M4 Macbook Pro: A Boon for Creative Professionals in 2024?

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The MacBook Pro is a popular choice among creative professionals for its power, performance, and reliability in an elegant design. Apple revolutionized laptop computing in 2020 with the introduction of the M1 chip, setting new standards for performance and capabilities. In 2024, the launch of the M4 MacBook Pro is expected to enhance the creative experience for individuals.

Evolution of the MacBook Pro

Evolution of the MacBook Pro

From Intel to M4

  • Intel processors have long been the foundation of personal computers and laptops.
  • They provided energy for a variety of devices, including common laptops and high-powered workstations.
  • Intel processors were recognized for their compatibility, dependability, and extensive use throughout the industry.

Enter the M4 chip:

  • Apple’s M4 chip, unveiled in late 2020, revolutionized the existing state of affairs.
  • The ARM-based system-on-a-chip (SoC) is tailored for use on Apple’s Macs and iPads.
  • Notable characteristics of the M4 chip comprise:
    • The M4 features a Unified Architecture that combines a CPU, GPU, memory, and other components onto a single chip.
    • The M4 demonstrates remarkable performance improvements, often exceeding Intel’s products.
    • The M4 is highly energy-efficient, resulting in extended battery life.
    • The 16-core Neural Engine speeds up machine learning tasks.
    • The M4 utilizes Unified Memory to share memory between the CPU and GPU, which improves performance.
    • Apple’s Rosetta 2 translation layer enables Intel-based applications to function on M1 Macs.
    • App Ecosystem: Developers are enhancing apps for the M4 architecture.

Impact and Future:

  • The M4 chip has set new standards for performance and efficiency.
  • Apple’s shift from Intel indicates a decisive move towards vertical integration and control.
  • With an increasing number of software programs being designed specifically for the M4 platform, users can anticipate enhanced user experiences.
  • The success of the M4 has generated interest in ARM-based computing throughout the industry.

The M1 Pro and M1 Max

Apple made a significant change in 2020 by unveiling its custom-designed M1 chip. The silicon powerhouse provided exceptional performance and greatly enhanced energy efficiency. The subsequent release of the M1 Pro and M1 Max further strengthened Apple’s position as a pioneer in chip design.

What makes the M4 MacBook Pro different?

The M4 MacBook Pro showcases Apple’s continuous drive for innovation. Let’s explore the main distinctions that differentiate it from its predecessors:

Chip Architecture:

  • The M4 chip is speculated to be derived from the A18 Bionic chip, anticipated to be the processor for this year’s iPhones.
  • The A18 and M4 chips are expected to have additional neural engine cores to improve their capacity for processing AI tasks.
  • The Neural Engine in the A17 Pro chip from previous models can perform up to 35 trillion operations per second.

CPU and GPU improvements:

  • The M3 chip emphasized GPU improvements, while the M4 is anticipated to prioritize CPU restructuring.
  • The M4’s CPU clock speed and core configuration are expected to provide substantial enhancements compared to its previous versions.
  • Anticipate an increase in the number of processor cores and faster operating frequencies to handle intensive tasks.

Advanced GPU Architecture:

  • The M4 is expected to feature a novel GPU architecture.
  • Features such as dynamic caching, hardware-accelerated ray tracing, and mesh shading have the potential to enhance graphics performance.
  • The GPU core count and efficiency of the M4 are expected to exceed those of previous models.

Continued Integration:

  • Apple’s vertical integration strategy persists with the M4.
  • Software that is integrated into the M4 architecture will provide users with enhanced performance on both macOS and iOS platforms. Software that is integrated into the M4 architecture will provide users with enhanced performance on both macOS and iOS platforms.

Battery Life and Efficiency:

M4 Macbook Pro for creative professionals
  • The M4 chip is expected to sustain the remarkable power efficiency observed in its previous versions.
  • Apple’s custom silicon is known for its extended battery life and consistent performance.

Potential Impact on the iPhone:

  • The A18 chip, resembling the M4, may also be used to operate future iPhones.
  • The iPhone with the A18 chip might be a good option if you’re thinking about upgrading.

