M3 Ultra Unboxing: A First Look at the Best Budget DAP

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Are you trying to find the best digital music player? You just need to consider the Shanling M3 Ultra. This amazing portable player offers an unmatched music experience by fusing state-of-the-art technology with a stylish appearance.

M3 Ultra Software Prowess:

M3 Ultra Software Prowess:

The M3 Ultra runs on an open system based on Android and provides complete compatibility for third-party apps. The AGLO platform, a Shanling-developed patented innovation, is what makes it unique. By cleverly getting around Android’s built-in sample rate conversion, it guarantees lossless decoding even in applications from outside developers. You can personalize your audio experience by downloading several high-quality players from market applications such as Google Play and APKPure.

Hardware Excellence:

Hardware Excellence:

Let’s now examine the M3 Ultra’s hardware details. The Snapdragon 665 CPU, an entry-level powerhouse supported by 3 GB of RAM and a sizable 32 GB of ROM, is located under the hood. A sizable 3500 mAh battery has been carefully included by Shanling to guarantee that your music never skips a beat.

Audiophile-Grade Components:

The M3 Ultra makes no compromises when it comes to acoustic components. It has two Ricore RT6863 amplifiers in a dual arrangement and two ESS Technology ES9019C processors. The sound quality is greatly enhanced by the addition of four ELNA capacitors and Panasonic Tantalum-Polymer capacitors. FPGA and KDS oscillators, which have a completely balanced design, substantially improve the device. Here are a few of its main specifications:

  • Android 10 with a Snapdragon 665 CPU, 3 GB RAM, and 32 GB ROM
  • ELNA and Panasonic Caps; Dual RT6863 AMP + Dual ES9019C DAC
  • A Unique FPGA from Shanking Featuring KDS Crystal Oscillators
  • 3500 mAh battery with 18W rapid charging via QC3.0
  • 440 mW BAL at 32 ohms 140mW 3.5mm SE @ 32 ohm
  • Wireless 2.4/5Ghz, Bluetooth 5 LDAC, AptX HD, SBC, and AAC
  • 16x MQA Support + USB DAC Feature
  • MicroSD expansion capacity up to 2TB
  • 1280×768 Touch Display, 4.2 inches
  • Measuring 109x70x18 mm and weighing 199g

Design and craftsmanship:

The M3 Ultra is an artistic creation as well as a performance vehicle. Shanling is skilled at producing players that are both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. The curved sides provide a pleasant grip, and the aluminum body radiates durability. Its tiny shape makes it incredibly portable. Though not as thick as more expensive devices like the M6 Ultra, the 4.2-inch touchscreen is nevertheless snappy and provides crisp images.

The gadget has three quality-looking ports: a 4.4mm balanced output, a 3.5mm headphone connector, and a USB-C port. Notably, especially in direct light, the slightly projecting front and back panels offer a sense of refinement. The M3 Ultra’s unique combination of glass and metal feels wonderful to the touch. The plastic cover over the microSD slot is the only slight complaint, but that’s a small price to pay for such a fashionable gadget.

A Symphony of Sound:

The sonic characteristic of the M3 Ultra combines warmth and accuracy. It produces a pleasantly warm tone with a slight accent on the bass and mid-bass ranges. The warm touch of the amplifier section helps the mid-range, producing a nice, smooth tone. This sound signature adheres to Shanling’s distinctive tuning, guaranteeing a listener experience that is pleasing to all ears.

Its rich, punchy, and controlled bass end makes it ideal for a wide range of musical styles. Rich, detailed, and melodic voices with a breathy quality are found in the midrange. The tone of guitars and other mid-bass instruments has a tinge of warmth, and they sound lively and flowing. The treble is gentle, not harsh at all.

Technical Brilliance:

The M3 Ultra is a technological wonder in addition to having amazing sound. It may not have the largest soundstage, but it is still quite entertaining since it has a concentrated stage and excellent image. The main focus is on the vocals, and it’s easy to follow individual instruments. It performs intricate musical sections with ease, guaranteeing a roomy and transparent presentation.


The Shanling M3 Ultra is a budget digital audio player that combines advanced technology with a sleek design. Operating on an Android-based system, it features the proprietary AGLO platform, which bypasses Android’s built-in sample rate conversion, ensuring lossless decoding even in third-party apps. The device also features dual ESS Technology ES9019C chips and Ricore’s RT6863 amplifiers, along with 4 ELNA capacitors and Panasonic Tantalum-Polymer capacitors. The device is further enhanced by FPGA and KDS oscillators, featuring a fully balanced architecture.

The M3 Ultra’s design is visually appealing and durable, with an aluminum body, curved edges, and a 4.2-inch 1280×768 touch display. Its audio signature is a blend of warmth and precision, with a warm bass and mid-bass, rich midrange, and smooth treble. The M3 Ultra’s technical brilliance is evident in its accurate imaging and focused stage, making it highly engaging and handling complex musical passages with ease. The M3 Ultra is a work of art, showcasing Shanling’s expertise in creating visually appealing and durable players.


What is the Shanling M3X Hifi Portable Player?

The Shanling M3X’s dual DAC implementation results in a balanced design. It has a balanced 4.4mm headphone output connection that can provide a powerful 240mW @ 32 ohms of output. In addition to this balanced 4.4mm connection, the M3X has a 3.5mm SE port.

What is the price of FIIO M3?

Purchase the Fiio M3 Black Player from ProAudioHome, an online store in India, for ₹4,199.0.

Does Fiio M3K have Bluetooth?

The BTR3 Bluetooth amplifier and the FiiO M3K portable high-resolution audio player are both from FIIO—BORN FOR MUSIC.

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