The Best WatchOS 10.1.1 Apps You Need to Download

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The ever-evolving world of technology has brought forth a plethora of advancements, especially in the realm of wearable devices. Among these, Apple’s watchOS 10.1.1 stands as a testament to innovation, offering users a seamless and enhanced experience on their Apple Watches. However, what truly amplifies the capabilities of this operating system are the numerous apps available for download. In this article, we delve into a curated selection of the finest watchOS 10.1.1 apps, each designed to enrich and optimize your Apple Watch experience.

From productivity tools to health and fitness trackers, these apps showcase the pinnacle of functionality and convenience, demonstrating why they are essential downloads for any Apple Watch user. Join us as we explore the best watchOS 10.1.1 apps that are guaranteed to elevate your wearable device to new heights of utility and enjoyment.

Best productivity WatchOS 10.1.1 Apps

Best productivity WatchOS 10.1.1 Apps


Sometimes a little drive is all you need to increase productivity. Streaks does that by letting you create completion streaks for tasks. You won’t want to break them once you’ve built them up. Daily, weekly, time-based, and other tasks can be added. From your Apple Watch, you can instantly see which of your chores are still unfinished and cross them off.

Download Streaks from the Apple App Store ($4.99/£4.99)


This task is among the most selfless ones there is, and it comes around once a week. Grocery can be helpful if you find grocery shopping to be insane. The app learns the order you buy things and arranges your stuff in the best possible order so you can get them off the shelf when you build shopping lists by adding individual ingredients or whole recipes. Additionally, you may distribute lists to other people and nag your partner to pick up some chocolate at the register.

Download Grocery from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)


If you enjoy creating to-do lists, you can add one to your Apple Watch face using the Todoist app. Numerous projects may be created, each with its list, tasks can be scheduled for the future, tasks can be tagged, and much more. It’s quite pleasant to mark tasks as accomplished on your Apple Watch.

Download Todoist from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)

Just Press Record

Have you ever had a great idea or remembered something crucial, only to lose track of it five minutes later? This is eliminated by Just Press Record. When you press the button on your Apple Watch, audio recording will begin. Say whatever you want to remember, and your iPhone will suddenly appear on your phone when the audio has been transcribed. It can save you a great deal of frustration and is genuinely magical.

Download Just Press Record from the Apple App Store ($4.99/£4.99)

Duo Mobile

Given the frequency of massive data breaches, protecting your accounts from hackers is a serious task. Although finding the codes might be a hassle, two-factor authentication can assist to keep your accounts safe. With Duo Mobile, you can easily sign in to your accounts by seeing your 2FA codes from numerous accounts right on your watch.

Best Apple Watch travel apps

Best Apple Watch travel apps


With only a few button presses, Citymapper’s Apple Watch software allows you to instantly view the status of nearby public transit if you live in a city. You may use your iPhone to pre-set any preset addresses, or it will provide instructions from your current location to your work address. Real-time departures are also visible. Easy and fast to use.

Download Citymapper from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)

Apple Maps

Although you might like using Google Maps on your iPhone, Apple Watch is where Apple Maps shines. When you use your Watch to ask Siri to guide you to a destination, the Apple Maps app will launch, locate the address, and present you with the option to hit the start button. Next, it will vibrate to notify you when the next turn is approaching while providing you with step-by-step directions on your wrist. An iPhone is not required.

iTranslate Converse

If you want to know how to express anything in a foreign language, the original iTranslate software is helpful, but it’s not helpful if you want to have a conversation. By listening to the two languages you specify and translating the one it hears, iTranslate Converse resolves that issue and enables two non-speaking individuals to have a discussion. On your Apple Watch, the spoken word will be pronounced in that language in addition to being translated into that language. You can show the translation to the person you’re speaking to without breaking your arm because the software can even turn the text upside down.

Download iTranslate Converse from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)


You want to know how much everything costs while you’re traveling overseas. With Elk, you can quickly convert currencies right on your wrist. Given your location, it will choose the appropriate currency and initial value for you automatically. The values can then be increased or decreased by swiping left or right, or for more precision, by tapping on a value. Both a premium version that allows access to all currencies and a free version are available.

Best information Apple Watch apps


Dark Sky used to be one of the top Apple Watch applications. This was a hyperlocal weather app that was extremely precise; it could provide you with minute-by-minute forecasts or notify you as it started to rain. After Apple acquired the business, Dark Sky ceased to exist. But a lot of its technology is already included in the Apple Weather app. You can still follow the weather on your Apple Watch using this really helpful app, even though it’s not nearly as excellent as Dark Sky was.