Design and display

The M4 MacBook Pro is set to redefine sophistication and practicality. Let’s examine its design and display characteristics:

Revamped Design:

  • The M4 Pro model features a refined and elegant design that builds on the achievements of its predecessors.
  • Apple has introduced a new space black color option, enhancing the aesthetic appeal with its dark gray hue.
  • The M4 undergoes subtle refinements that enhance its overall appearance and tactile experience while preserving its iconic design elements.

Enhanced Display:

  • The M4 MacBook Pro offers a striking display in 14.2-inch and 16.2-inch sizes.
  • The 14.2-inch model measures 15.5mm in thickness and weighs 3.5 pounds, whereas the 16.2-inch model is 16.8mm thick and weighs 4.7 pounds.
  • The screen features noticeably minimized borders, measuring only 3.5mm in thickness.
  • The top of the device has a notch designed to fit the webcam, which has been upgraded to provide a 1080p resolution, a wider aperture, and an enhanced image signal processor.
  • Anticipate a mesmerizing visual encounter featuring enhanced luminosity and vibrant hues.

Software and compatibility

Looking at the M4 MacBook Pro’s software and compatibility features:

macOS Compatibility:

  • The M4 MacBook Pro is anticipated to operate on macOS 14 Sonoma.
  • It is crucial to determine the macOS versions that are compatible with your particular Mac model. Here is a concise summary:
    • SonomamacOS 14.is the next version expected to be released on the M4.
    • macOS 13., also known as VenturamacOS, is the latest version of the macOS operating system.
    • MontereymacOS 12. was introduced in 2021.
    • Big SurmacOS 11. was released in 2020.
    • Catalina macOS version 10.15. was released in 2019.
    • Mojave macOS 10.14. was released in 2018.
    • High Sierra, also known as macOS 10.13.x, was released in 2017.

Drivers and Software:

  • For peak performance, ensure you have installed the most up-to-date drivers and software for your M4 MacBook Pro.
  • The updates will be compatible with both Apple silicon and Intel-based Macs.
  • Stay vigilant for official releases from Apple and other reputable sources.

Release Timeline:

  • The release date for the M4 MacBook Pro is uncertain, but it is expected to be in Spring 2024.
  • Keep watching for official announcements and intriguing information about this state-of-the-art device!

Connectivity and Ports

Of course! Let’s examine the connectivity and ports of the M4 MacBook Pro.

Thunderbolt 4 ports:

  • The M4 MacBook Pro is equipped with Thunderbolt 4 ports, providing flexible connectivity options.
  • External displays, hard drives, cameras, printers, iPhones, iPads, and other devices can be connected using Thunderbolt 4, Thunderbolt 3, or USB-C cables.
  • The ports also accommodate USB-C charge cables for laptop charging and USB-C to Lightning cables for charging iPhones or iPads.
  • Adapters can be used to connect devices that do not directly interface with these ports.
  • You can connect displays or Thunderbolt devices to the Thunderbolt 4 ports on the front of the Mac Studio model with M1 or M2 Ultra.

Thunderbolt/UUSB 4 Ports:

  • With certain Mac models, such as the M4 MacBook Pro, you get

Thunderbolt or USB 4 ports.

  • The ports enable you to link a solitary external monitor and additional devices through Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C cables.
  • You can utilize USB-C charge cables for laptop charging and USB-C to Lightning cables for charging iOS devices, similar to Thunderbolt 4.
  • When connecting displays to the iMac (2021 or later), locate the Thunderbolt symbol above each Thunderbolt / USB 4 port.

USB-C Ports:

  • The M4 MacBook Pro features USB-C ports.
  • The iMac introduced in 2021 or later and the Mac Studio introduced in 2022 or later have four available ports.
  • Connect external devices to Mac Studio models with M1 or M2 Max using USB-C cables through the front USB-C ports.

Price and value

We can look at the M4 MacBook Pro’s possible worth and pricing:

Release Timing:

  • Speculation indicates that the M4 MacBook Pro might be launched in 2024, although there is no official confirmation yet.
  • Estimates range from June/July 2024 to October/November 2024 for the event.
  • Stay vigilant for official announcements from Apple.

