Unveiling the Fix: Nothing Phone 2 Error Solutions

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Welcome to a detailed tutorial on fixing those annoying problems that crop up on our beloved cell phones from time to time. Problems with our electronic gadgets may be a major inconvenience in the hectic society we live in. Rest assured, however; this document has a wealth of information on how to fix the “Nothing Phone 2 Error.”

App drawer search opens the wrong app

App drawer search opens the wrong app

Some customers have reported that when they use the app drawer’s search box to access an app, the incorrect app opens instead. It seems that this incorrect program was the one that was in that spot in the app drawer before using the search feature.

Potential solutions:

  • This appears to happen because there’s a little delay between when you type in the name of an app into the search bar and when it truly “works.” Just giving it a few more seconds after the search box displays the results should be enough.
  • This is probably due to the phone’s animation settings; if you want to avoid latency in the animations, you may adjust them.
    • Please turn on developer options first. To access Nothing OS, open the Settings menu, then go to About Phone. After that, press the Build number a few times until a message reads, “You are now a developer.”
    • To access the developer options, go to Settings > System. Find the Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale by scrolling down the page. Toggle them between on and off or set them to 0.5x.

Performance issues—freezing, lag

Performance issues—freezing, lag

When it comes to performance, the Nothing Phone 2 is generally up to scratch. However, customers have reported a wide range of performance concerns, which seem to be caused by software bugs.

  • Nothing released a software update in January to address the issue of the home screen freezing on the Phone 2. This problem persisted with the latest big upgrade to OS version 2.5.1. An app could be at fault if the problem persists. See whether the issue remains after booting into Safe Mode (the directions for doing so are in the Guides section below). If it doesn’t work, you may try removing any programs that have been recently updated or installed to see if that solves the problem.
  • If you’re experiencing lag when using picture-in-picture mode, you may want to try deleting the app cache of the app in question to see if it helps. To clear the cache of an app, go to the following menu: Settings > Apps > See all Apps > (app name) > Storage and Cache. Another option is to use Clear Storage, but before you do, make a backup of any vital data since it completely resets the program.
  • Random reboots and crash dump mode: In the event of a catastrophic failure, the device will power down automatically in crash dump mode. However, some customers are seeing unexpected reboots and crash dump reports, often without being able to identify the offending program or system configuration. Since malicious software is probably to blame, uninstalling any applications that you have installed or updated lately could help. If you can identify the offending program, erasing its cache and storage may fix the problem. Resetting the device to factory settings may be your last resort (you can find the necessary information in the Help section).
  • When the “Not Responding” warning message shows up, some customers have reported that the phone launcher freezes after a restart, leaving them with little choice except to force-stop the program. It may help to erase the cache and storage of the launcher app if it resolves the issue.

Charging issues

There have been a few reports of charging issues among Nothing Phone 2 users. Several customers have complained about the phone’s smart charging feature malfunctioning or that it charges at a slower rate than anticipated.

Potential solutions:

  • There is no charger included with the Nothing Phone 2, and if your phone takes longer than anticipated to charge, it’s probably because you’re using an incompatible charger. Use a 45-watt USB-PD charger for the quickest charging possible. In addition to our advice on how to identify the correct charger for your phone, there are many third-party wall chargers available that fulfill the required criteria.
  • Make sure the cable isn’t damaged or worn out if you’re still experiencing slower-than-expected charging after using the right charger. Disabling the phone’s battery optimization features could be necessary as well. To disable the adaptive battery, go to Settings > Battery > Turn it Off.
  • However, there are a few people who have complained that the smart charging feature doesn’t function. This feature is supposed to keep the phone charged overnight in the most efficient way possible.
    • Begin by making sure the feature is turned on. Toggle on Battery Health in Settings > Battery.
    • The other battery functions of the phone, such as adaptive battery and sleep standby optimization, must be enabled, according to users.
    • If it still doesn’t work, setting an alarm (anytime between 3 and 10 in the morning) will do the trick, regardless of whether you use your phone’s alarm or not.

Display issues

Users have reported that, despite the Nothing Phone 2’s adjustable refresh rate ranging from 1 to 120 Hz, the display refresh rate remains fixed at 120 Hz. However, there are a small number of customers who have mentioned that the phone’s refresh rate is limited to 90 Hz.

Potential solutions:

  • Toggling the option appears to resolve the issue if the phone isn’t attaining the required 120Hz refresh rate. After you’ve restarted your phone, go to Settings > Display > Refresh Rate and toggle it to Standard. After that, go back to high school.
  • When the refresh rate of the screen remains constant, it seems that this is related to the brightness level. Too little light on the screen will render the adaptive refresh rate useless. Some users have found success by increasing the brightness to more than 55%.

The fingerprint unlock is not working.

Some customers have complained that the fingerprint unlock feature doesn’t function or that it fails many times before finally identifying a fingerprint.

Potential solutions:

  • It appears that adding the same fingerprint twice works. To add the same fingerprint again, go to Settings > Security > Fingerprint.
  • The screen protector may be hindering the in-screen fingerprint scanner. If you’ve applied a screen protector and then reapplied your fingerprints, it should work. For further protection, while using a screen protector, you have the option to raise the touch sensitivity. Press the “Increase Touch Sensitivity” option in the Display section of the Settings menu.
  • It seems that a system fault is at the root of the fingerprint scanner problems in certain severe instances. A factory reset would be the only course of action in such a situation. Resetting the device seems to fix the fingerprint sensor, according to users. Before you reset your phone, make sure you have a backup, since it will delete all of your data.

The security feature is not working

As you type a password, you can see that the text flashes on the screen before rapidly turning into dots or stars. An improved password security feature on the Nothing Phone 2 makes sure not even that brief character flash will happen. Turn off Show Passwords in Settings > Security and Privacy > Privacy to activate this function.

Users have noted that when entering a PIN or password on the lock screen, this does not seem to function properly. The option is in a different menu, not because of a flaw. Turn on Enhanced PIN Privacy under the Screen Lock Settings (gear symbol) under Security and Privacy in the Settings menu.

For all solutions, wait for a software update

When it comes to software upgrades, nobody does a good job of fixing bugs, and there are plenty of issues for which there is currently no solution. Keep your phone up-to-date, and look at the version history to see if there’s a patch for any problems you’re experiencing in the next rollout.


This guide provides solutions to the “Nothing Phone 2 Error” on smartphones. It addresses issues like app drawer search opening the wrong app, performance issues like freezing and lag, and rogue apps causing crashes. To resolve these issues, enable Developer Options, set animation scales, and clear the app cache. If the issue persists, try booting the device into Safe Mode, uninstalling apps, clearing the app cache, or attempting a factory reset. If the launcher freezes after boot, clear the app cache and storage.


What are the problems with Nothing Phone 1?

The problem will be temporarily resolved after rebooting the phone. But it keeps popping back up at random, and rebooting it doesn’t cure it. However, WhatsApp calls are problem-free. The phone also has cracked rear glass since it fell out of my fingers a few months ago.

What should I do if my phone won’t turn on?

Give your phone a minimum of 30 minutes to charge. Keep the power button pressed down for a few seconds. To restart your phone, either press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds or hit the Restart button on your screen.

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