Power Up! Extend Your A55 Battery Life with These Secret Hacks

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How to improve Samsung A55 battery life: The way a battery is utilized has a significant impact on its useful life, and the battery lives of various devices vary. The user manual for your device will tell you how long the battery should last on your model. The following advice will teach you how to take care of your battery and maximize its performance in daily use.

Our devices are constantly getting better, and we are constantly getting updates. If not handled correctly, these upgrades could drain your battery, though.

Thus, how can you help?

Stay in mind! We offer a fix if your Galaxy battery starts to drain quickly.

Reduce display brightness level

How to improve Samsung A55 battery life:Reduce display brightness level

How to improve Samsung A55 battery life: Extended screen time-out settings and high display brightness will increase battery drain. Lowering the screen brightness is one of the easiest ways to increase the battery life of your device. Here’s how to do it:

  1. To display the notification panel, slide down from the top of the home screen.
  2. Slide the brightness slider in a downward direction.
  3. Modify the screen time-out setting concurrently. Press the upper gear symbol. Click the My Device tab, then choose Display.
  4. Select Screen timeout > Customize your time-out settings.

Special Advice: Consider putting the display brightness on auto and the screen timeout on 30 seconds.

Close, disable or uninstall unused Apps

How to improve Samsung A55 battery life: Some apps have the potential to drain your battery through background processes. When the time comes to removing your unnecessary apps, there are several methods you can employ.

Quickest method for removing apps:

  1) Long-tap the app on your home screen.

2) Press the >Uninstall symbol. OK, next.

 For more app control:

1) Select apps under Settings. 

2) To arrange apps by size or required permissions, tap the overflow icon located in the upper right corner.

3) To remove an app, just tap its name and then the Uninstall icon.

Disable apps to increase battery life: 

How to improve Samsung A55 battery life: Unfortunately, some apps cannot be uninstalled on certain Galaxy devices, like the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+.If you want to extend the life of your battery, you can disable the apps. Just choose Disable after taking any of the aforementioned steps to disable programs.

Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS when not in use.

How to improve Samsung A55 battery life:Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS when not in use.

How to improve Samsung A55 battery life: The best course of action if you’re accustomed to always having these features enabled, regardless of usage, is to switch them off when not in use, as each signal detection will deplete your battery. Just pull the notification panel down from the screen’s edge and hit the symbol for each feature you want to disable.

Adaptive Fast Charging

How to improve Samsung A55 battery life:Adaptive Fast Charging

How to improve Samsung A55 battery life: The Galaxy A55’s adaptive fast charging technology from Samsung is yet another fantastic feature. This technology ensures a safe and effective charging procedure by adjusting the charging speed in response to the temperature and battery level of the device. The A55 can be charged to 50% capacity in approximately 30 minutes with a suitable charger. When customers are on the go and need a quick battery boost, this is tremendously helpful.

Power Delivery (PD) Charging

Additionally, Power Delivery (PD) charging—a global rapid charging standard—is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy A55. This implies that you may quickly charge your device using power banks and chargers that are compatible with PD. Higher power levels can be delivered with PD charging, which makes it perfect for charging not just your A55 but also other gadgets like tablets and laptops.

Turn off Always On Display (AOD) or set schedule

How to improve Samsung A55 battery life: ”Always On Display, or AOD, shows you specific information when your screen is “off” by using AMOLED displays. It makes it simple to verify fundamental data, including the date and time, without turning on the display. It goes without saying that any activity that keeps your screen on all the time will drain some battery life. AOD can be turned off or scheduled to turn on and off at specific times.

To disable AOD:

1) Select Always On Display under Lock Screen and Security under Settings.

2) Tap the AOD slider to turn off AOD (the circle will move to the left).

To establish a timetable on AOD:

1) Select Always On Display under Lock Screen and Security under Settings.

2) Press Set Schedule, then adhere to the instructions on your device.

Special advice: If you wear a watch, schedule the AOD to show in the evening while you’re at home and not wearing one.

Battery Life and Optimization

How to improve Samsung A55 battery life:Battery life and optimization must be included when talking about charging choices. Although the Galaxy A55 has a strong battery, there are some best practices that you should adhere to in order to extend its life. To increase the amount of time your device’s battery lasts between charges, avoid overcharging it, keep it at a comfortable temperature while charging, and think about utilizing power-saving settings.

Turn on power-saving mode

How to improve Samsung A55 battery life: By limiting mobile device CPU performance, lowering screen brightness, disabling touch key light, and disabling vibration feedback, power-saving mode saves battery life. Although this mode varies widely across devices, in general, it will turn off all unused apps and screens to significantly extend the life of your battery. You have two options: either manually activate power-saving mode or program your gadget to do it on its own. 

Navigate to Settings > Maintenance of Device > Battery

Conclusion: How to improve Samsung A55 battery life

How to improve Samsung A55 battery life: In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy A55 offers several tips to extend battery life and optimize its performance.

Battery life and optimization are crucial for the Galaxy A55. To maximize its lifespan, avoid overcharging, keep the device at a moderate temperature during charging, and consider using power-saving modes.


How do I stop my Samsung battery from draining so fast?

Select battery and gadget maintenance (or battery). Click or tap Optimize Now. Some Android smartphones will display a list of apps that are wasting too much battery life, along with a warning message. After tapping each message, choose Restrict.

How can I improve battery quality?

Activate low power or battery saver mode. Certain Android phones have a low-power or battery conservation mode that extends the life of a charge.
Steerlear of activities that leave the screen on.
Steer clear of a continuous internet connection.
Steer clear of actions that process excessive amounts of data.
Limit your location and connectivity.

Is dark mode better for batteries?

Features that save smartphone batteries, such as the dark mode setting, are becoming more and more popular. A Purdue University study, however, indicates that the option is unlikely to have a major effect on the longer battery life that both iOS and Android support for phones.

Is a battery drain in 6-7 minutes normal?

Try looking for any background activities that are using a lot of power, or if the device is older, think about having the battery checked. About 100% in 600–700 minutes is equivalent to 1% in 6–7 minutes. That is roughly ten hours. It’s basically standard for phones these days.

How many years does a Samsung battery last?

Your Samsung Galaxy S10 battery should last between two and three years, or 300 to 500 rounds of charging, depending on which happens first. One charge cycle is defined as the period of time when the lithium-ion battery in your phone is entirely charged, fully discharged, and then fully charged again. Is your phone dying early in the day?

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