OnePlus Pad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: Which is the Best Tablet for You?

By ANAS KHAN 10 Min Read

OnePlus Pad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Two of the greatest tablets you should consider buying are the OnePlus Pad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. These tablets have an abundance of features, excellent performance, and a gorgeous look. These tablets have something to offer everyone, regardless of whether you need them for business, play, or leisure. The OnePlus Pad 2’s well-known price without compromising quality makes it an excellent buy.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, on the other hand, is praised for its vast feature set, sturdy construction, and vivid display, all of which improve the user experience. We will analyse and assess each feature of the two models to help you select the ideal tablet. Examining their features, designs, battery life, and other aspects is part of this.

Design and Build Quality

The sleek, simple look of the [OnePlus Pad 2] (OnePlus Pad 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8) draws attention right away. Its tiny form makes it comfortable to handle for extended periods and its opulent-feeling metal body. The device’s well-thought-out button and port positions, together with its beautifully crafted edges, demonstrate how meticulously every element has been considered. OnePlus put a lot of effort into creating a tablet that is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly comfortable to use.

Unlike the OnePlus Pad 2, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 offers a compromise between durability and design. Because of its sturdy metal design, the tablet can tolerate normal wear and tear. With an emphasis on maximising screen real estate, while keeping the overall size acceptable, the design is straightforward and contemporary. Because of Samsung’s evident dedication to quality, the Galaxy Tab S8 is a dependable and appealing option for any user.

Display Quality

The OnePlus Pad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 has a superb display. Its bright, clear images on a high-resolution screen make it ideal for gaming, viewing films and browsing the internet. The striking colours and superb contrast produce an engrossing visual experience. The OnePlus Pad 2’s display makes sure that everything looks great whether you’re indoors or out.

When comparing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 with OnePlus Pad 2, the former has a better display. The Galaxy Tab S8 is just another illustration of Samsung’s remarkable and well-known screen technology. Rich colours and deep blacks are displayed on a bright, colourful display that enhances whatever you see on it. The tablet is enjoyable to use for any activity due to its high refresh rate, which guarantees fluid scrolling and a quick touch interface.

Performance and Speed

The [OnePlus Pad 2] is powered by a strong internal system OnePlus Pad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. Because of its cutting-edge CPUs, it can handle anything you throw at it. Smooth multitasking, fast app launches, and lag-free gaming are all made possible by the powerful internals. The OnePlus Pad 2 is a great option for people who need a reliable device for regular use or heavy users.

Nor does it perform any better than the [Samsung Galaxy Tab S8](OnePlus Pad 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8). Thanks to its modern CPUs, it runs quickly and effectively. Heavy-duty apps on the tablet, such those for video editing and gaming, may function without any problems. No matter what you’re doing, Samsung’s optimisation keeps the device quick and fluid, making for a wonderful user experience.

Operating System and User Interface

The Oxygen Operating System, a customised version of Android with a well-known user interface, powers the OnePlus Pad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. OxygenOS provides an almost entirely Android experience along with useful features. Because of its simple navigation, practical customisations, and frequent updates, Android users love using the platform.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, in contrast to the OnePlus Pad 2, is dependent on Samsung’s exclusive One UI Android overlay. The user’s convenience and accessibility are taken into consideration when designing one UI. It has a plethora of features designed specifically for tablets, such productivity tools and improved multitasking. The user experience is excellent due to the well-designed and fluid interface.

Battery Life and Charging

The OnePlus Pad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 offers an exceptional battery life, which is a crucial feature of a tablet. Under heavy use, the huge battery that comes with it readily lasts for the entire day. The OnePlus Pad 2 will keep up with you whether you’re playing games, watching videos, or browsing the web. When you do need to plug in, the fast charging capacity makes sure you won’t be stuck to the outlet for a long time.

The outstanding battery life of the [Samsung Galaxy Tab S8](OnePlus Pad 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8) is another advantage. It is made to last extended periods of enjoyment and demanding workdays without requiring recharging. The effective battery management system maximises power utilisation, allowing you to maximise the effectiveness of each charge. The Galaxy Tab S8 charges rapidly thanks to its fast charging capabilities, so you’re never left waiting.

Camera Capabilities

The story about tablets’ cameras was modified when the [OnePlus Pad 2] became available OnePlus Pad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. It has a clever camera arrangement that produces incredibly sharp images and videos. Whether taking pictures or making video calls, the tablet’s camera produces bright, crisp images. You may photograph in a range of conditions with freedom thanks to the various capabilities and settings.

The OnePlus Pad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is an excellent choice with a configurable camera setup that can accommodate a range of needs. Its high-resolution sensors ensure that even in dimly lit settings, clear, detailed images are provided. While the rear camera can easily handle photography and video recording, the front camera is excellent for selfies and video conferences. Numerous settings and modes are available in Samsung’s camera software, which enhances the whole experience.


Both the OnePlus Pad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 are superb tablets with a wealth of amazing features and performance capabilities. The OnePlus Pad 2 is a fantastic option for anyone searching for a high-end tablet at an affordable price because of its stunning appearance, excellent value, and potent internal components. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is a sight to behold because to its brilliant display, sturdy construction, and extensive feature set, which includes excellent networking and audio capabilities.

These tablets have a lot of storage that can be increased with microSD cards, long-lasting batteries, and outstanding performance for multimedia, productivity, and gaming. The overwhelming positive feedback left by users on both devices attests to their overall value, functionality, and design. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 and the OnePlus Pad 2 are both excellent products that may fulfil a variety of tasks; ultimately, the decision is down on personal preference and demands. 


Q1: Which tablet has a better display between the OnePlus Pad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8?

Both tablets have excellent screens, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is known for having better screen technology and more vibrant colours.

Q2: Can I play games on the OnePlus Pad 2?

Yes, you can have an amazing gaming experience with the OnePlus Pad 2 because of its powerful processor and clear display.

Q3: What is the battery life difference between the OnePlus Pad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8?

Both tablets have exceptional battery lives, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 has efficient battery management that maximises power utilisation.

Q4: Can the storage capacity of the OnePlus Pad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 be increased?

Yes, both tablets have an expandable storage option using microSD cards that allows for greater storage capacity.

Q5: Which tablet is more affordable, the OnePlus Pad 2 or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8?

The OnePlus Pad 2 is generally more affordable and provides excellent value for its features, whereas the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, although more costly, offers an abundance of luxurious capabilities.

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