchOS 10.4 update improves and streamlines the functionality of your Apple Watch, which is one of its best features. The system now performs better overall and apps launch more quickly. As a result, you’ll enjoy your Apple Watch more and spend less time waiting for things to load.

Additionally, the update increases the stability of your Apple Watch, reducing the possibility of a freeze or crash. For everyone who has ever had their watch act up, this is wonderful news. You will get a more dependable and enjoyable Apple Watch experience with watchOS 10.4.

Compatibility and Installation Process

Make sure your Apple Watch is compatible with watchOS 10.4 before updating. Updates for Apple Watch Series 3 and later models are compatible. You won’t be able to apply the update on an older model. Navigate to the Settings app on your watch, then hit General, and lastly tap Software Update to see if your watch is compatible. You’re ready to go if watchOS 10.4 is listed as an available upgrade!

Make sure your Apple Watch is charged to at least 50% and linked to Wi-Fi to install the update. As the update installs and downloads, keep your watch connected to its charger. Please be careful as this process may take some time. After the update has been installed, your Apple Watch will restart, and you can start using watchOS 10.4’s new features and enhancements.

User Experience and Feedback watchOS 10.4 update

Many people who upgraded to watchOS 10.4 have expressed pleasure with the enhancements and additional functionality. The improved health and fitness tracking features have been welcomed by users, who have noted that the Apple Watch now offers a greater amount of detailed data regarding their activities. Users have also responded strongly to the new health indicators, which include heart rate variation and sleep tracking, and found them helpful for tracking their general health.

The new watch faces that watchOS 10.4 brought, which enable more personalization and customisation, have also been well-received by users. Users have found Siri to be more helpful and responsive than ever thanks to the enhanced integration. The majority of customers have had good things to say about watchOS 10.4, with many saying that it has made their Apple Watch experience much better.

Benefits of watchOS 10.4 update

Users of Apple Watch can enjoy many advantages by updating to watchOS 10.4. The enhanced tools for tracking fitness and health are one of the key advantages. The update allows the Apple Watch to track more activities with more detail and gives users greater insight into their workouts. Variability in heart rate and sleep tracking are two more new health measures that make it easier for consumers to keep an eye on their general health.

The new watch faces and personalization possibilities that come with watchOS 10.4 are another advantage. With the release of multiple new watch faces, users may now customize their Apple Watch to reflect their preferences and style. The Apple Watch feels more unique and improves the user experience with this amount of customisation.

The Apple Watch’s general performance and stability are further enhanced by updating to watchOS 10.4. The system is more dependable and apps open more quickly, which lowers the risk of freezes or crashes. This enhances the user experience overall and increases the convenience and enjoyment of using the Apple Watch. All things considered, the watchOS 10.4 update offers several advantages that improve the Apple Watch’s usability and performance.

Comparison with Previous Versions

WatchOS 10.4 differs from previous versions with several new features and enhancements. The improved ability to track fitness and health is one of the main differences. WatchOS 10.4 offers better tracking for sports like cycling, running, and swimming than prior versions. Another feature that differentiates watchOS 10.4 is the addition of new health indicators, such as heart rate variability and sleep tracking, which provide customers with deeper insights into their health.

An additional notable distinction is watchOS 10.4’s enhanced Siri integration. With watchOS 10.4, Siri is more powerful and responsive than in before revisions, giving users more voice-activated options. With the latest update, you can now send messages, create reminders, and operate smart home devices with just your voice thanks to new Siri commands and features. All things thought of, watchOS 10.4 is a major upgrade over earlier versions, specifically when it comes to Siri integration, tracking fitness and health, and general performance and reliability. With the new features and enhancements included in watchOS 10.4, users are expected to have a more seamless and joyful experience with their Apple Watch. 


Your Apple Watch can get several new features and enhancements by updating to watchOS 10.4. Improved health and fitness tracking, more customizable watch faces, better control over Siri, and general performance and stability improvements are a few of these. These upgrades can improve the functionality and usability of your Apple Watch.

Depending on your tastes and how you use your Apple Watch, you may or may not want to update to watchOS 10.4. Updating is a fantastic idea if you want to get the most out of your smartphone and value the new features and upgrades. You can, however, decide to wait or forego the upgrade if you are OK with your current watchOS version and don’t think you need these new features. In the end, you can improve your Apple Watch experience by updating to watchOS 10.4, but you have the freedom to choose what you believe would work best for you.


Q1: Is watchOS 10.4 compatible with all Apple Watch models?

Yes, watchOS 10.4 is compatible with all Apple Watch models, including the original Apple Watch, Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, and Series 5.

Q2: How can I update to watchOS 10.4?

You can update to watchOS 10.4 directly from the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Simply navigate to the Software Update section and follow the on-screen instructions.

Q3: Are there any known issues with watchOS 10.4?

Some users have reported issues with battery life after updating to watchOS 10.4. Apple is aware of these issues and is working on a fix.

Q4: What are the benefits of updating to watchOS 10.4?

Updating to watchOS 10.4 brings several benefits, including improved health and fitness tracking, enhanced Siri capabilities, and overall improved performance and stability.

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