M4 Macbook Pro Price Breakdown: How Much Will It Cost in 2024?

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The M4 MacBook Pro price breakdown analyzes the expected cost of Apple’s newest version of the MacBook Pro in 2024. Consumers are eagerly awaiting updates to Apple’s iconic laptop line, with the M4 variant expected to bring significant advancements in performance, design, and features as technology evolves. The breakdown aims to estimate the total cost by taking into account the base model price, possible configurations, extra accessories, and any relevant taxes or fees.

The breakdown provides a detailed overview of the expected investment consumers may need to make in the M4 MacBook Pro based on historical pricing trends, industry insights, and speculations from tech analysts. This aims to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

The M4 MacBook Pro is rumored to be in development at Apple

The M4 MacBook Pro is rumored to be in development at Apple

Apple launched new MacBook Pro models featuring the M3 in October 2023 and continues to maintain its momentum. Speculations indicate that the M4 MacBook Pro series is currently being developed.

Transitioning from Intel to Apple Silicon raised uncertainties regarding the frequency of Apple’s chipset iterations and releases. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the ability to predict the cycle initially, but rumors of M4 entering development provide insight into future expectations.

Apple Silicon advanced to its third generation in October 2023 with the introduction of three chipsets: the M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max. Apple announced three chips simultaneously for the first time, reserving the M3 Ultra for a future release.

Rumors suggest that an M4 is in development shortly after the release of the M3 MacBook Air. Apple consistently strives for innovation with new products internally, but it brings up the issue of frequency once more.

How strong will the M4 MacBook Pro be?

How strong will the M4 MacBook Pro be?

Gurman did not provide any additional details about the Apple M4 MacBook Pro other than confirming its existence, so we can only speculate at this point. The M3 MacBook Pro scored 11,870 in Geekbench 6 multi-core performance, while the M2 MacBook Pro scored 8,911 in Geekbench 5.4 multi-core performance. The initial M1 MacBook Pro obtained a multi-core score of 5,882 on the Geekbench 5.0 assessment.

The performance disparity between these versions is evident, although they are not directly comparable. We anticipate the M4 MacBook Pro to achieve a performance increase of approximately 3,000 units compared to the M3, reaching nearly 15,000 units. We anticipate Apple enhancing the AI capabilities of the M4 to further improve its neural capabilities.

Will the M4 MacBook Pro launch in 2024?

We can estimate a potential arrival time by referencing previous release dates, even though specific dates have not been confirmed. The first M1 MacBook Pro was released in November 2020, and its replacement came out in June 2022. Apple released the M3 MacBook Pro in November 2023, so based on the pattern, we anticipate the M4 MacBook Pro to be launched between November 2024 and June 2025.

Apple utilizes the TSMC 2nm fabrication process. The source can be found at https://t.co/B9wdDStcCf and includes the image with the link pic.twitter.com/r8LIIW7nz7. February 28, 2024

MacRumors reported that a 2nm chip is currently being developed by Apple and is anticipated to be released in the latter half of 2025, according to information shared by the Korean website gamma0burst. The website predicts that the new chip will probably be saved for the M5, based on the historical pattern of a “year-and-a-half gap” between each chip launch. The M4 is expected to stay at 3nm.

Otherwise, we lack information about the M4 MacBook Pro. We do not anticipate any official news for a considerable period, given that its predecessor was released only a few months ago.

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A rumor hinting at what’s next

Apple transitioned to Apple Silicon primarily to manage the product pipeline and have better control over the release of new chips. Intel did not provide the company with the opportunity, causing certain product lines to suffer as chip releases were postponed multiple times.

The M4 rumor originated from a casual remark made during an Apple Car Q&A session conducted by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. MacRumors was the first to report this information.

One does not need extensive industry connections to be aware that Apple is developing M4, although the schedule has not always been consistent. Gurman reported that M4 has recently entered formal development, offering insight into the potential release schedule for the upcoming generation of Apple Silicon.


The M4 MacBook Pro price breakdown provides an estimate of the anticipated cost in 2024, considering factors such as the base model price, potential configurations, additional accessories, and applicable taxes or fees. Rumors suggest that the M4 MacBook Pro lineup is already in development, with the company expected to release the M4 MacBook Pro between November 2024 and June 2025. The M4 MacBook Pro is expected to have around a 3,000 increase in performance compared to the M3, hitting nearly 15,000 in the Geekbench 6 performance metric. The M4 will likely remain at 3nm, with no official announcements expected. The M4 MacBook Pro is expected to improve its neural capabilities and be released in March 2024.


What is the difference between a MacBook and a laptop?

MacBooks operates on the Apple-created macOS, a user-friendly platform known for its intuitive design and reliability. Personal computers (PCs) use the Windows operating system, providing enhanced performance and flexibility.

Is a MacBook good for coding?

The Apple MacBook Air (M2, 2022) is an excellent lightweight laptop for programming. The MacBook Air M2 is now available in a 15-inch size, providing additional room for programming. The Apple M2 chip is a potent silicon that enhances the coding experience on the MacBook Air.

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