Surface Pro 11 Price: What to Expect

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Surface Pro 11 price The cost of the Surface Pro 11 is an important consideration. It is expected that the Surface Pro 11 would come in a variety of price points to accommodate various demands and budgets. The base model, which includes capabilities that are necessary for daily tasks, is probably going to start at $999. Higher-end versions could cost up to $1,799 for individuals who require more power and storage. Making an informed decision will be aided by knowing the cost structure, regardless of your role—student, professional, or creative. This post will discuss what to anticipate getting for your money and the anticipated price range of the Surface Pro 11.


Surface Pro 11 price Right now, Microsoft’s website is accepting preorders for the Surface Pro 11, with a starting price of $999 or $1,499 for the one with the new OLED display. The entry-level $999 device, officially known as the Microsoft Surface Pro 11th Generation, has a 13-inch (2880 x 1920 pixel) touchscreen, a Snapdragon X Plus processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD. For $1,199, you can upgrade to a 512GB SSD on the same model.

If you choose the $1,499 OLED Surface Pro 11, you will receive a 512GB SSD, 16GB of RAM, and the more powerful Snapdragon X Elite processor. The same model with a 1TB SSD is available for $1,699, or you can get one with 32GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD for $2,099 instead. All of the models start to arrive on June 18 and come in Platinum and Black. A few models are also available in Sapphire and Dune (gold).

Surface Pro 11 Specs and Features

The new Surface Pro, according to Microsoft, is ninety per cent quicker than the Surface Pro 9. It also promises that utilizing Chrome, Microsoft 365, and Adobe Creative Cloud “will feel snappy, quick and responsive.” The 11th edition of the Surface Pro is available with a Snapdragon X Plus or X Elite CPU. While the latter has an OLED screen (a first for the Surface Pro), the former uses LCD.

Microsoft claims that the Neural Processing Units (NPUs) in the Surface Pro 11th Edition are the strongest in the PC class. This is what powers the laptop’s AI features, such as Cocreator for Paint, which helps you create images from your sketches, and Recall, which uses natural language to walk you through everything you’ve done on your computer.

This computer, like most others, allows you to select the hard drive’s size. In addition to 16 GB of RAM, the X Plus Surface Pro comes with a 256 GB or 512 GB SSD. With a 1 TB SSD, you may increase the 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage on the X Elite Surface Pro to 32 GB.

Your options for connectivity include 5G and Wi-Fi. All models come in the following colour options: Sapphire, Dune, Platinum, and Black. You can utilize the brand-new Flex Keyboard with a Precision Haptic touchpad that comes with the 2024 Surface Pro laptop either with it attached or removed. The keyboard has built-in Slim Pen storage, as one might think.

Microsoft Surface Pro 11 2024 Technical Specifications

There are several variants available for the Microsoft Surface Pro 2024 11th Edition to suit different needs:

Snapdragon® X Plus and Snapdragon® X Elite processors

Memory: 16GB or 32GB LPDDR5x RAM are available.

Storage: 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB removable SSD choices

Display: PixelSenseTM Flow 13-inch OLED or LCD

Battery Life: Playback of local videos for up to 14 hours and active web browsing for up to 10 hours

1.97 pounds (895 grams) in weight

Wi-Fi 7, optional 5G connectivity, and Bluetooth® Wireless 5.4

With a Quad HD front-facing camera and a 10.5 MP Ultra HD rear-facing camera, both improved by AI for better video calls and artistic effects, the Surface Pro 11 2024 also has cutting-edge camera functionality.


Microsoft may have given the Surface Pro 11 the much-needed boost the Surface Pro series has been lacking for some time. If the Snapdragon X Plus chip lives up to the hype, the base model might offer noticeable gains over its predecessors for the same price, but the OLED update is what caught my eye. It’s a minor detail, but if it can provide brilliant colours and amazing battery life, it might give this Windows 11 slate a far more luxurious feel. Stay tuned for a complete review where we’ll find out just how well these tablets live up to the expectations!

Surface Pro 11 Performance

The Microsoft Surface Pro 11’s Snapdragon X Plus and Elite CPUs are newcomers that have an opportunity to dramatically change the performance landscape of Windows tablets. The complete strength and flexibility of Windows combined with the portability and long-lasting power of a tablet is what a high-end Windows tablet like the Surface Pro promises to deliver. The Pro 11 might be a game-changer if these Snapdragon chips live up to the hype, as previous models have struggled to deliver on both.

During my quick hands-on evaluation of a few sample Surface Pro 11 units, I found them to be speedy enough for daily tasks. I got the opportunity to play around with Windows 11 and see demonstrations of Copilot capabilities on a couple of different models with Snapdragon X Elite CPUs, and they felt every bit as speedy as a contemporary MacBook. Naturally, the only way to truly determine how well these slates compare to the competition is to put them to the test in our performance benchmarks.

Display and Audio

One of the nicest features of the Surface Pro 11 is its display. Depending on the setup, users can choose between an OLED display and a conventional IPS panel. OLED variants are a terrific choice for media aficionados and filmmakers since they have deep blacks, superb colour accuracy, and a maximum brightness of 900 nits. The 3:2 aspect ratio and Pixel Sense technology provide a more natural and comfortable viewing experience when compared to traditional 16:9 laptop screens.

The Surface Pro 11’s two front-facing speakers enhance the device’s music quality even more with their extraordinarily rich and immersive sound. You will be amazed by the device’s audio capabilities whether you use it for video conversations, music listening, or movie watching. 


Surface Pro 11 price A variety of pricing choices are available for the Surface Pro 11 to accommodate a range of budgets and needs. There is a Surface Pro 11 for everyone, with costs ranging from roughly $999 for the base model to $1,799 for the most expensive models. The Surface Pro 11’s cutting-edge features, elegant appearance, and robust performance make this price reasonable. The Surface Pro 11 offers good value for the money, making sure you get the ideal mix of performance and price whether you’re searching for a reliable gadget for everyday chores or a strong tool for work.


Q1: How much does the Surface Pro 11 start at?

A1: The base model of the Surface Pro 11 is anticipated to retail for roughly $999.

Q2: What will be the price of the most expensive Surface Pro 11 model?

A2: The most costly Surface Pro 11 device available might cost up to $1,799, contingent on features and specifications.

Q3: Is the Surface Pro 11 available in multiple versions?

A3: To accommodate a variety of needs and price ranges, the Surface Pro 11 is available in several variants with different features.

Q4: What elements affect the Surface Pro 11’s cost?

A4: Several variables, such as the CPU type, RAM size, storage capacity, and optional features like LTE connectivity, affect the Surface Pro 11’s price.

Q5: Is the cost of the Surface Pro 11 reasonable?

A5: For consumers looking for a high-performing and adaptable gadget, the Surface Pro 11 is a great option thanks to its powerful performance, svelte design, and cutting-edge capabilities.

Q6: Where can I buy the Surface Pro 11?

A6: Major electronics stores, authorized resellers, and Microsoft’s official website are the places where you may buy the Surface Pro 11.

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