Can I use the Samsung Galaxy Ring for contactless payments?

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There has been no official announcement about the Samsung Galaxy Ring’s compatibility with contactless payments at this time. There has been no announcement on the Galaxy Ring’s payment capabilities, but we can anticipate it to have a fashionable design and health-tracking capabilities. Be sure to stay tuned for any developments from Samsung about payment functionality by watching their official releases. The Galaxy Ring would become much more flexible if Samsung chose to integrate this function.

Understanding Samsung Pay

Understanding Samsung Pay

Using your Samsung phone to pay at participating retailers all across the globe is possible with the Samsung Pay mobile payment system. Some important things to know about Samsung Pay are:

  1. The elimination of the need to carry around actual credit cards is a major time saver when using Samsung Pay at checkout. Instead of carrying around a wallet, just use your phone.
  2. Samsung Pay has more acceptance points than any other mobile payment system. Secure your purchases with Samsung Pay, whether you’re in a store or on the web.
  3. Using Samsung Pay is as easy as adding your debit, credit, or loyalty/membership card. While buying anything, your phone uses near-field communication (NFC) technology to safely connect with POS terminals that are compatible.
  4. For further peace of mind, Samsung Pay employs biometric authentication (such as fingerprint or face recognition) and tokenization. It is a secure method of payment since your card details are never saved on the device.
  5. Plus, with Samsung Pay, you can access sales, gift cards, promotions, and discounts from thousands of stores throughout the country. Earning discounts and rewards has never been easier than with this method.

Be sure to verify the compatibility of your device with Samsung Pay; it is available on certain Samsung phones and wearables.

Samsung Galaxy Ring features

Samsung Galaxy Ring features

Soon to be released, the Samsung Galaxy Ring will be a fashionable wearable gadget with built-in health monitoring capabilities. So far, here is what we have learned:

  1. Samsung is expected to formally unveil the Galaxy Ring in the latter half of summer 2024. Mass manufacturing of the wearable is expected to commence in the second quarter of 2024, while it is still in the prototype production stage. Units are expected to be sent in the autumn, with a potential launch date in July. The Unpacked events hosted by Samsung usually happen around the end of July, so be on the lookout for any news at that time. While the Galaxy Ring and the Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra were introduced at Unpacked 2024, information about their characteristics was limited at the time.
  2. Keeping Tabs on Your Health and Sleep: The Galaxy Ring is said to include an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor that can track your blood flow. The company’s health-tracking program, Samsung Health, is expected to be integrated with it. The Oura Ring1 and other fitness monitoring rings may face stiff competition from this wearable.
  3. Style: This Galaxy Ring is a ring-shaped accessory, just as its name says. Like the Oura Ring, it will come in eight different variants. Users who are concerned about their health will find this item stylish because of its clean and simple style.
  4. Features That Might Be Present: Although more information is being uncovered, the Galaxy Ring might include features like:
    • Activation and exercise tracking with motion sensors.
    • Monitor your heart rate in real time with this device.
    • Connectivity via Bluetooth: for phone syncing.
    • Tracking the length and quality of your sleep: to keep tabs on your sleeping habits.
    • Measuring blood oxygen levels: a crucial indicator of health 34.
  5. Price Prediction: While we don’t yet know the precise price, we can use current smart rings to make informed assumptions. Just to give you an idea, the Oura Ring costs $299, while other smart rings can be found for $349 to $410. We don’t expect the Galaxy Ring to cost more than $300.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Ring is an attractive new addition to the wearables industry that aspires to merge fashion with health monitoring. Stay tuned for more information as the launch date draws near! 

Three Colors

Katie and I both saw ceramic black, silver, and gold, even though Samsung had said that the design and color options might change before release. Upon trying on the ring, I noticed that the gold was rather luminous, while the black was quite subtle.

Its signature design, the concave channel that runs around the ring, will likely be shown later this year, and it is still present.

Sizes and weights

Originally thought to be numbered 5–13 by conventional ring sizes, the ring is available in nine different sizes, labeled small–extra-large. Collins has now disclosed to us the weights of these rings, which will range between 2.3 and 2.9 grams. Compared to the Oura Ring, even the biggest of them is quite light. Also, the Oura Ring weighs just 4–6 grams, so it won’t be a bother to wear it all day and night. Since it isn’t too heavy, you won’t even notice it’s there; I do not doubt that Samsung’s product will be the same. To reiterate, these specifications are subject to change.

Battery Life

Also shown was the battery life of the Ring, at least for the prototypes. And it is rather remarkable. The tiniest ring contained the smallest battery, according to Collins, which had a capacity of 14.5 mAh. The battery’s capacity rose linearly with the ring’s diameter, peaking at 21.5 mAh in the largest variant. There may be a little variation in the frequency of battery charges for the Galaxy Ring between the smallest and largest sizes, but we can’t say for sure what this means for the final product’s battery life just yet.

Health Metrics

“The Galaxy Ring can monitor your sleep by measuring four distinct parameters: heart rate, respiratory rate, night movement, and sleep latency,” Dr. Pak informed Collins. Also, you may use it to keep tabs on your cycles every month.

Ring and watch

Lastly, according to Dr. Pak, the Galaxy Ring and Galaxy Watch are compatible with each other and may be used together to provide better data. “We know that, for example, the performance of sleep staging (the classification of five different sleep stages) goes up when both devices are worn,” stated Pak.


The Samsung Galaxy Ring is an upcoming wearable device that combines health-tracking features with a stylish design. It is expected to launch in late summer 2024, with mass production expected in the second quarter of 2024. The Ring is expected to sport an ECG sensor and monitor blood flow, likely integrating with Samsung Health, the company’s health tracking initiative. It will be available in eight varieties, similar to the Oura Ring. It may include motion sensors, heart rate monitoring, Bluetooth connectivity, sleep duration and quality tracking, and blood oxygen level measurement.

The expected price is unknown, but it is likely to be around $3001. The Ring comes in nine sizes and weighs between 2.3 grams and 2.9 grams, and it will track sleep using four different metrics. The Ring and Galaxy Watch can work together, delivering higher-quality data.


What can the Galaxy Ring do?

How exactly does the Galaxy Ring work? As far as anybody knows, the Samsung Galaxy Ring can supposedly detect blood flow and operate as an electrocardiogram (ECG) to keep tabs on vitals, including the wearer’s pulse rate and oxygen saturation levels. Rumor has it that the Galaxy Ring can make wireless payments using Samsung Pay and manage devices with Samsung SmartThings.

Does Samsung have contactless?

Samsung Pay makes in-store transactions quick and contactless by enabling you to tap to pay with your device.

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