Samsung S24 Battery: Will It Last All Day?

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Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series, powered by Android 14, comes with seven years of operating system upgrades and software support. The phone can run the latest version until 2031, but a new battery may be needed. Stable software is pre-installed on the S24 and S24 Plus, unlike most phones tested in the last year. The iPhone 15 series’ overheating issue was resolved with iOS 17. The phones also have larger batteries, with the S24’s battery capacity increasing by 100 mAh over the S23, and the S24 Plus having a 4,900 mAh battery, 200 mAh more than the S23 Plus.

The S24 Plus’s battery capacity is 100 mAh lower than the S24 Ultra’s 5,000 mAh battery. The new Snapdragon chip’s efficiency boosts the batteries, affecting performance between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. when the battery is 25% full.

A bigger Samsung S24 battery won’t be an upgrade for Galaxy S21 users.

A bigger Samsung S24 battery won't be an upgrade for Galaxy S21 users.

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S24 series’ official release is still a ways off, leaks haven’t stopped yet. According to the most recent report, the ordinary S24 will run on a larger battery than the normal S23.

According to a rumour originating from the Dutch news site GalaxyClub, the Galaxy S24’s battery capacity will be the same as that of the 2021 release of the Galaxy S21. This indicates that the Galaxy S24 series’ basic model is rumoured to contain an amazing 4,000 mAh battery. To provide some context, the battery capacity of the Galaxy S22 and S23 are 3,700 mAh and 3,900 mAh, respectively. Yes, it was one of the few times when Samsung reduced the specs of the S22 and S22 Plus by including smaller batteries.

There are rumours that the Galaxy S24 Plus will also come with a larger battery. The battery capacity of the S24 Ultra is anticipated to be 5,000 mAh, the same as that of the S23 Ultra; however, the “Plus” variant is anticipated to have a 4,900 mAh battery. A 4,700 mAh battery powers the Galaxy S23 Plus currently in use.

Larger batteries require longer to charge unless quicker fast-charging technology is available, even if larger batteries may not necessarily equate to greater battery life. The S23 Plus and S23 Ultra models enable up to 45W fast charging, whereas the base model of the S23 series can only be charged at up to 25W. The Galaxy S24 series’ charging speeds are still unknown.

Other than charging speeds, there is still a tonne of important data regarding the Galaxy S24 series that we don’t know. However, as the launch date approaches, there will probably be additional leaks, most likely disclosing all of the specs ahead of Samsung’s formal announcement.

Even if the Galaxy S23 Ultra is now among the greatest flagship Android smartphones available, there is still room for development. With the Galaxy S24, Samsung may improve upon some of the S23 series’ drawbacks by introducing quicker charging times, a redesigned aesthetic, better cameras, and dependable software support. How many of these problems Samsung resolves when it releases the S24 series early in 2019 remains to be seen.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra may log longer battery life with Samsung’s new stacked cell technology

The Galaxy S24 Ultra may log longer battery life with Samsung's new stacked cell technology.

The Li-ion battery development and manufacturing division of Samsung, known as SDI, intends to apply a capacity-increment technology from its electric vehicle cells to smaller Li-ion batteries intended for use in Samsung smartphones or tablets. To compact battery components like electrodes and electrolytes closer for higher energy density, a technique known as “stacking” is used.

According to the Korean media site The Elec, stacking the anode and cathode will double the battery capacity for Samsung Galaxy phones. Hopefully, this technology will be used in the forthcoming Galaxy S24 series. 

Samsung might increase the capacity of the S23 Ultra Champ’s 5,000 mAh battery by 10% while maintaining the same footprint and extending the S24 Ultra Champ’s battery life without compromising internal space. 

Streaming video battery test results

After 1 hourAfter 2 hoursAfter 3 hours
OnePlus 12 (QHD+, 120Hz)100%100%95%
Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus (QHD, 120Hz)97%91%87%
Samsung Galaxy S24 (FHD+, 120Hz)97%91%86%
Samsung Galaxy S23 (FHD+, 120Hz)95%88%81%
Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus (FHD+, 120Hz)95%90%84%
Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro (FHD+, 165Hz)94%84%75%

Recall that the Galaxy S23’s longer battery life compared to the S22 was lauded in CNET’s review. It’s incredible how Samsung transformed the standard S model’s battery life from terrible in 2022 to excellent in only two years with incremental improvements.

Neither of the phones comes with a power brick, although they both have rapid charging capabilities. The battery went from completely dead to 51% in 30 minutes, and the S24 can handle up to 25 watts. Using its maximum 45-watt charger, the S24 Plus achieved comparable results and went from zero to fifty per cent simultaneously.

Additional testing of charging and batteries is required; this includes testing for the 15-watt wireless charging capabilities shared by the two. But what I have seen so far is impressive.

Samsung Galaxy S24 battery upgrades analyzed

A 100 mAh and 200 mAh battery upgrade, respectively, has been implemented for the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 Plus, except the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which has maintained the same 5,000 mAh battery as the Galaxy S23 Ultra. 

Although all three phones will have longer-lasting batteries with an “all-day” capacity, Samsung has not yet revealed specific battery lives. 

Although we have not yet completed our comprehensive assessment process, we do have some ideas about how the new mobiles may perform. That it’s complex is the first thing we’ll say.


Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series is set to launch in 2021, with rumours suggesting a bigger battery for the regular S24 than the regular S23. The base model is expected to have a 4,000 mAh battery, while the S24 Plus and S24 Ultra models are expected to have a 4,900 mAh and 5,000 mAh battery, respectively. While bigger batteries may not always translate to more battery life, they may take longer to charge unless there is faster fast-charging technology.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra may also benefit from Samsung’s new ‘stacked’ cell technology, which involves packing battery components tightly for increased energy density. This technology could result in higher battery capacity for Samsung Galaxy phones, potentially prolonging the S24 Ultra battery life without sacrificing interior space. While the official launch of the Galaxy S24 series is still far away, leaks are expected to reveal more details about the series before its official announcement.


How long should a Samsung battery last in a day?

The Samsung website states that a continuous WiFi internet connection can extend the battery’s life to 15 hours. With the same usage, the 4800mAh battery of the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra might last up to 17 hours, while the 5000mAh battery could last up to 18 hours. April 5, 2022.

How long should a Samsung S4 battery last?

The smartphone is functional while it is charging. The gadget may be used for up to 13 hours and can be kept in standby mode for up to 23.1 days.

Is a Samsung battery long-lasting?

Look for smartphones with the highest mAh, such as the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, A52 and A52s, and Z Fold4, if you want the phone with the longest battery life. A mobile phone’s range between charges increases with its mAh capacity.

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