5 Reasons Why 128GB Might Be the Perfect Storage Size for Your iPad Pro

By ANAS KHAN 6 Min Read

From productivity apps to creative projects, we explore the benefits of having 128GB of storage on your iPad Pro.


Are you looking to buy an iPad Pro? You’ll need to consider storage capacity, as there are a variety of options. This article will look at why the 128GB might be the right fit for you: it offers a nice balance between cost and features, whilst accommodating all your multimedia wants. We’ll help you come to an educated decision.

1. The Optimal Balance of Cost and Functionality

While higher storage capacities are available for iPad Pro models, they often come at a higher price tag. Finding the right balance between cost and functionality is crucial when buying electronic devices. The 128GB storage size strikes a perfect balance by offering ample space for your needs without burdening you with unnecessary costs. While still being reasonably priced, it allows you to store a lot of data, including apps, files, photos, and videos.

2. Sufficient Space for Apps, Files, and Documents

5 Reasons Why 128GB Might Be the Perfect Storage Size for Your iPad Pro

The number of apps and files we use on our devices is growing, so it is important that we have ample storage space. The 128GB storage size provides ample space for a vast collection of apps, allowing you to download and use a variety of productivity, entertainment, and utility apps without worrying about running out of space. You can also store important documents, presentations, and spreadsheets in it, so that you can access them wherever you are.

3. Seamless Multimedia Experience

If you love watching and listening to multimedia on your iPad Pro, the 128GB storage is perfect for an enhanced experience. You can keep a significant amount of music, flicks, TV programs, and podcasts in your device, ensuring continual access even without an internet connection. Furthermore, the great capacity allows you to take good quality photos and videos without worrying about depleting your space. With 128GB of storage space, you can bring all your media with you and indulge in entertainment wherever you are.

5. Enhanced Productivity and Creativity

The 128GB storage size plays a crucial role in enhancing your productivity and creativity on the iPad Pro. It provides enough space to accommodate resource-intensive apps, such as graphic design tools, video editing software, and virtual instruments. The 128GB storage space ensures that you can unleash your creativity with no storage limitations, whether you are an artist, photographer, musician, or simply someone who enjoys exploring creative pursuits.

6. Future-Proofing Your Device

If you’re planning on buying an iPad Pro in the future, choosing the right storage size can help you future-proof the device. As apps and media files grow in size, having enough storage becomes even more important. It provides a good balance between present needs and future storage requirements, allowing for future updates, app downloads, and media files without feeling restricted.


There are many benefits to the 128GB option when choosing the right storage size for your iPad Pro. It strikes a perfect balance between cost and functionality, providing sufficient space for your apps, files, and documents. Additionally, it enhances productivity and creativity, as well as future-proofs your device, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable user experience. If you choose the 128GB storage size for your iPad Pro, you can ensure a seamless multimedia experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Can I upgrade the storage capacity of my iPad Pro later?

As iPad Pro models can’t be upgraded, it’s important to choose the right storage size when you purchase an iPad Pro.

Q2. How many photos and videos can I store with 128GB of storage?

You can store thousands of photos and several hours of high-definition videos with 128GB depending on the resolution, file size, and compression.

Q3. Will 128GB be enough if I use my iPad Pro for professional work?

If you work extensively with large files or engage in activities that require substantial storage, you might consider higher capacity options if you require a large amount of storage.

Q4. Can I use cloud storage services with my iPad Pro?

To supplement the storage on your iPad Pro, you can use cloud storage services such as iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Q5. Should I consider other factors besides storage when purchasing an iPad Pro?

In addition to storage, consider factors such as processing power, display size, battery life, and connectivity options when choosing an iPad Pro.

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