Unlock the Power of the Galaxy Tab S8: A Comprehensive Guide

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You’ve come to the correct place if you want to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. This thorough guide will teach you how to maximize your device’s features and capabilities by releasing its full potential.

We’ll begin by demonstrating how to modify your home screen so that it meets your needs. After that, we’ll explore the options menu so you can customize a number of parameters. The Galaxy Tab S8’s many apps will next be discussed in more detail so you may choose the ones that are most appropriate for your needs. We’ll conclude by providing some advice and strategies for getting the most out of your Galaxy Tab S8.

So let’s get started!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: Availability and Price

The starting pricing for the Galaxy Tab S8 on Samsung’s website is $699 (less with a qualifying trade-in). and for that, you receive a model in your pick of Silver, Graphite, or Pink Gold with 128GB of storage. For $779, you may purchase a variant with 256GB of storage if you’d prefer additional space.

Samsung’s website only lists Wi-Fi models, even though the Tab S8 also has cellular connectivity through AT&T and T-Mobile.

  • Starting at $699 (less with trade-in), the price
  • Available in Wi-Fi and cellular variants.

The starting pricing for the Galaxy Tab S8 on Samsung’s website is $699 (less with a qualifying trade-in). and for that, you receive a model in your pick of Silver, Graphite, or Pink Gold with 128GB of storage. For $779, you may purchase a variant with 256GB of storage if you’d prefer additional space.

Samsung’s website only lists Wi-Fi models, even though the Tab S8 also has cellular connectivity through AT&T and T-Mobile.

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Additionally, Samsung offers a wide range of add-ons, such as the $139 Galaxy Tab S8 Book Cover Keyboard Slim, which turns the tablet into a halfway respectable laptop substitute.

For review, Samsung sent us a Pink Gold 128GB Galaxy Tab S8 and a Book Cover Keyboard Slim. If you were to buy the same equipment directly, you would have to fork over at least $840.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: Precision video editing

You have access to quick and accurate video editing. S Pen, LumaFusion, and a great screen offer you all the tools you need to make cinematic-calibre edits from any location.9 With a tap, you can slice, scrub, and choose clips. The Galaxy Tab S8 Series pushes the limits of content creation.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: Design

The Galaxy Tab S8 doesn’t feel like the entry-level device for the generation even though it is. The pink-gold color palette on our test unit gives the tablet’s thin, light body an opulent gloss.

Even while playing games for extended periods of time or reading on the couch, the Tab S8 feels comfortable in the hand at about 10 x 6.5 x 0.2 inches and 1.1 pounds. The Book Cover Keyboard Slim adds a little bulk when attached, but not enough that you’ll notice the extra weight in your backpack.

  • The light, thin tablet is comfortable to hold.
  • The pink and gold colour palette is stylish.
  • when the cover keyboard is attached, becomes hefty

The device’s back has a little hump that conceals the camera and a magnetized strip to which you can attach the S Pen stylus that comes with it to charge it. The tablet has a USB-C port along the bottom edge for charging or connecting peripherals, such as various monitors because it supports DisplayPort and a port for the Book Cover Keyboard Slim is located on the left edge.

The power button, which also serves as the fingerprint reader, the volume rocker, and the microSD card slot are all located along the right edge of the device. The microSD card slot is located inside a secure chamber that can be opened with a small, pointed object (Samsung gives a tool for doing this in the package). You only have USB-C or Bluetooth options if you were hoping for a headphone jack.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: Display

The Galaxy Tab S8 has an 11-inch WQXGA (2,560 x 1,600 pixels) LED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, just as its predecessor. Like its predecessor, the screen is vibrant and colourful and scrolls smoothly thanks to the adaptive refresh rate, which dynamically adjusts the refresh rate up to its 120Hz maximum rather than remaining locked at 60Hz. To save battery life, you can lock the refresh rate at 60Hz in the tablet’s display settings.

  • bright, lovely display
  • It’s simple to select between Vivid and Natural colour options, and the colours -look fantastic.

On the Tab S8, I found the display to be vivid and fairly stunning while watching TV and playing games. This impression was confirmed when we brought the tablet into our testing facility. The Tab S8’s display can reach a maximum brightness of 480 nits in the centre and an average brightness of 463 nits throughout the entire screen, according to our measurements.

