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The Samsung Galaxy Ring features are about to be unveiled, so gadget enthusiasts, brace yourselves. We got our first look at the Galaxy Ring at Samsung’s January 2024 Galaxy Unpacked event, and now we can’t wait for its possible July debut date since we’ve seen it in person. The Galaxy Ring seems to be equipped with an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor, which will allow it to track your blood flow and be offered in a variety of styles. You can count on robust integrations with Samsung Health, the company’s project for monitoring health.

The Galaxy Ring’s price and release date

Both the release date and price of the Galaxy Ring remain unknown, and neither has Samsung. Smart rings from brands like Oura, Evie, and Ultrahuman Ring Air may cost anywhere from $269 to $350. It is not out of the ordinary to expect the Galaxy Ring to fall inside that range.

In August, Samsung usually unveils new variants of the Galaxy Watch, as well as the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip foldable phones. Since the Galaxy Ring is comparable to the Galaxy Watch, it would be a perfect moment to officially debut it. If ETNews is to be believed, Samsung will unveil the phone at their July Unpacked event.

Until Samsung provides us with further information, we will have to wait. With the Galaxy Ring, Samsung seems to be ratcheting up its health monitoring goals, if nothing else.

The Galaxy Ring will be Android-only

Like the Galaxy Watch, Samsung’s smart ring will work with Android smartphones. I don’t know whether that’s permanent, however. The Galaxy Ring will only work with Android devices, according to Pak, who said, “Right now, yes.” Although it is premature to tell what Samsung has in store for the Galaxy Ring, it would undoubtedly make it more competitive with Oura if it were to make it compatible with the iPhone.  

Samsung Galaxy Ring Design

The Galaxy Ring is expected to be, well, a ring, as is rather evident. Having laid eyes on the Galaxy Ring in person (it debuted at MWC 2024 in February), we can attest to the fact that this wearable delivers just that.

According to ETNews, the wearable would be available in eight different versions, similar to the Oura Ring. We had originally expected four varieties. We may be mistaken in our assumption that “varieties” denotes sizes.

The Galaxy Ring will be available in three colors: black, gold, and silver, as revealed during the wearable’s public unveiling at MWC 2024. Upon closer inspection, we were especially impressed by the silver and gold alternatives.

Because we were only able to glimpse the Galaxy Ring via a glass cover, we were unable to take any measurements of it. It seemed from where we were looking that the Galaxy Ring was as wide as the Oura Ring. We can state that it is on the slender side and has a very modern appearance thanks to its polish.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Potential features

Based on ETNews’ reporting, the Galaxy Ring is expected to have several health-monitoring technologies, including an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor and a “blood flow measurements” sensor. Our expectations also include the possibility of sleep monitoring.

While a built-in heart rate monitor is standard fare for top fitness trackers, the gadget may also have more sophisticated functions like blood pressure monitoring and atrial fibrillation (AFib) diagnosis. On the other hand, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may need to approve a few of them, which may take a while.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Potential features

It could debut with certain aspects disabled, but the business plans to activate the sophisticated monitoring when it passes FDA regulations. Last year, Fitbit’s atrial fibrillation detection function, which is worn on the wrist, went through a similar procedure to be approved.

According to sources, Galaxy Ring owners will reportedly be able to manage other Samsung devices via the wearable. This is quite impressive, considering all the things you could accomplish with a finger wave.

If customers want their Galaxy Rings to fit like the Oura Ring or the long-gone Amazon Loop, they’ll probably need to take their finger measurements beforehand. For example, you may get a size kit and a ring at different times.

Galaxy Ring colors Likely 3 options to choose from

According to the prototype I saw after Unpacked, the Galaxy Ring will be available in three colors: silver, dark gray, and gold. According to ETNews, there may be eight different sizes available for the ring. My coworker had a similar experience with the Galaxy Ring not long ago; that model came in nine sizes and had the same ceramic black, silver, and gold color options (the latter of which I had previously characterized as gray).

However, as my coworker Katie Collins found out, the size of the ring might affect the battery’s capacity. The battery capacity ranged from 14.5 mAh for the lowest to 21.5 mAh for the biggest.

The style is understated and modern, almost like a classic wedding ring for the groom. It resembles the Oura ring in appearance. You could think it’s just another piece of jewelry, just like the Oura ring.

Samsung Galaxy Ring is what we’d like to see

Given the scarcity of smart bands on the market, we are crossing our fingers that the Samsung Galaxy Ring has the following features:

Temperature tracking: The Galaxy Ring may be useful for ladies who want to monitor their periods and pregnancy if it can record their temperature. It would also let you know if you were about to become sick.

Media control: According to reports, the Galaxy Ring has the potential to manage various.

Activity tracking: The Ring probably can’t utilize or fit a GPS, but it can detect your heart rate and keep tabs on your everyday activities like walking, jogging, and more. 

Advanced sleep tracking: The Galaxy Ring would presumably monitor your sleep, but it had better be reliable. This is just one more area where the opposition, particularly the Oura Ring, dominates the table stakes.  


The upcoming 2024 unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Ring will have an electrocardiogram sensor for health monitoring, as well as integration with Samsung Health. We don’t yet know the pricing or when it will be released, but we can assume it will be compatible with Android. The design incorporates a range of colors and patterns, and it may include health-monitoring capabilities like as measuring blood flow and tracking sleep. To be competitive with other smart bands, the gadget may also include media controls and sophisticated sleep monitoring capabilities.


How much will a Samsung ring cost?

Since the Oura Ring is the best-selling smart ring on the market, Oura has a commanding lead. You may anticipate the sale price of the Galaxy Ring to range from $260 to $450 if Samsung decides to join the market and compete with other smart rings, such as the Oura Ring.

What is a smart ring used for?

Wearable electronic devices that integrate mobile technology with features for easy on-the-go usage are called smart rings. Mobile payments, access management, gesture control, and activity monitoring are just a few of the features offered by these rings-on-a-finger devices.

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