The dead are alive again! The 6.1-inch iPhone SE 4 is expected to debut.

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According to the most recent report, the 6.1-inch iPhone SE 4 might be resurrected. The iPhone SE 4 was purportedly cancelled by Apple for 2024 just last month, according to a leak, and there are no known updates to the SE range. The iPhone SE 4th Gen was anticipated to feature an internal 5G modem chip created by Apple. According to a report published on January 6 by The Medium, Apple’s ambitions to create its own 5G modem chip were postponed, and as a result, it was assumed that the iPhone SE 4 was most certainly doomed. A recent analysis calls into question that idea completely.

Ming Chi-Kuo, an Apple analyst, claims that work on the upcoming iPhone SE 4 is already well underway. Its development was previously said to have been suspended by Kuo at the conclusion of the previous year. However, Kuo’s most recent tweet is great news for people wishing to purchase an iPhone on a tight budget because the iPhone SE 4 is now being developed and is expected to release in 2024 with some fantastic features.

The 6.1-inch iPhone SE 4 rumoured features

According to rumours, the 6.1-inch display on the iPhone SE 4 will be updated from LCD to OLED, offering richer colours and deeper blacks. According to the source, the iPhone SE 4 would look slightly different from the iPhone 14 in terms of appearance. The iPhone SE would undergo its first significant design change in two generations with this modification. Apple introduced the iPhone SE 3, which was essentially identical to the iPhone SE 2nd Gen but included a newer A15 Bionic CPU and a slightly larger battery, in the early months of 2022.

Additionally, according to Kuo, the iPhone SE 4 will use an Apple-designed 5G modem with a 4-nanometer process node in place of Qualcomm’s modem chips. In contrast to millimetre wave frequencies, which are faster but less common, Kuo claims that this chip will only support the sub-6GHz band.

If this rumour is accurate, it might represent Apple’s first significant move away from Qualcomm’s 5G modem chips and open the door for further iPhone models to have Apple’s 5G modem processors in the future.

Apple iPhone SE 4 design

  • Notch design
  • No Home Button
  • Rounded edges?

The third version of the Apple iPhone SE had the same appearance as the first and second generations. Therefore, an upgrade is absolutely in order. You would be talking about a design that was ten years old if Apple continued with the same design for the fourth-generation device.

Thankfully, most predictions suggest that the upcoming iPhone SE will have the same look as the iPhone XR, which was introduced in 2018. 

The XR shares a lot of similarities with the current iPhone 14, although having newer features like flat edges in place of rounded ones and a smaller top notch.

Additionally, there are rumours that the iPhone 15 models will adopt the Dynamic Island cutout found on the iPhone 14 Pro models. If true, this would mean that the iPhone SE would adopt the notch, differentiating it as the entry-level model while the flagship iPhone models might completely do away with it. Of course, it hasn’t been confirmed, but we’d love to see an end to the Home Button and the wide bands that surround the top and bottom of the iPhone SE’s display.

The iPhone SE (2024) is anticipated to include waterproofing to some extent, probably IP67 once more as opposed to the iPhone 14’s IP68, although we would anticipate Face ID if the XR’s design is used given that this would eliminate the Home Button with Touch ID.

Apple iPhone SE 4 display

  • 6.1-inch
  • OLED
  • True Tone, Haptic Touch

According to reports, the iPhone SE (2024) will reportedly have a 6.1-inch display, which is the same size as the iPhone XR’s display and also the same size as the iPhone 14 Pro’s and iPhone 14’s screens. It represents a significant improvement over the 4.7-inch screen found in the third-generation iPhone SE.

Although the next-generation iPhone SE is rumoured to feature an OLED screen, the iPhone XR had an LCD display instead of OLED. If this is the case, OLED will provide deeper blacks and more vibrant colours than LCD, which would be fantastic to see on the entry-level model, especially since the iPhone 12 was the first time we saw OLED on the flagship model.

Since the third-generation iPhone SE includes capabilities like True Tone and a P3 colour gamut, we may anticipate both of these on the upcoming model. Given that the third generation model’s maximum brightness is 625 nits, it’s feasible that HDR peak brightness may grow, but we don’t anticipate seeing capabilities like ProMotion since those aren’t even the current standard flagship iPhone models.

Apple iPhone SE 4 cameras

  • Dual lens?

Despite repeated rumours that it would have a double sensor arrangement like the iPhone 11 launched and as seen on the standard iPhone 14 models, the Apple iPhone SE (2022) just has a single rear camera.

We’re crossing our hopes that an ultra-wide lens will be included in the upcoming iPhone SE (2024), which won’t have a dual-rear camera setup. No rumours have yet identified the camera specifications the gadget will have.

Apple iPhone SE 4 specs

  • A16 chip?
  • In-house 5G modem

The internal chipset that will power the iPhone SE (fourth generation) is still a mystery. The A16 processor, which we anticipate seeing in the standard iPhone 15 models, is most likely what it is. The iPhone 15 Pro variants in 2023 will probably employ the A17 processor.

Rumours claim that the device will, however, be the first from the firm to use an Apple-built 5G modem rather than one from Qualcomm.

There aren’t any current rumours regarding what might happen in this area, but we would prefer that the base model’s storage be 128 GB rather than 64 GB like the iPhone SE (2022).


The iPhone SE 4 is anticipated to be produced in 2024, and there have been rumours that the model would be revived. It was anticipated that the fourth-generation iPhone SE will include an integrated 5G modem chip made by Apple, but recent events have cast doubt on that prediction. The iPhone SE 4 is allegedly already in development and will be introduced in 2024 with amazing features, according to Apple expert Ming Chi-Kuo. According to rumours, the iPhone SE 4’s 6.1-inch LCD screen will be replaced by an OLED screen that would provide brighter colours and deeper blacks. Additionally, the iPhone SE will have a notch, softer sides, and no home button.

The style is thought to be a ripoff of the 2018 iPhone XR. The Dynamic Island cutout featured on iPhone 14 Pro variants will be incorporated into the iPhone SE, which serves as the entry-level device. Even if Face ID might be employed if the XR’s design is used, the iPhone SE is anticipated to incorporate waterproofing to some extent, potentially IP67.

The iPhone SE (2024) will have a 6.1-inch screen, the same size as the iPhone XR, iPhone 14, and iPhone 14 Pro. OLED will offer richer colours and deeper blacks than LCD, making it a fantastic replacement for the entry-level device. Though HDR peak brightness was not feasible, the third-generation iPhone SE has True Tone and a P3 colour gamut. The smartphone might have an ultra-wide lens but won’t have a dual-rear camera setup. For the first time, an Apple-built 5G modem is anticipated to be included in the iPhone SE 4 rather than one made by Qualcomm.

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