Lasting Days, Not Hours: Unveiling the Oppo A18 battery life

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The Oppo A18 has emerged as a noteworthy contender in the smartphone market, boasting a myriad of features designed to enhance the user experience. Among its standout attributes is its exceptional battery life, which sets it apart from the competition.

OPPO A18 Battery: Powering Through the Day

OPPO A18 Battery: Powering Through the Day

With its large 5000mAh battery, the OPPO A18 will keep going strong all day long. With moderate use, the battery life can be easily extended to two days, making it a dependable companion for people who are often on the move.

Extended battery life and safe charging

Extended battery life and safe charging

With its huge 5000mAh battery, the OPPO A18 reduces users’ fears about battery life and capacity. Even after 12 hours of work and daily activities, the smartphone will still have over 20% of its battery life remaining on a full charge.

OPPO has also unveiled a suite of exclusive technologies meant to improve the security of charging and the dependability of batteries. If you charge your device overnight or for long periods, All-Day Charging Protection can learn your charging habits and intelligently plan charging to keep you safe and make the most of your charging time. Even when the battery level is as low as 5%, All-Day AI Power Saving ensures support for 25 hours of standby time.

Enhanced quality begins with durability.

The Oppo A18 is built to last, thanks to its IP54 dustproof and waterproof classification and IPX4 water resistance, which protect it from water splashes and damp situations. The OPPO A18 has undergone six strict tests to guarantee its quality and dependability: physical drops, water, radiation, climatic damage, repeated minor drops, and signal stability.

OPPO A18 Compared to Other Smartphones: Weighing the Options

Its exceptional battery life, feature set, and performance set it apart from competing smartphones in its price category. It’s camera quality and intuitive design are two of its strongest selling points.

The following table provides an overview of the OPPO A18’s technical specifications:

Display size6.56 inches
Display resolution1612 x 720 pixels
Display typeIPS LCD
ProcessorHelio G85
Internal storage64GB
Expandable storageUp to 256GB via microSD card
Rear camera50MP main sensor, 2MP depth sensor
Front camera8MP
Battery capacity5000mAh
Operating systemColorOS 11.1 (based on Android 11)
Additional featuresSide-mounted fingerprint sensor, Face unlock, Three-finger translate with Google Lens, Five-grade access control


The Oppo A18 is a standout smartphone with exceptional battery life, offering over two days of power on a full charge. Its 5000mAh battery ensures ample power for daily use, and OPPO has introduced exclusive technologies to enhance charging safety and reliability. The device has an IP54 dustproof and waterproof rating, with IPX4 water resistance, protecting against water splashes or humid environments. The OPPO A18’s camera performance and user-friendly interface further enhance its appeal. The phone has passed six major tests, including physical drops, water, radiation, climate damage, repeated small drops, and signal stability tests. The Oppo A18’s camera performance and user-friendly interface make it a standout choice in the smartphone market.


How fast is the Oppo A18 charging?

This potent combo will put an end to lag and allow you to multitask with ease. Stay connected and productive all day long with the OPPO A18, with its powerful 5000mAh battery and 19.35W quick charging. When you’re doing vital things, you won’t have to worry about the battery dying.

What is the refresh rate of the Oppo A18?

90Hz refresh rate
Not every mobile phone use case can be accommodated with a 90 Hz refresh rate. 5. Assuming High Brightness Mode (HBM), 720 nits.

Is the Oppo A18 waterproof?

Dual SIM (nano-SIM, dual standby), dust and splash resistance (IP54), and more are some of its features. The Oppo A18 has a dual-camera system with 8 megapixels for wide-angle and 2 megapixels for depth.

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