Discover the stunning color options available for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

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Due to its titanium design, the colours on the S24 Ultra differ slightly from those on the S24 and S24+. Whether it’s the titanium’s effect on the finish or merely Samsung putting its phablet apart, there’s even a distinct naming scheme to reflect this shift. Given that preorders are currently available and the official release is scheduled for January 31, you may be contemplating the colour option to select for your S24 Ultra. There are a total of seven colours available, along with some special options only available at Samsung stores, which are intended to entice purchasers to visit the official website. Allow me to assist you in selecting the appropriate hue for your upcoming premium Android smartphone.

Titanium Black

samsung galaxy s24 ultra colors

Many consumers choose a basic yet attractive colourway for their phone, and that makes the Titanium Black option excellent. The probability of it conflicting with cases and other accessories is minimal, and the dark tone is highly suitable for a professional lifestyle.

The Titanium Black variant of the S23 Ultra appears to have a somewhat lighter shade compared to the Phantom Black option. Furthermore, a subtle metallic aesthetic is present across all available colour choices. The colour falls within the spectrum of hues observed in the previous year’s flagship, specifically between the shades of Phantom Black and graphite.

Titanium Grey

Titanium Grey

Titanium Grey is almost as stylish as Titanium Black when it comes to a subtle and understated aesthetic. The alternative, Titanium Black, is significantly heavier in comparison; however, this option remains effortlessly compatible with accessories and your clothes. Additionally, it is highly suitable for a professional environment.

The Titanium Grey variant closely resembles the graphite colour choice found in the S23 Ultra. Those seeking a softer tone that avoids bold hues may find this option appealing.

Titanium Violet

Titanium Violet

Now we are moving on to the more bright colours, beginning with titanium violet. The phone’s appearance is enhanced by a darker shade compared to the lavender option we observed on the S23 Ultra, resulting in a more striking aesthetic.

If you prefer the colour titanium black but desire a more vibrant colour, titanium violet is the ideal choice. While still appropriate for a corporate setting, it allows you to deviate from the conventional black and grey colour palette.

Titanium Yellow

Titanium Yellow

An addition to the S24 Ultra is the introduction of a titanium yellow colour option. It conveys a message without being excessive; you will experience some luminosity and joy, but it will not truly stand out. Enthusiasts of bright colours may choose a more intense shade of yellow; however, I appreciate this particular shading. It has a near-gold appearance with a little metallic colour.

If you are not purchasing directly from Samsung for a limited edition colour, this is the most optimal alternative method to express your preference.

Titanium Green

I was impressed by the aesthetic appeal of the lime colour on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and Samsung continues to provide a green variant for its S24 Ultra model. This year’s colour is named Titanium Green, which is less vibrant compared to the lime shade used last year.

If you choose the titanium orange or titanium yellow colour, it is possible that it may not complement certain accessories and cases. However, aside from that, it is an excellent choice for adding a touch of individuality to your phone’s appearance.

Titanium Orange

Individuals seeking a distinctive colour for their S24 Ultra are advised to purchase directly from Samsung. The titanium orange colour has a creamy quality and is decidedly moderate in its intensity; however, it may potentially conflict with some accessories or cases.

The tint bears a resemblance to the orange colour found in the Galaxy S23 FE, although it has a somewhat lighter shade and a more creamy blend.

Titanium Blue

Presently, we have in stock the limited edition colours only offered by Samsung. The first colour option is Titanium Blue, which is a more reserved shading that allows for a touch of style without venturing into the bolder Titanium Yellow and Titanium Green colours.

The Icy Blue option for the Galaxy Z Fold 5, which is not exclusive to Samsung, has a strong resemblance to it.


The Galaxy S24 Ultra offers seven stunning colour options, including Titanium Black, Titanium Grey, Titanium Violet, Titanium Yellow, Titanium Green, Titanium Orange, and Titanium Blue. These colours reflect Samsung’s unique design and are perfect for a professional lifestyle or for those looking for a basic yet elegant colourway. Titanium Black is ideal for a low-key style, while Titanium Grey is lighter and easy to pair with accessories. Titanium violet is darker and bolder, while titanium yellow is a statement without going overboard. Titanium orange is creamy and not too aggressive, while titanium blue is a subdued shade.


What are the rumoured colours for the Samsung S24?

Fortunately, there is a wide array of choices available for those who appreciate novel and captivating colours this time. The colour options available for the S24 and S24 Plus include Jade Green, Amber Yellow, Marble Grey, Onyx Black, and Cobalt Violet. Additionally, there are unique colours available only at Samsung stores, namely Sapphire Blue and Sandstone Orange.

Is the Samsung S24 Ultra waterproof?

Water and dust are resistant.
The Galaxy S24 Ultra has an IP68 rating for water and dust resistance, ensuring its readiness for any adventure, including encounters with puddles. The Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra have an IP68 rating. According to laboratory testing, the device can be submerged in fresh water up to a depth of 1.5 metres for a maximum duration of 30 minutes.

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