The Galaxy Tab S8 display has two settings: Vivid and Natural. In my experience, Vivid was more enjoyable because it makes colours appear brighter and more vibrant. However, you might wish to leave it on Natural if colour accuracy is important to you. The Tab S8’s display met 101.1% of the sRGB colour gamut in Natural mode and 157.8% in Vivid mode when we used our colourimeter to measure it.

The fact that this gorgeous screen isn’t OLED and doesn’t support HDR, though, is a touch frustrating. The availability of OLED displays and HDR content on tablets is currently limited, but that is gradually increasing, thanks in part to the Tab S8’s larger siblings, the Tab S8 Plus and Tab S8 Ultra, which have 120Hz Super AMOLED displays.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 review: Battery life

I was able to pick up the Galaxy Tab S8 in the morning at about 80% charge, use it for a day’s work, and set it down with at least 20% power left because the battery doesn’t drain too quickly.

The Tab S8 managed to survive 12 hours and 52 minutes on our battery test, which involves the tablet continuously browsing the Internet via Wi-Fi with its screen set to 150 nits of brightness. When the option to lock the screen’s refresh rate at a lower 60Hz (and so conserve power) was enabled, the tablet’s battery life in the same test was marginally (12:59) extended.

  • An approximately 13-hour battery life
  • more durable than the majority of tablets, including iPads

That is more energy-efficient than the Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 (11:55), the iPad 2021 (11:59), and the iPad Air 4 (10:29), but not quite as efficient as the Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 (14:03).

With the 45W charger that comes with the Tab S8, the tablet was able to charge up to 23% in 15 minutes and 45% in 30 minutes during our test of charging speed.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: Cameras

For an Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab S8 features a fantastic set of cameras. A 12MP ultra-wide selfie camera is located up front, and a 13 MP autofocus lens and a 6MP ultra-wide lens are located on the back. The front-facing camera has a new auto-framing feature that automatically adjusts the shot to attempt and keep you in frame if you move. All of them can capture video at up to 4k resolution and 60 frames per second. It’s a blatant answer to Apple’s Centre Stage auto-framing technology, which the company debuted with the 2021 iPad Pro, and in my opinion, it performs smoothly and effectively.

  • Good cameras are available for Android tablets.
  • 13MP front cameras, 6MP back cameras, and all of them are capable of 4K/60fps video
  • image clarity and accuracy

You could do much worse than the Galaxy Tab S8 if you need to take a picture with your tablet. Although you lose a lot of detail in ultrawide and zoomed-in images, the rear cameras do a superb job of capturing detail and colour accurately, and the selfie camera made me seem more professional in meetings when compared to the 1080p webcam on the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio.


One of the most capable and adaptable tablet computers available is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. It has a tonne of capabilities that let you do more than just watch films and browse the web. You can turn your Galaxy Tab S into a gaming console or a productivity powerhouse with the appropriate add-ons and apps.


Q: Is Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 coming out? A: The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, S8, S8+, and S8 Ultra were unveiled on February 9, 2022, and went on sale two days later, on February 25, 2022.

Q: Is Tab S8 waterproof? A: In the past, Samsung produced waterproof tablets as part of its Galaxy Tab Active line, but its premium tablets have not had this function. The Galaxy Tab S8 did not get water resistance along with Samsung’s foldable smartphones.

Q: How much does Tab S8 cost? A: Right now, £547.98 is the lowest price for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 11.0 SM-X700 128GB. With a rating of 3.8 out of 5, it is one of the top 10 selling items in our Tablets category. PriceSpy evaluates discounts and promotions from 15 stores, both local and online.

Q: Is Galaxy Tab S8 4K? A: With an ultra-wide angle camera, you can capture more of the moments you love in 4K films that are incredibly clear. With excellent resolution and an ultra-wide front camera, take pictures that will transport you back to the same space. Put your best face forward by using auto-framing at all times.

Q: Does Galaxy Tab S8 come with pen? A: The Galaxy Tab S8 series comes with a S Pen pre-installed, which is great because it saves you money and allows you to make the most of the tablet.

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