Pre-installed on Apple Watch

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather could be the breath of fresh air you need if you find discussing the weather to be extremely tiresome. This is because you can change the app’s personality to receive somewhat diverse forecasts. Expert predictions seem like any other weather app, but options like Overkill, Homicidal, and Snarky give descriptions that are progressively more insulting. Making weather humorous is a remarkable accomplishment.

Download Carrot Weather from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)

Air Matters

To put it mildly, it’s crucial to know the local air quality because air pollution has been related to premature death. Your Apple Watch may display the Air Quality Index (AQI) for your current area when you use Air Matters. Additionally, if you have allergies, you may view information on the pollen count for different plant species that might trigger allergies, allowing you to always know when it’s safe to leave the house.

Download Air Matters from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)

Night Sky

Have you ever gazed up at the night sky and wished you had some idea of what any of those little light spots represented? Stars, you say? Is the one above a planet? You don’t need to wonder anymore since the Night Sky app allows you to point your Apple Watch at stars to determine which constellation they belong to or if they are indeed planets. You can also install a stargazing-specific Apple Watch face that has a wealth of helpful information.

Download Night Sky from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)


The FotMob app guarantees that if you love football, you’ll never miss another goal. You may read the most recent transfer news right from your wrist, receive goal notifications for your favorite clubs, and view live match scores. The app includes worldwide events including the World Cup and Women’s World Cup in addition to over 300 leagues like the Premier League, Champions League, and Major League Soccer.

Download FotMob from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)


You may choose which sports and teams to follow on the ESPN app if you’re seeking for more extensive sports programming. The program supports sports including football, cricket, tennis, golf, basketball, MMA, and even Esports. During a game for your favorite teams, you may track real-time results and receive notifications.

Download ESPN from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)


Getting the most recent headlines on your Apple Watch is simple by using Apple’s native News app if you want to stay up to date on the news. You may save any stories that grab your interest as you go through the top stories. You may read these at your convenience by finding them in your iPhone’s Saved Stories.

Best health and fitness Apple Watch apps


The goal of the Apple Watch has always been to maintain our collective health and fitness. The built-in Activity and Workout applications for Apple Watch remain great choices even with the abundance of fitness and health apps available. Many of us have been convinced to stand up one more time or work out for a few more minutes to avoid breaking our streak by the idea of “closing your rings.” A vast array of workout activities, including well-known ones like walking, cycling, and jogging, as well as less common ones like archery, skipping, and even pickleball, are all tracked by the Workout app.

Pre-installed on Apple Watch


It’s likely that if you ride or run, you are familiar with Strava. You can track a ton of data about your workouts with this very popular fitness app. Its social component is its main selling point; you may discover routes made by other users and even compete to place yourself in the leaderboard for finishing a route segment the quickest. Numerous more activities are also available for tracking.

Download Strava from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)

Streaks Workout

The Streaks app is an excellent tool for self-motivation to uphold certain behaviors. The Streaks Workout app incorporates exercise into the same streak-maintenance premise. Your streak starts when you decide on an exercise that lasts anything from six to thirty minutes. But if you skip a day, you’re back at zero. You also have the option of choosing how many days a week you want to work out, so taking the weekends off won’t be penalized.

Download Streaks Workout from the Apple App Store ($3.99/£3.99)


The Fitbod app might assist if your objective is to achieve the ideal physique rather than just stay fit. You receive an individualized training program that tracks the muscles you’ve utilized and their degree of recovery, depending on your present ability and evolving as you advance. You won’t have to worry about fiddling with your phone while working out because you can register your sets and reps straight on your Apple Watch.

Download Fitbod from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)


We can find a lot of applications that promote staying hydrated. But the majority of them only monitor your advancement toward a daily total. Your app would reward you for reaching your goal if you were to drink your whole quotation at the beginning of the day and refrain from drinking for the remainder of the day. With Thirstic, things work a little differently. A progress indicator indicates how much water you should have consumed today and compares that amount to what you’ve consumed. It guarantees that you stay well watered all day long.

Download Thirstic from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)

Best Apple Watch games

Lifeline 2

Although an Apple Watch isn’t the best device for gaming due to its simple controls, certain applications provide a very entertaining gaming experience. Included in them is Lifeline 2. In this choose-your-own-adventure game, you have to respond to messages that appear on your Apple Watch to advance the plot. Since the game is real-time, messages will come in all day long, and you can reply to them whenever you have spare time. This very captivating game is optimized for the Apple Watch.