Price Range:

  • The cost of the M4 MacBook Pro will vary based on the particular model, setup, and storage size.
  • We can predict the initial prices for various versions based on past patterns.
    • The 14-inch M4 MacBook Pro is anticipated to have a starting price of approximately $1,999.
    • The 16-inch M4 MacBook Pro is expected to start at around $2,499.
  • These figures are speculative, and actual prices may vary.

Value Proposition:

  • The M4 MacBook Pro strives to provide outstanding performance, efficiency, and state-of-the-art features.
  • Notable features are:
    • The M4 chip is constructed using sophisticated architecture, providing enhanced CPU, GPU, and machine learning functions.
    • Improved screen: Impressive graphics with minimal borders and a notch that houses a high-quality webcam.
    • Thunderbolt 4 and USB 4 ports offer versatile connectivity for external devices.
    • Space Black Color Option: A stylish and elegant design.
  • The M4 is designed to be a potent tool for productivity and creativity, appealing to professionals, creatives, and tech enthusiasts.

Real-World Performance

Let’s take a look at what people anticipate from the M4 MacBook Pro in terms of performance:

Development Status:

  • Apple has recently initiated the formal development of the M4 MacBook Pro, as reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.
  • Apple has not officially announced any details about the chip yet.
  • The M4 chip is expected to be released in the first half of 2025, with a potential early release in late 2024 based on historical trends.

Raw Computing Power:

  • The M4 chip is anticipated to utilize an improved iteration of TSMC’s 3nm process.
  • The device might include an enhanced neural engine with additional cores for artificial intelligence operations.
  • The M4 chip’s computing power is estimated to be at least 55% higher than the M2 Ultra chip, with the possibility of further enhancements.12.

Comparison to Previous Models:

  • Switching from an M1 Pro or Max to the M4 could result in a significant boost in actual performance.
  • For those thinking about upgrading, it might be worth waiting for the M4 or M5 generation.

Durability and reliability

The M4 MacBook Pro’s possible dependability and longevity:

Development Status:

  • Apple has recently initiated the formal development of the M4 MacBook Pro, as reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.
  • Apple has not officially announced any details about the chip yet.
  • The M4 chip is expected to be released in the first half of 2025, with a possibility of an earlier launch in late 2024 based on historical trends.

Apple’s Track Record:

  • Apple is known for creating top-notch and dependable devices.
  • MacBook Pro models, equipped with both M1 and M2 chips, have shown remarkable durability and efficiency.

MacBook Longevity:

  • A MacBook Pro has an average lifespan of 7–10 years, while a MacBook Air usually lasts 5–7 years.
  • Longevity is influenced by usage frequency, tasks executed, and maintenance of the battery and other components.

Toughness and Survival:

  • MacBook Pros are typically robust devices.
  • If the internal components remain intact following a fall, the MacBook could still function properly.
  • Consistent upkeep and careful treatment help extend its total lifespan.


The M4 MacBook Pro, released in 2024, is expected to revolutionize the MacBook Pro experience for creative professionals. The ARM-based system-on-a-chip (SoC) is designed specifically for Apple’s Macs and iPads, offering a unified architecture, impressive performance, energy efficiency, and a 16-core neural engine. The M4 chip is expected to prioritize CPU redesign, with more cores and higher clock speeds for demanding tasks. 

It also features an advanced GPU architecture, with features like dynamic caching, hardware-accelerated ray tracing, and mesh shading. The M4 is expected to maintain impressive power efficiency with longer battery life and sustained performance. The M4 also features a sleek and sophisticated design, with a new space black color option. The M4 is expected to run macOS 14 Sonoma, with specific versions available for each model.


Is a MacBook Pro good enough for video editing?

The top-performing laptop we have tested for video editing is the Apple MacBook Pro 14 (M3, 2023). This high-end model provides an outstanding user experience and possesses sufficient processing power to manage even the most challenging workloads. The device, similar to its M2 predecessor, is well-constructed and features a full-aluminum chassis.

Is the MacBook M3 good for video editing?

Depending on your workflow, not every user requires this high-performance device. Our second choice, which we believe is ideal for the majority of users, is a strong contender. Choose between desktop Macs and MacBooks for video editing because of their versatility and powerful M2 or M3 chips.

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