One UI 5.1 on the A55:A Software Deep Dive (Features, Tweaks, and More)

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Samsung A55 software and UI (One UI 5.1): Samsung has always been at the forefront of innovation in the smartphone industry, and the release of the Samsung A55 software and UI (One UI 5.1) is no exception. In this deep dive, we’ll explore the intricacies of Samsung’s latest user interface, highlighting its features, tweaks, and everything in between.

The Samsung A55 software and UI (One UI 5.1) represent the pinnacle of smartphone technology. As we delve into the world of software and user interfaces, it becomes evident that Samsung has gone above and beyond to provide users with a seamless and intuitive experience.

Productivity of Samsung A55 software and UI (One UI 5.1)

Samsung A55 software and UI (One UI 5.1):Productivity of Samsung A55 software and UI (One UI 5.1)

Samsung A55 software and UI (One UI 5.1): The Multi-window feature of One UI 5.1 significantly increases everyday productivity. Now, you may copy text, images, and other data between two open apps in split-screen mode. Additionally, you can save two apps to form an app pair, which the Edge panel allows you to open whenever you like.

In order to appreciate the significance of One UI 5.1, allow us to briefly explore the development of Samsung’s user interface. Every phase that has gone into making the Samsung A55 as sophisticated as it is, from the initial TouchWiz versions to the more polished One UI versions.

The changelog for the beta release includes a list of all the features, enhancements, and adjustments that were made. We should note that since Samsung may be withholding some information until the devices are released, the beta may not have every new feature that will be present on future tablets and foldables. Nevertheless, we will keep this post updated if we learn of any new specifics.

Samsung One UI 5.1.1 features and improvements

Samsung A55 software and UI (One UI 5.1):Samsung One UI 5.1.1 features and improvements


The Camera app has undergone a number of small enhancements, including the addition of Expert RAW for compatible models. In the meantime, using the Effects option at the top of the screen to adjust the color tone (Natural or Bright) of your selfie photo is much simpler with the One UI 5.1.


One UI 5.0 provided fantastic new multitasking features and the One UI 5.1 adds further changes. The pop-up view now has a pre-defined line that you can drag to resize it. You can drag it to the top of the screen to make it larger or smaller.In addition, you’ll notice recent program icons that you’ve used and a Most Used Apps area that shows you the apps you use most frequently in split view. The One UI 5.1 upgrade includes these kinds of small adjustments, which significantly improve productivity and usability.

You can now enhance your low-resolution GIFs by using Samsung’s Remaster function, which now supports GIF files. Simply load any GIF in the Samsung Gallery app, select the Remaster option from the hamburger menu, and then let artificial intelligence handle the rest.


When you choose a video to set as your wallpaper, One UI 5.1 now makes recommendations for the best video clip based on enhanced AI utilization. Here’s how to do it: Access Wallpaper > Choose a video from your gallery; the greatest point will be recommended under “Trim”; if you approve of the proposal, there’s no need to edit it once again.

Samsung refers to the Google Photos-inspired feature seen in One UI 5.1’s Gallery app as “People management.” You will be given recommendations to combine groups of persons who are analyzed as being of the same type or person.


The Battery Status Widget is another item that was taken from Apple’s iOS and the Stock Android. The One UI 5.1 update includes the Battery Status Widgets, which were shown off during the One UI 5.0 launch. The home screen widgets that show the connected devices’ and phone’s battery life come in two alternative layouts. The One UI 5.1 improves the weather widget in addition to adding a new Battery Widget. When you start the Weather Widget, details about the weather, including severe weather alerts and specifics of daily weather summaries and predictions, will be displayed.

Samsung Internet

If your data is synchronized and both of your devices are signed in with the same Samsung account, you can now access the internet from one of them. To enable “Samsung Internet,” navigate to Settings > Samsung account > Sync settings. A Samsung A55 online pop-up will appear on the screen; click it to carry on with your online browsing.

AR Zone

The AR Zone feature is considerably more sophisticated and enjoyable with One UI 5.1. A second AR Emoji can now be included in a single sticker. Make each emoji unique, then mix and match them however you see fit. Include phrases and actions: Make your stickers come to life by giving each emoji its own action and expression.

When will my phone get One UI 5.1?

Samsung A55 software and UI (One UI 5.1):When will my phone get One UI 5.1?

Samsung A55 software and UI (One UI 5.1): When One UI 5.1 debuted in February, it was initially compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S23 series. Since then, the update has been available for older Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S22, S21, and S20 series, as well as the Galaxy Z Flip 4, Z Fold 4, Z Flip 3, and Z Fold 3. One UI 5.1 has also been updated for tablets in the S8 and S7. Beyond that, Samsung has not yet released an official release schedule. You should have One UI 5.1 already, or you soon will, if your Samsung tablet or phone is still up for software updates.

One UI 5.1 design and enhancements

Samsung A55 software and UI (One UI 5.1): The proprietary Android user interface developed by Samsung was not significantly altered by One UI 5.1. A few minor adjustments were made, too, including separate wallpapers for Modes and Routines, additional lock screen customization options, and a few minor adjustments to the Media Output interface and sound volume indicators.

The redesigned battery widget in Samsung A55 software and UI (One UI 5.1), which supports the host Galaxy phone or tablet as well as connected wearable devices—as well as suggestions, smart suggestions, and dynamic weather widgets are among the most notable visual updates.


Samsung A55 software and UI (One UI 5.1) are significant advancements in smartphone technology, offering a seamless and intuitive experience for users. The multi-window feature significantly increases productivity by allowing users to copy text, images, and other data between two open apps in split-screen mode. The Samsung A55 software and UI (One UI 5.1) update also includes improvements to the Camera app, including the addition of Expert RAW for compatible models and the ability to adjust the color tone of selfie photos.


Is the A55 compatible with older Samsung devices?

While One UI 5.1 is designed for the A55, compatibility with older devices may vary. Check Samsung’s official website for a list of supported devices.

Can I revert to an older UI version if I prefer it?

Samsung generally does not provide options to revert to older UI versions. Users are encouraged to explore the latest updates for the best experience.

How often does Samsung release software updates?

Samsung typically releases regular software updates to enhance performance and introduce new features. Check your device’s settings for the latest update information.

Are there any known compatibility issues with third-party apps?

While Samsung strives for compatibility, occasional issues may arise with third-party apps. Keep your apps updated to minimize compatibility challenges.

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