Download Lifeline 2 from the Apple App Store ($2.99/£2.99)


This is a really basic, yet quite addictive game. Four numbered cards are dealt to you along with instructions to touch them in a certain sequence, such as descending order. It’s simple enough until you encounter another requirement, such as tapping the lower right corner, which you must finish before tapping the other cards following the initial descending order rule. There are more rules added at each level, and it gets harder and harder to remember them all.

Download Rules! from the Apple App Store ($2.99/£2.99)


Playing brain training games is a common method of attempting to maintain mental acuity. Although Elevate is an iPhone app in its entirety, you can play some of its games on your Apple Watch. With your Apple Watch, you can measure your spelling, vocabulary, and math proficiency and compare your results to those of individuals in your age range.

Download Elevate from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)

Pocket Bandit

Although there aren’t many physical controls on your Apple Watch, Pocket Bandit cleverly utilizes the most evident one: your digital crown. Using your digital crown, you attempt to break safes in Pocket Bandit by spinning the lock. You must figure out the entire combination before the clock runs out, but haptic feedback lets you know when you’re getting near to the right number. It’s an ingenious application of the Apple Watch technology.

Download Pocket Bandit from the Apple App Store ($0.99/£0.99)


If you believe that the only games you can play on your Apple Watch are simple, low-tech ones, you should reconsider. In the gorgeous game Mindkeeper, your goal is to find jewels hidden around a house to open a gateway that will advance you to the next level. Although your character advances automatically, you may lead them differently by swiping the digital crown. You may easily immerse yourself in the game and forget that you’re using a watch since it becomes second nature so soon.

Download Mindkeeper from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)

20 Watch Games

This software is for you if you desire to go back in time. It’s an assortment of vintage classic games that fit perfectly on your Apple Watch’s tiny screen. A version of Minesweeper, Snake, Pong, Sudoku, and other games are among them. While there are differences in quality, the better games are really enjoyable.

Download 20 Watch Games from the Apple App Store ($0.99/£0.99)

Best social media Apple Watch apps

WatchChat 2

It might be annoying if WhatsApp is your preferred messaging service and there isn’t an official Apple Watch app. Thank goodness, WatchChat lets you view and respond to WhatsApp messages without ever taking your phone out of your pocket. On your Apple Watch, you may see images, GIFs, and videos immediately. You can also use dictation, Scribble to create messages, or a simple keyboard to enter them.

Download WatchChat 2 from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)

Lens for Watch

Having access to Instagram via your Apple Watch might save you a lot of time if you’re a frequent user. With an Apple Watch, you can use Lens to browse through your Instagram feed at your leisure. If you have a Pro membership, you can use Lens to send direct messages, see Instagram Stories, write comments, and search for profiles.

Download Lens for Watch from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)

WristWeb for Facebook

If Facebook is your preferred social media poison, you can browse it straight from your Apple Watch to make sure you never miss a post again. You may like posts, read comments, and browse through your feed using the WristWeb app. Additionally, you can utilize Scribble on your Apple Watch to compose and submit posts, allowing you to post to Facebook while at the movies without anybody noticing.

Download WristWeb for Facebook from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)

Nano for Reddit

Reddit’s plan to charge third-party apps for access to its API has generated a great deal of criticism. Some apps are still operational, even if some have decided to shut down rather than face the consequences. Among these is Nano, an app for the Apple Watch that lets you browse Reddit right from your wrist. With Scribble, you can read through entries, see photographs, and reply to comments. All we can hope is that Nano doesn’t end up like the now-defunct RIF and Apollo applications.

Best smart home Apple Watch apps


The word IFTTT for If This Then That is IFTTT. With its robust platform, you can easily construct automation and integrate a variety of smart home systems. For instance, switch on the red Philips Hue lights around the home whenever your Ring doorbell rings. You may program your Apple Watch to include buttons that you can push to start automation, allowing you to manage your smart home right from your wrist.

Download IFTTT from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)


The app you use to control your gadgets is called Home if they are Apple HomeKit compatible. Numerous gadgets that are compatible with HomeKit may be added, including video doorbells, smart plugs, Philips Hue Lights, and smart thermostats. You may use your Apple Watch to manage your linked smart devices by using the Home app. With a tap, you may open your shades or switch on your TV.

Pre-installed on Apple Watch

HomeRun 2 for HomeKit

If you think the Home app is a little too limited, HomeRun 2 for HomeKit will provide you with far more options. Your Apple Watch may have complications added to it that can activate HomeKit devices. However, you can utilize HomeRun 2 to modify these complications at different times of the day. The ‘everything off’ button on your Apple Watch face may be activated as the evening gets closer, allowing you to turn off the lights and retire to your house.

