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The most recent version of Apple’s iPhone operating system, iOS 17, was unveiled at WWDC, the company’s yearly developer conference. The Phone and Messages apps will get a cosmetic makeover in the forthcoming iOS release, along with interactive widgets, a new Journal app, a new full-screen StandBy experience, NameDrop for instantly sharing contacts, and more.

In addition to these aesthetic upgrades, iOS 17 has stunning built-in wallpapers. You’ll be pleased to learn that we now have high-quality versions of the new iOS 17 wallpapers. For your iPhone, you may download iOS 17 wallpapers from this page.

iOS 17: Quick Preview

iOS 17: Quick Preview

The opening day of WWDC 23 was jam-packed with exciting announcements, including the release of iOS 17, iPadOS 17, watchOS 10, the debut of new Macs, and much more. Here’s a little overview of the new iOS 17 before you move on to the wallpapers section. Apple updated its iOS system.

Phone, Messages, and FaceTime are the three primary iPhone apps that received graphic updates in iOS 17. The phone app receives a contact screen that users may customize by changing the text style, color, weight, and other options, just like the lock screen. With iOS 17, another function is live voicemail. While in meetings or while busy, you can view the message’s live transcript without picking up the phone.

Apple makes changes to the Messages discussion interface, making it possible to access all apps by touching the new + button. Search filters, swipe-to-reply, live stickers, and other features are added to messages. When someone misses your FaceTime call, you can record a video or voice message using FaceTime. You can use FaceTime on Apple TV to initiate a call and use your iPhone as a camera because the software is also available there.

Whether your iPhone is charging or you place it on a mounting stand in the dark, StandBy will give you a new full-screen lock screen. Additionally, iOS 17 adds interactive widgets. You can now download maps to use offline; AirDrop now supports NameDrop for easy contact sharing; a new journal app is on the way; and more. Check out this article’s complete list of features. Let’s now examine the iOS 17 wallpapers.

iOS 17 wallpapers

iOS 17 wallpapers

Two gorgeous backgrounds with bright images are new in iOS 17. These wallpapers’ capacity to alter the depth effect and seamlessly merge with the clock on your device makes them even more stunning. We appreciate @iSWUpdates releasing the new high-resolution wallpapers. Since these wallpapers have a resolution of 1379 x 3000 pixels, there is no need to be concerned about the visual quality.

Apple released a tonne of original wallpapers in the categories of astronomy, weather, emoji, unity, color, pride, and lections with iOS 16 last year. Even the wallpaper portfolio is being expanded by the corporation with the addition of the new Kaleidoscope category. We now have access to the collection’s 20 distinctive, colorful backdrops in high definition (1290 × 2796 pixels). A sample of the new wallpapers may be found here.

Download iOS 17 wallpapers.

Download iOS 17 wallpapers.

Want to give your iPhone’s home screen and lock screen a new look? By choosing the iOS 17 wallpapers, you can quickly change the visual experience. The high-resolution images are available on Google Drive. Additionally, you can get the new photos from our Telegram channel or our Android app, PhoneWalls. Here are links for downloading.

Simply open the wallpaper after downloading it, save it to photographs, and then use the photographs app to add it to your home screen or lock screen. I’m done now.


Apple has unveiled its latest iPhone operating system, iOS 17, during WWDC. The update includes a visual overhaul of the Phone and Messages app, a new full-screen experience with StandBy, NameDrop for quick contact sharing, interactive widgets, and a new Journal app. The new iOS 17 also includes stunning built-in wallpapers, available in high resolution. The phone app now features a Contact Screen, allowing users to customize the call screen and view live voicemail transcripts. 

Messages now have search filters, swipe-to-reply, live stickers, and more. FaceTime now allows users to record video or audio messages when someone misses a call, and the app is available on Apple TV. StandBy offers a new full-screen experience on the lock screen, and interactive widgets are available in high resolution. The company also introduced a new Kaleidoscope category to the wallpaper gallery, featuring 20 vibrant backgrounds in high resolution. Users can download the high-resolution images from Google Drive, the Android app (PhoneWalls), or the Telegram Channel.

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