Top 10 OnePlus Watch 2 Features You Need to Know About

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t:Are you prepared to take smartwatch technology at its next level? The OnePlus Watch 2 is going to completely change how you use your smartwatch. The OnePlus Watch 2 differentiates itself from other smartwatches, which are becoming important in our daily lives, by providing a range of sophisticated OnePlus Watch 2 features that appeal to fitness fans, technology fans, and general users equally,

 in addition to the fundamental functionality. This watch offers it all, from a stylish appearance and bright display to strong health and fitness tracking OnePlus Watch 2 features . Explore our in-depth analysis of the top 10 OnePlus Watch 2 features that set the OnePlus Watch 2 apart from the competition in the wearables market. With the OnePlus Watch 2, you can stay connected and improve your health monitoring all at once. Its stylish and accurate design appeals to your demands.

Sturdy design that appears elegant

OnePlus Watch 2 features:Sturdy design that appears elegant

With two strangely positioned pushers on the left side of the stainless steel case, the watch’s unusual yet stylish appearance definitely sticks out, but it also focuses on durability. The Watch 2 is reportedly capable of withstanding pressures of up to 5 ATM underwater, or roughly 50 meters. Additionally, according to OnePlus. 

The Watch 2 is constructed according to MIL-STD-810H US military requirements, so you can submerge it in water, use it in the mountains, and expose it to extreme temperatures. In addition, it has IP68 certification for dust and water protection. OnePlus Watch 2 features a 1.43-inch AMOLED round display that is quite sharp, with a resolution of 466 x 466 and a standard refresh rate of 60 Hz. The entire design is quite durable because this circular display is positioned above a 2.5D sapphire crystal face.

It’s got two processors

OnePlus Watch 2 features:It's got two processors

The Dual-Engine Architecture of the OnePlus Watch 2 is one of its unique characteristics. OnePlus Watch 2 features two separate chipsets that collaborate to seamlessly switch between the two operating systems. OnePlus claims that this change occurs automatically and has no impact on the user experience. The wearable’s RTOS portion of the software is run by a BES2700 chipset, while the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 platform powers the Wear OS portion of the software. According to OnePlus, this was done to increase battery life.

There’s two operating systems as well

OnePlus says that background operations, including daily tasks and fitness tracking, are handled by its RTOS software, which is available on less expensive wearables like the now-canceled Nord Watch. The more intelligent Wear OS 4 saves power by only waking up when necessary to execute apps. This is comparable to the fused software experience offered by the Oppo Watch, which combined Wear OS with Color OS when it was released in 2020.

Because the OHealth companion app—which is exclusively available for Android—syncs with Google’s Health Connect service, your data is not restricted to the OnePlus ecosystem and may be shared or taken elsewhere. It’s unfortunate that OnePlus decided not to create an iOS app for the dual-OS wristwatch, even though the device runs RTOS.

Aims for above average battery life

OnePlus Watch 2 features: Aims for above average battery life

OnePlus Watch 2 features:The primary highlight of the OnePlus Watch 2 is, in fact, its supposedly “market-beating” battery life. With Power Saver Mode, OnePlus claims that customers may use the watch for up to 12 days without needing to charge thanks to its Dual-Engine Architecture, which uses two chipsets and seamless software switching. 

While some smartwatches have power-saving modes, the capabilities that measure fitness are reduced. We can’t wait to test out OnePlus’s promise that its special hardware and software configuration would enable health tracking in our review. Additionally, the wearable includes a larger battery with a 500mAh reserve, which is larger than the typical battery seen in the majority of Wear OS wearables on the market today, as shown by earlier leaks.

OnePlus Watch 2 Connectivity

OnePlus Watch 2 features:Based on what we have seen so far, the OnePlus Watch 2 appears to be very proud of its achievements. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and dual-frequency GPS location are available for connectivity. But this watch doesn’t have an eSIM or any kind of cellular connectivity. Therefore, if one is in the woods and there isn’t any Wi-Fi around, they will require an Android smartphone that is compatible. 

Put simply, it’s still not a stand-alone gadget like the Apple Watch Series 9 or the Galaxy Watch 6, both of which have cellular connectivity. The OnePlus team claims that it was left out because input from users and the community indicated that it was not necessary. via consumers in India, NFC payments via Google Pay are still absent.

The OnePlus 2 will be subjected to our exacting testing procedure. To find out if this a watch lives up to its high offers and maybe moves OnePlus one step closer to finishing its ecosystem circle, stay tuned for our in-depth review, which will be released soon.