Download HomeRun 2 from the Apple App Store (Free with in-app purchases)


Another native Apple tool that lets you construct sophisticated automation using the applications on your iPhone is called Shortcuts. Without requiring them to be included to your HomeKit configuration, this automation can manage your smart home appliances, including your Hue lighting. Then, you may ask Siri to start this automation, or you can press a button on your Apple Watch.

Pre-installed on Apple Watch

Home Assistant

Almost endless options are available when using the Home Assistant app to transform your Apple Watch into a genuine smart home powerhouse. However, you’ll need to add devices to the system and set up a Home Assistant server; the app won’t do anything on its own, and there’s a somewhat steep learning curve. Once you have, though, you can do just about everything you can think of, including asking your Apple Watch to turn on your TV the next time you go into the room or viewing the humidity in your bathroom as a concern on the watch face.

Best finance Apple Watch apps


The Stocks app has historically been a bit of a hassle if you’re not interested in finance; you couldn’t even delete it from your iPhone until 2016. But if you check the FTSE index first thing every day, the Stocks app is your buddy. You may examine charts of the price over a day, month, or year on your Apple Watch, add your favorites to the mix, and even add a complication that shows the current price directly on the face of the watch.

Pre-installed on Apple Watch


The Wallet app on the Apple Watch is one of those apps that gives you the impression that you are living in the future. By simply touching your Apple Watch on the NFC card reader, you may use Apple Pay to pay for purchases and add bank or credit cards to your wallet. Even trips on well-known public transport networks, including the New York Underground and the London Underground, can be paid for. You may also add a lot more items to your wallet, such as digital hotel keys, driver’s licenses, and tickets to events like concerts or movies.


Make a budget for yourself if you see that you are overpaying in some areas, like dining out. The Pennies app is beneficial. You may create separate monthly budgets for things like groceries, clothes, dining out, and anything else you wish to include. Adding your expenses to the Apple Watch app is a quick and easy way to find out how much money is left in your budget. It’s an easy approach to keep yourself from going over budget.

Download Pennies from the Apple App Store ($4.99/£4.99)


Apple WatchOS 10.1.1 offers a seamless and enhanced experience for users, with numerous apps available for download. These apps are designed to enrich and optimize the Apple Watch experience, from productivity tools to health and fitness trackers. Some of the best productivity Apple Watch apps include Streaks, Grocery, Todoist, Just Press Record, Duo Mobile, Citymapper, Apple Maps, iTranslate Converse, Elk, Weather, Carrot Weather, Air Matters, Night Sky, and more.

Streaks allows users to build streaks of completing tasks, which can be checked off on their Apple Watch. Grocery helps create shopping lists by adding individual items or entire recipes, and the app learns the order in which you buy them. Todoist allows users to add to-do lists, schedule tasks for the future, and group them by tags. Just Press Record records audio recordings, while Duo Mobile keeps accounts safe from hacking.

Citymapper is a city-specific app that provides quick access to nearby public transport status, directions, and real-time departures. Apple Maps comes into its own on Apple Watch, allowing users to ask Siri to direct them to a location and receive step-by-step instructions on their wrist. iTranslate Converse allows users to hold conversations in foreign languages by translating spoken phrases into the target language on their Apple Watch. Elk allows users to do quick currency conversions directly on their wrist, with both free and paid versions available.

For information purposes, Dark Sky, Carrot Weather, Air Matters, and Night Sky are essential Apple Watch apps that provide accurate weather forecasts, air quality indexes, and pollen count data. These apps offer convenience, functionality, and entertainment for users, making Apple Watches an essential tool for any wearable device user.


What app do you need to download for an Apple Watch?

Install applications, change notifications and settings, create custom watch faces, and much more with the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

How do I download watchOS apps?

To view the Home Screen, press the Digital Crown. Then, touch the App Store. To locate applications that use Scribble or Dictation, tap Search. Alternatively, scroll down to uncover highlighted apps and carefully chosen app collections. You may read an app’s release notes, screenshots, reviews, ratings, and more by tapping on it. Either hit Get or the price.

Can I add WhatsApp to my Apple Watch?

There isn’t a Watch app for WhatsApp. On your watch, you can receive notifications about it, though. Navigate to the Watch app on your phone. Verify that WhatsApp notifications are enabled by going to Notifications.

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