Impressive fitness tracking 

I don’t think of OnePlus as a health brand the same way I think of Samsung and Apple, so my expectations about the OnePlus Watch 2’s fitness monitoring capabilities weren’t very high. However, as it turns out, the watch is equipped with support for numbers of different sports and an activity-tracking software that makes it simple to keep track of your daily movement, including how many steps you take. Additional wellness data from the sleep and stress tracking apps can be accessed on your wrist or in the accompanying OHealth app for Android.

I noticed that the Google Pixel Watch 2 had one of the most accurate heart rate sensors out there, so I contrasted it with its sensor. The readings from the OnePlus Watch 2 lined up exactly. For some sports, like running, the OnePlus watch offers some advanced information, but I still prefer Google’s fitness numbers obtained from Fitbit. Consider the following: VO2 max, stride length, cadence, pace, vertical amplitude, and ground contact duration.

Music and Media Control

The OnePlus Watch 2’s media and music control functions, which offer a practical way to regulate audio playback, will appeal to music fans. With the watch, users can conveniently control music playback without reaching for their phone by playing, pausing, skipping tracks, and adjusting volume all from the palm of their hand. It guarantees compatibility with users’ pre-existing music libraries by supporting well-known music streaming apps and services. When it comes to exercising, traveling, and other activities when having quick access to music is required, this function is ideal. The watch’s general usability is improved by the inclusion of music control, which makes it a useful tool for everyday use.

Built-in GPS and Navigation

OnePlus Watch 2 features:Because of its integrated GPS, the OnePlus Watch 2 excels in the field of navigation as well. For outdoor sports like cycling, hiking, and jogging, the watch’s precise location monitoring is helpful. Without taking out their smartphone, users can obtain instructions and find their way thanks to the GPS functionality’s support for navigation capabilities. The watch is now even more functional and convenient thanks to its built-in GPS, which makes it a useful tool for anyone who spends time outside or needs dependable navigation support. The OnePlus Watch 2’s GPS accuracy and dependability make it a trustworthy partner for a range of activities.

OnePlus Watch 2 features:Waterproof and Durability

OnePlus Watch 2 features:Any wearable device must have durability, and the OnePlus Watch 2 is made to endure the weather. It is appropriate for swimming and other water-based activities due to its waterproof certification. Furthermore, the watch is made of sturdy materials that are resistant to impacts and scratches, meaning it can withstand normal wear and tear. The OnePlus Watch 2 is made to last, whether you’re using it for daily activities or working out. Because of its longevity, users can depend on their watch to perform as intended in a range of situations and activities without any concern about wear or damage.

Voice Assistant Integration

Another smart addition to the OnePlus Watch 2 that improves use and functionality is voice assistant integration. With the help of well-known voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, consumers may use voice commands to operate their watch and other linked devices. The ability to operate smart home devices, check the weather, create reminders, and more is made possible with this hands-free feature. The voice assistant is a handy addition to the OnePlus Watch 2 features set, and it’s easy to set up and use. The OnePlus Watch 2 is a multipurpose device that can streamline a lot of daily tasks thanks to the voice assistant integration.


The OnePlus Watch 2 is a smartwatch that offers a range of sophisticated OnePlus Watch 2 features that cater to fitness, technology, and general users. Its stylish design, durable construction, and strong health and fitness tracking features set it apart from competitors. The watch features a 1.43-inch AMOLED round display with a resolution of 466 x 466 and a standard refresh rate of 60 Hz. It is built according to MIL-STD-810H US military requirements and is IP68-certified for water and dust resistance. 

The Dual-Engine Architecture of the OnePlus Watch 2 features two separate chipsets that seamlessly switch between the two operating systems, enhancing battery life. The RTOS software handles background operations, while the Wear OS 4 saves power by only waking up when necessary to execute apps. The OHealth companion app syncs with Google’s Health Connect service, allowing data sharing or taking elsewhere. 


What does the OnePlus Watch 2 do?

A couple of the features that make Wear OS 4 on the OnePlus Watch 2 an amazing experience are effortless health tracking, fast sync with compatible accessories, and maintaining connectivityOnePlus phone owners can also take advantage of other services like alarm synchronization and weather info.

What are two key health tracking features available on the OnePlus Watch 2?

The state-of-the-art hardware in the Watch 2 combined with health tracking features8 (such as heart rate, VO2 max, and blood oxygen level, or SpO2) provide you a complete picture of your health.

Does the OnePlus Watch 2 have a speaker?

The OnePlus Watch 2 has a speaker and a covert microphone on the back of the wearable, and it supports Bluetooth calling. In addition, it features an LED-lit heart rate sensor and SpO2 meter.

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